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G.O.S.S Chapter 487: Self explosion.

In the void, two figures were fighting and clashing with an explosion going off everywhere within the distorted space.

It was as if they were sky diving inside the emptiness of the void. They both were strong enough for the void not to hurt them now.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roja continued to attack and countless attacks while Momoshiki felt that Roja was getting the hang of this while they fought.

Under Roja’s attack, Momoshiki was already inflated into a three-legged monster roaring and bombarding.

This was his strongest state, and even the attacks from Zanka No Tachi can’t do much to him. And when the attacks fall on him, only a few traces where left.

Although he didn’t receive any fatal injuries, under the constant attacks from Roja, Momoshiki was suppressed, and he was almost defeated.

The root of Momoshiki’s power is absorption. However, it was ineffective against Roja’s Zanpakuto ability even while he absorbs the six-paths power on these attacks.

“Bankai! Kamishini No Yari!”


The Zanpakuto suddenly stretched and was caught by Momoshiki, but even then the void collapsed by the sheer force of the attack.

“Bankai! Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū!”


Thunder roared, and Momoshiki was directly smashed by lightning, and his whole body turned black.

“Bankai! Tensa Znagetsu!”

Roja’s body was covered by a black cape as he became faster and faster as he attacked Momoshiki who couldn’t react.

A variety of Bankais was constantly getting used in Roja’s hand, and he even fused two and three of them.

Being at the Eight stages, except for Zanka No Tachi and the difficulty to open more than it, the other bankais were being used constantly, he would use double of triple Bankais along with the powerful control he had.

The only thing he was dissatisfied with, is that he can’t actually use four at a time, because three seemed to be his limit as the power would become unstable when actually use four bankais simultaneously.

However, this didn’t affect Roja’s enthusiasm. Even if he couldn’t use four bankais, he can already fuse Ryujin Jakka with bankais.

“I don’t know if I can win using this against Kaguya, but can I use Ryujin Jakka and three other Bankai at the same time.”

At the same time, Momoshiki was defeated, such thought’s appeared inside Roja’s head.

Momoshiki was really the bane of everything in Naruto’s world, because of his power to devour chakra and six-path powers, no one would be able to defeat him as they are now, even Kaguya would be helpless against him.

But they faced Roja who wasn’t only using chakra.

The devouring power he had didn’t work on Reiatsu as for the Time freeze…

Roja can see a few seconds into the future, and with the things the old toad told him, he touched the principle of time, and although he couldn’t control time, he gained some resistance against it.

The two continued to fight in the void, but the ninja’s world trembled as it was affected.

Numerous peaks and rivers were destroyed.

After experiencing the heat, the world now was filled with cracks, and many ninjas, including the third Hokage, were crying.

The Sage didn’t sit idle as he stabilized the space after Roja and Momoshiki’s fight.

In the void, Roja released Kyoka Suigetsu and tried to put him under the illusion, but Momoshiki seemed to sense what’s happening and ignored the effect.

Realizing this, Roja directly changed from Kyoka Suigetsu.

“Banka! Kamishini No Yari!”


The sword looked like sly white lighting as it extended from his hands and moved at extreme speed toward Mmoshiki.

This was the double Bankai of Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū and Kamishini no Yari.

Momoshiki’s body was directly penetrated.


Momoshiki felt pain, his demonic hands held Sen Maboroshi and tried to pull it out.

But at this moment, Roja gazed at him coldly as he said!

“Bankai! Hakka No Togame!”


Sen Maboroshi inside Momoshiki’s body suddenly turned extremely cold. The coldness merged with the poison of kamishini No Yari and the destructiveness of the lightning, with these together, even Momoshiki couldn’t resist.

Almost instantly, Momoshiki’s body started to freeze, and the ice showed signs of getting divided.


Momoshiki screamed loudly as his hands distorted space, forcing Sen Maboroshi out of his body, while he exploded in the void.

“Want to leave?”

It was impossible for Roja to leave Momoshiki. His eyes turned cold as he held Sen Maboroshi and moved to try to catch up to him.

He had Naruto’s world coordinate, and he can directly return there whenever he wanted. He isn’t afraid to go after him.

“You’re seeking your own death.”

Momoshiki saw Roja chasing after him, and his eyes bled. His face no longer tried to escape and faced Roja directly.

As Roja stabbed his sword into Momoshiki’s body, the latter didn’t avoid it and let the sword inside.


A heart-rending force surged from his body.

“You want to blow yourself?”

When Roja said this, he had no way to resist such an explosion, so he directly recovered Sen Maboroshi and cut open the void.


In the next moment, the void seemed to gain matter, and then something like a storm started roared in the void in all directions.

Roja held Sen Maboroshi in his hands, and at the same time, he was shocked by the power of the explosion. This explosion was so powerful it wasn’t any less than Kaguya’s.

However, he predicted everything in advance, he already took precautions and was only affected by the edge of the explosion.

A whirlpool seemed to form in the void, and fortunately, it was far away from the ninja’s world as it wasn’t affected much right now.