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G.O.S.S Chapter 484: Zanka No Tachi!


A big hole appeared in Kinshiki’s chest, and his body seemed to collapse. His eyes showed the disbelief he felt and with difficulty looked at Momoshiki.


Momoshiki reached his hand toward Kinshiki and used his Eyes, suddenly kinshiki’s body twisted a few times before transforming into a chakra pill.

Momoshiki took the pill and swallowed it with a gloomy face.


After eating it, Momoshiki’s body changed, and his power soared, he seemed to reach the six-path mid-level strength before stopping.

“Little ant!”

Momoshiki was angry as he looked at Roja, before being stunned.

What stunned him was a Getsuga Tensho moving toward him.


The black crescent-shaped energy slash moved with extreme speed toward Momoshiki.

Momoshiki’s eyes were cold as he waved his left hand and a vortex emerged and weakened Roja’s Getsuga Tensho by half after devouring the six paths power it held.

“Sure enough, you can devour the Six-path’s power?”

Roja looked at this scene with everything turning clear in his eyes. Even if Momoshiki’s six-path power wasn’t that destructive, it worked best against space type powers and can swallow chakra. This would make even Kaguya helpless.

“However, I don’t have just six-path powers…”


The rest of the attack continued toward Momoshiki without hindrance.

What shocked Momoshiki is that the rest of this attack can’t be devoured as he expected.

“What is this attack?!”

Momoshiki was taken aback, and he quickly released the six-path’s power he just swallowed and returned it toward the attack in the same crescent-shaped energy slash.


The two attacks slammed against each other, and after a little stalemate, both collapsed.

However, Momoshiki’s palm was cut, and blood followed as his face turned ugly.

“What is this ability…”

Momoshiki’s eyes were full of killing intent as he took several strange pills and swallowed them, and his hand opened toward Roja.

Wouch! Wouch! Wouch!

In an instant, more than ten golden rays of light rushed toward Roja extremely fast and immediately were in front of Roja.

Roja didn’t use his sword or move, with just a thought, he used Sen Maboroshi’s space and directly blocked the attacks.

After reaching the eighth stage, Sen Maboroshi’s space became even more powerful.

“Is that a space you created? I didn’t expect you to have reached that level…”

Momoshiki looked at this face with a not so good face as Roja’s power once again exceeded his expectation.

However, he thought about Kaguya’s six dimensions, in front of these, Roja’s space wasn’t anything. Once again, his wrist shook.


Uncountable black lightning exploded from the sky, which made the space distorted, and it seemed like the space in this world won’t handle such power as it broke.


Facing the black lightning, Roja directly made his move.

“Bankai! Hakka No Togame!”

“Bankai! Daiguren Hyorinmaru!”

“Bankai! Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

Triple Bankai!

Suddenly, the three abilities were merged together and suddenly formed the cold field, causing the black lightning speed to slow down.


Roja reached for the lightning bolts with his hand, and suddenly they were no more!


Roja directly appeared in front of Momoshiki with the cold field still active, and he smashed Momoshiki.

Since Sen Maboroshi reached the eighth stage, Roja could now use Rokujigan with perfection. He integrated the Six-path’s power in the Cold field, which directly affected Momoshiki.

(T/N: The author previously said that to use that mode he needs to reach the ninth level, but now he said the eighth stage allowed him to use it perfectly, but I think he meant the integration between the powers of Shinigami and Six-paths and not the mode in itself!)

Momoshiki tried to devour the six-path’s power to reduce the suppression of the cold field. At the same time, a red light gathered in his hand as he threw it at Roja.


The red light collided with the ice which seemed to have no power, but the air in the entire field suddenly shook.

All the same, shattered at the same time, Roja’s face didn’t change.

His swordsmanship was so good.


Momoshiki was injured again, which was more serious than just a cut. Finally, he was angry now as he waved his hand.


Suddenly countless colorful lights emerged from the eyes in Momoshiki’s palm. The attack had every element integrated into.

This attack held all the attributes along with six paths power which wasn’t any less powerful than an S class ninjutsu for each element.

A fusion of countless S Class ninjutsu is something really dangerous.

Even if Hashirama was here, he wouldn’t be able to stop this attack with his wood release.

“In my Cold field, you can maintain this speed and power. You’re strong… but I’m stronger!”

Roja stopped the cold field, holding Sen Maboroshi while under the attack of super-strong ninjutsu, he just raised his head with flames burning in his eyes.

“Bankai! Zanka No Tachi!”