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G.O.S.S Chapter 485: Higashi: Kyokujitsujin! Kita: Tenchi Kaijin!

Inside the Hokage Tower in Konoha, The third Hokage was sitting in front of his desk drinking a cup of tea, before he put it on his lips, a heatwave suddenly hit him in the face from all directions.

“What happened?”

After a while, he didn’t perceive any chakra flow, which means that this wasn’t a ninja, but what was that heat then?

His brows wrinkled and subconsciously stood up and opened the window.

When he saw the scene outside the window, the third Hokage who experienced many things in his life, suddenly looked with his face full of disbelief.

“This is…”

Outside the window, the blue sky and the white clouds were still present, but the entire world suddenly felt as if the gate of hells were open.

Sarutobi looked at the tea in the cup, decreasing rapidly.

“What happened?”

Sarutobi’s eyes showed fear as he didn’t hesitate to push himself to the limit to perceive whatever was the cause of this, but he could only feel the heat.

It’s not that Sarutobi’s perception was weak, but it was really too hot right now.

This didn’t happen only in Konoha, and the entire world felt the heat, and they could see the water decreasing with the naked eye.

In the Mist, Kurenai and Mei were standing on top of the Mizukage Tower looking at the sky before looking at each other with shock.

Because they were familiar with Reiatsu now, they could feel aside from the heat, the skyrocketing Reiatsu in the sky. They could only turn toward each other in shock.

They were clear that this was Roja.

“This is what darling talked about… Zanka No Tachi!”

Hancock looked at the sky with shock. In addition to that, she felt a little bit tense.

Since Roja used this power, then it means he encountered someone terrible.

Not far from the Ryuchi cave, Roja held Sen Maboroshi while the world around them was shrouded with a terrifying heat, but the strange thing was the lack of flames on the sword.

In the middle of the sword, a thin line of smoke was rising.

“Zanka no Tachi, Higashi: Kyokujitsujin!” (East: Rising Sun Edge)

Momoshiki stood in front of Roja, and he stared at the sword in Roja’s hand with his brows slightly wrinkled as he clearly felt the world heating up. But he didn’t see flames on the sword.

“It’s fire… Or something?! But it’s useless!”

Momoshiki snorted, as a powerful force surged from the eye in his hand, sanding a huge black sphere toward Roja.

Facing the horrible black sphere, Roja only swung his sword, greeting it.


Without any explosion or shockwaves, the black sphere was wiped out of existence.


Looking at this scene, Momoshiki was shocked. He wouldn’t be surprised if Roja blocked or avoided it, but he just made it disappear like it was nothing, which was actually quite shocking.

“It’s useless!”

Looking at Momoshiki’s shocked face, Roja’s face was full of cold arrogance. Although there were no flames wrapped around the sword, there was a momentum surging out that was above everything in this world.

Zanka No Tachi!

It had the temperature of the sun’s core, and the power it held was greater than what Roja imagined.

A Temperature of 15 million C° was enough to face a six-path level figure without the need of using six-path power of his own and still obliterate them.


Roja’s figure flashed suddenly with extreme speed and directly appeared in front of Momoshiki’s body.

Momoshiki’s eyebrows wrinkled as he felt the threat and directly moved aside, avoiding the sword.

After that, Momoshiki directly swallowed a handful of chakra pills, and his power soared again.


An attack directly came from his palm moving toward Roja.

Facing this, Roja still didn’t move, he held Sen Maboroshi and directly slashed the palm coming toward him.

“This is a dangerous power…”

Looking at this, Momoshiki’ was finally aware of how powerful Roja’s sword was, and he cannot get hit by it.


Momoshiki directly retreated and instantly chose to turn this into a long-distance flight. Once again, he swallowed chakra pills and was ready to release another attack toward Roja.

Roja didn’t chase after him, and his pupil seemed to radiate with golden flames as he said and waved his sword.

“Zanka no Tachi, Kita: Tenchi Kaijin!” (North: Heaven and Earth End in Ashes!)

Everything in front of Roja disappeared, leaving only blank space and half of Momoshiki’s body. Waist, head and one arm, that’s what left of Momoshiki.

There was no trace of blood. Momoshiki’s body directly turned to ash except what is left of him.