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G.O.S.S Chapter 482: Momoshiki and Kinshiki

Roja understood Sen Maboroshi’s power.

After a long time, he didn’t know for how long he stayed in his thoughts, but when he returned, he continued to absorb nature’s chakra from the Ryuuchi cave and now without Sen Maboroshi.

After reaching the eighth stage, Sen Maboroshi could no longer be upgraded with nature’s chakra, unless he absorbs Kaguya’s power.

The six-path’s power, along with his Shinigami ones, could stand in front of the ten tails and Hagoromo when he was at his peak.

“Next, I need to absorb nature’s charka further to further strengthen Sen Maboroshi’s space and my six paths power. When I do that, I can resurrect the Ten-Tails in advance…”

While Roja absorbed nature’s chakra, several thoughts passed in his mind.

Before that, he needs to capture the tailed beast to bring out the Ten-Tails, but Hagoromo won’t allow that and also he can’t control the Gedo Mazo, and he didn’t want to transplant the Rennigan…”

So, he was still going with the normal storyline deliberately.

But now, Hagoromo was only a soul, and he can’t do anything to Roja.

Other than Kaguya, there was no one in this world that could stand against Roja now.

However, Roja suddenly felt a strange power as he turned his head and looked at one direction strangely. His eyes seemed to pierce through the earth as his sight reached very far away.

“This feeling is…”

In a strange space, the sage of the six-paths was observing the ninja world.

From time to time, he would blink and occasionally took a break from watching the mortal’s development.

During times of war, he would be watching with focus, but at times of peace, he would only observe a few times.

Roja’s presence has grown suddenly, and he seemed to raise further in strength with shocked him.

“He has grown even stronger…”

Hagoromo was shaking, although Roja was fast in his power-ups, he didn’t think that he would be stunned from his progress. He didn’t think even with the strength to fight against him, and he could still make such progress.

For an immortal, Ten Years were really short.

Roja’s Sen Maboroshi was upgraded to the Eighth stage. He felt something really strange from his chakra, and he was the father of chakra as they called him, but he felt that Kaguya’s chakra was average in front of Roja’s.

However, just as he was thinking about this, he felt something weird, and his face changed.


The void rippled and suddenly a projection appeared in front of him.

He saw two figures suddenly appear out of nowhere, and when he thought of something, his face changed.

“Are they really…”

If Roja’s presence left a strong impression, then these two made him think that they were a bottomless abyss that could swallow everything.

In the sky of Naruto’s world, two figures were floating in the clouds overlooking the ninjas below with coldness and arrogance as if they were above everything in existence. They didn’t put this world in their eyes.

It was as if they were watching livestock.

With the power to make Hagoromo feel as if he was in front of the abyss, their identity was evident, and they were Kaguya’s enemies.

They were Kinshiki Otsutsuki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

They were the persons who left the Chakra tree’s seed and planted it on the planet.

In the original story, they arrived here after Naruto and Sasuke resealed Kaguya, but for some reason, they were here now.

Overlooking the ground below, Momoshiki’s brows wrinkled slightly as he sensed the chakra fluctuation in the world as he felt unpleasant.

“What did that Woman Kaguya do, why is the chakra so scattered in this world?”

“Although there is some dispersion, there are still some strong individuals who can harvest it…” Kinshiki stood beside Momoshiki with a servant posture.

Kinshiki’s body was strong, and he seemed powerful, like a loyal and powerful soldier while Momoshiki’s body looked think and incomparable to Kinshiki. But the two exuded power that could swallow the whole world.

Momoshiki snorted and said with relief: “So many years have passed, but fortunately, we can still… wait.”

Suddenly, Momoshiki showed a strange color, as she perceived a strong fluctuation in chakra and licked his lips.

“It seems like there some strong power…”

In the eyes of the Otsutsuki pair, this world was dark, and the power of this individual was like a flame burning in this world… And this was the Nine-Tails chakra.

Roja’s presence was like a shining star in Momoshiki’s eyes, and it even made him ignore the Kyuubi.


Momoshiki’s figure flashed and appeared on Kinshiki’s shoulder.

“Do you feel it?”

“I do, Momoshiki-sama.”

Momoshiki nodded, and although the response was slow, he still noticed Roja’s chakra.

“Let’s go.”

Momoshiki, along with Kinshiki, moved toward Roja, and his tone was of an order that can’t be questioned. Kinshiki immediately responded respectfully and carried Momoshiki toward the Chakra source.