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G.O.S.S Chapter 488: Kurama Yakumo!

In the Void, the same place where Roja and Momoshiko fought, nothing was left.

He didn’t know how much time it was, but it seemed like countless days.

Suddenly, a figure ripped through the void as he moved, this was Roja holding Sen Maboroshi in his hand.

“He left?”

Even if Momoshiki didn’t die from that explosion, he would be injured and wouldn’t come back.

“Forget it, it’s unlikely for him to come back in a short time.”

Roja shook his head, and he actually gave up the chase because he didn’t want to take any damage.

Battling with Momoshiki, Roja understood his shortcoming and came back to this world to get even stronger.

“If I get the Chakra fruit from Kaguya, Sen Maboroshi will reach the ninth level, and I can guess that Momoshiki won’t last one strike at that time.”

Roja touched his chin as he coughed, it seemed that he consumed too much power; he just stood beside Naruto’s world entrance and cut through its barrier before entering.

Not far from Konoha, in the depth of the forest, a house could be seen, but the house felt like a ghost house.

More than 20 Konoha Nin were outside the house, including some Anbu as they stood in front of the house and looked serious.


In the next moment, a scream was heard from inside the house, a ninja broke the glass of the window and jumped out full of burns.

“Damn… Yakumo Kurama’s power is completely out of control.”

In the crowd, many looked at this scene with ugly faces.

Moving back to a month earlier.

Inside the Hokage’s tower, Sarutobi was holding his pipe as he stood in front of the Kurama Clan’s Patriarch.


The patriarch stood with a serious expression as he reported to the Hokage: “Yakumo grew up, and her subconscious mind couldn’t bear the pressure, and she began to destroy everything. If she goes out of control completely, I think she can even destroy Konoha…”

The Patriarch was narrating everything, but he couldn’t finish as he was stopped directly by the hard stare the Hokage gave him: “I don’t agree that this is that dangerous, and I won’t give the order to kill her.”

Yakumo was genius in the Kurama clan, and her illusion was so powerful that she could influence the three senses of the victim and make his body inflict physical harm as it thought that everything is real.

The Patriarch looked at Sarutobi and said hurriedly: “But it will be too late if we wait too much.”

“You don’t have to say much, let’s go, I have my own plan.”

Sarutobi directly said.

The Patriarch couldn’t say anything as he left Sarutobi’s office.

Just after he left, a figure appeared in the office.

“He is this really a good idea that girl could be a threat to Konoha…”

The person who appeared was one of the two elders of Konoha, after Danzo’s death, only the other two remained.

“This kind of talent is dangerous, but it’s not extremely dangerous, if it can be controlled, we can gain a powerful asset that can rival Kurenai, and I’m clear about the situation in my village.”

Sarutobi sighed.

Compared to the time in the third war, Konoha right now was too weak. Minato used the Shinigami and died, and Orochimaru betrayed the village and Danzo died. The talents in Konoha are dying.

Nowadays, even without the mist, Konoha wouldn’t be the strongest village.

After Sarutobi took a sip of his pipe, his expression went from worries to sadness and sorrow when he talked about the Kurama heiress as he sighed.

“And… If there is any mistake, seal her directly, and if it can’t be sealed, then destroy it, I won’t allow anything to threaten the village.”

“It’s good that you’re already prepared for worst.”

When Homura saw this, he sighed in relief.

Seeing a few ninjas try to enter the Kurama home, then going out after being caught in Genjutsu or disappearing without a trace, the ninjas were extremely gloomy.

“Patriarch, what can be done to suppress her ability?”

“There is no way now.”

The patriarch stood in his place, and the ninjas around looked ugly.

At this moment, a ninja wearing a mask directly arrived in front of them and said.

“Hokage-sama orders you to retreat… and destroy the place.”

Hearing this, the patriarch sighed, although this is not the form of the clan, the power that was out of control can threaten Konoha.

If there is a threat, it should be eliminated.


Everyone at the scene looked at the house sternly.

Inside the house, in a room, darkness filled the place, and two figures could be noticed.

A girl about ten years old was holding her head in pain as she curled in the corner while struggling.

“Don’t… Don’t…”

She was struggling as she was constantly whispering.

“Hey now, these guys don’t want to live, go and kill them, kill, kill, kill!”

With a sneer from the monster, the ninjas felt that the world changed.

Whether it was common ninjas or anbu’s, all of them saw the world change into a hell full of blood and bones.


A few of them couldn’t bear the horror and were scared then fainted.

The better ones stood still as they were scared, while Anbu wasn’t scared by their expression showed how serious they were.