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G.O.S.S Chapter 486: Time Stand Still!

“What a horrible power…”

The Sage of The Sixth Paths watched the battle between Roja and Momoshiki, which made his heart shake at the power Roja showed.

He knew that his mother mentioned before that her enemy was strong and was hard to deal with, but he didn’t expect Roja to be so powerful.

Although he felt that Roja has broken through recently and improved a lot, today, he realized just how much stronger Roja was!

Even if he was at his peak, he wouldn’t be able to face the current Roja.

The horrible heat that evaporated the water in the entire world was too much, and in fact, if it was kept as is, the world would probably be destroyed.

“The… Damn it!”

Momoshiki who just received Roja’s attack wasn’t killed yet, but he was still suspended in the air as his body squirmed and it started regenerating.

However, Roja didn’t give him the opportunity to recover. He just sent another attack with a wave of his hand.


His attack could turn anything in this world into nothingness. Momoshiki found it hard to avoid with his body still in a very damaged state, and the regenerated parts once again turned to ashes.

This time, Roja attacked wiped out most of him, as half of his head disappeared.


Momoshiki’s power surged as he grabbed the slim hope he had to stay alive. But Roja once again sent an attack toward him.


Once again, the terrifying attack burned through the sky and Momoshiki’s body finally disappeared completely.

“This is really…”

The Sage of The Six Paths was watching this from another space, and he was stunned and slightly relieved.

“Did he die?”

His hand held the scepter, but suddenly, his face changed.

“Wait, this is…”

Under his gaze, the world stood still.

Everything seemed frozen still, whether it was Roja’s movement or his expressions, everything stayed still.

And this was space freeze… It was actually time freeze!

The silence continued as Momoshiki’s figure reappeared.

Although everything seemed to return to normal, his aura changed completely, from the chaos it was to a god-like aura that was atop of everything.

“I was almost defeated by a mortal… no, this guy is no longer a mortal. I have to use this power.”

Momoshiki watched Roja, in the time still field, only he can move, and everything else would stand still at his mercy.

This is the supreme power he possessed. With a calm face, he wanted toward Roja and put his palm with the eye on it, and suddenly, he started to absorb Roja’s power.

But, almost as soon as he approached Roja, he became amazed.


When his palm pressed against Roja, the heat generated from him almost burned the eye if not for him using almost everything he had for it not to turn to ashes.

Momoshiki suddenly fell back.

“Damn! This is…”

He opened his eyes only to see Roja’s body, which was still frozen was surrounded by immense heat power that was seen with the naked eye. That power seemed to have the ability to burn anything even void itself.

Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui! (West: Remnant Sun Prison Garb!)

Despite the time being frozen, Roja’s body was surrounded by heat over 15 million C° which made it even appear not as flames, but a completely another form.

“Even under my power, he can still resist.”

Momoshiki couldn’t calm down, as he slammed his hand in anger as black lightning madly fell on Roja.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Lightning fell on Roja’s body before making a loud sound while being blocked by the heat surrounding Roja as nothing could pass through his defenses.

Momoshiki Roared as he slammed his hands together as void started breaking and trying squeeze Roja within.


But at this moment, Roja, who was imprisoned in time, seemed to have something willing inside him, like a savage spirit struggling to break the shackles of time.

Roja whose strength reached a level where he can touch the principles of the elements wasn’t without any resistance against time element, and even his Haki already saw what was going to happen in advance.

“Time Stand Still… Freezing time is such a terrible power…”

When Roja got rid of the shackles of time, he took a deep breath, and a dangerous light flashed in his eyes as breaking these shackles was more troublesome than he thought.

To the present day, even pushing the cold field to the limit, he didn’t achieve Time freeze, as he could achieve the Space Freeze only.

But Space Freeze was inferior to the time one.


Face with the power trying to crush him, Roja waved his sword and directly crushed it.

Momoshiki used his full power to trap Roja in that void and tried to crush him within, but with Roja’s interference, Momoshiki was pushed in the void as well.

The Sage, who was watching the fight could no longer do so as they fell in the void.

The series of the event left the Sage unable to react before both of them fell in the void.

The heat that made all the world stand in alert finally started dissipating.

“What a battle!”

The sage looked at the collapsed void while remembering Roja, who was bound by the time shackles and was still able to resist Momoshiki’s attack before breaking free.

Everything was thrilling.

The sage looked at the fragmented space and was stunned, and he hesitated whether he should take a look or not.

With the power he currently has, even if he successfully passes, he won’t be able to be of help.

The enemy this time seemed like Kaguya herself as they were able to absorb chakra and devour everything. Although Roja was doing something like them, he only devoured nature’s chakra and not people’s chakra.

If Roja won, then it would be good, but Momoshiki was the one who won, then the world will be in huge trouble.