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G.O.S.S Chapter 489: Taken Away.

Just as the group of Konoha’s Nin fell into the Genjutsu, suddenly the building cracked as a space tunnel opened and a figure came out.

It was obviously Roja.

“The location seems a bit wrong, is it because of the space fluctuation?”

Roja glanced around and shook his head, he was about to teleport back to the Mist, but suddenly, the area around him became a sea of blood.


This time Roja was surprised.

Although this was purely an illusion, which was fragile and vulnerable, and easy to destroy, it still surprised Roja because this ability was the same as Kyoka Suigetsu.

Kyoka Suigetsu was a powerful ability, and this one was similar, after thinking about this, his eyes suddenly flashed.

“It turns out that this is the Kurama clan’s Yakumo?”

After Roja arrived in this world, he tried to remember everything about it, and he was impressed with Yakumo’s Genjutsu.

He wasn’t impressed by the girl herself, but the Genjutsu was powerful, it can interfere with the five senses and inflict physical damage as well.

Without a doubt, Kyoka Suigetsu was more powerful when it comes to illusion, but it didn’t grant the power to turn everything in that illusion to real physical damage.

The two were similar, but the direction of development was different.

“If this ability is used well, it would be extremely powerful… If I can integrate it with Kyoka Suigetsu, I can enhance it further.”

Roja’s eyes flashed as he muttered. If Kyoka Suigetsu can cause real damage, then this ability would be extremely powerful and devastating.

Even if you know that everything is an illusion, you will still get hurt by it, and this ability may even grant him omnipotence against Yhwach.

When he was thinking about this, the Anbu broke through the Genjutsu and rushed into Yakumo’s room.

Although the Genjutsu was powerful, the one powering it was just a little girl, even if the monster in her subconscious is controlling it, it wasn’t strong enough.

Roja’s Genjustu or Kyoka Suigetsu’s ability was far stronger than the current Genjutsu Yakumo could make.

“That is the monster that is controlling Yakumo? It seems like it is controlling everything.”

When they entered the room, they saw a monster beside Yakumo, and they were stunned.

“You come here… Die! Die! Die!”

The Ninjas were looking at the monster screaming at them, which made them even more serious as they couldn’t charge carelessly.

But, Just as the Anbu and the monsters were about to fight, the room suddenly shattered like broken glass.


The sound was even heard from outside, which made Konoha’s ninjas look amazed, and made the monster’s face changed greatly.

“This is impossible!!”

Suddenly, everyone there witnessed the space crack suddenly.

The cracks spread quickly, and suddenly, the whole Genjutsu world was destroyed.

Everyone in the room saw the room suddenly return to normal, and the monster disappeared and was replaced by a normal-looking person.

This person waved his hand, and all the curtain in the room moved aside, and the sun shone inside the room.

Seeing this person, all the Ninjas and Anbu’s expression were suddenly stupefied with wide eyes from shock and horror.

“I’m taking this girl with me.”

Roja said with a plain tone of command.


Some ninjas swallowed

“Is this… also a Genjutsu?!”

The Anbu next looked at Roja who looked exactly like the one who destroyed Konoha before.

Even if they had doubts about him being a Genjutsu, they were still horrified. The sea of blood and bones couldn’t be compared to Roja.


When the people present didn’t leave and were still thinking that he was a Genjutsu, he felt a little impatient and waved his hand, sending waves of wind at them.

All the Ninjas and Anbu were directly smashed out of the room due to the wind only leaving Yakumo who was still curled into a corner and Roja.

At this time, Yakumo’s face didn’t have any fear, but she was stunned.

Roja didn’t wipe out the monster, because it was equivalent to Yakumo’s subconscious, and also the root of her power, it could only be suppressed and controlled by her.

If the monster was destroyed, he didn’t know if she would be alright, but the ability to inflict real damage from Genjutsu would most likely be gone.

“Do you want to be a strong ninja?”

Roja looked at Yakumo without saying any comforting words. He knew that Yakumo wanted to be a powerful ninja.

Yakumo was still stunned, before the look in her eyes changed as she said without thinking: “Yes.”

“Then follow me.”

Roja came in front of her and reached out to her.

Yakumo’s confusion gradually disappeared. She wasn’t clear about what happened, but she knew that Roja was the most powerful person from everyone she met.

Her powers can’t affect Roja as he could easily destroy her Genjutsu. In her perception, Roja’s power was as deep as an abyss. It was unfathomable.

Thinking of this, her hesitation disappeared as she extended her hand.

Roja smiled and grabbed her hand while his other hand waved at the air, and suddenly a space tunnel as he moved with Yakumo and disappeared from there.

The group of ninjas who were swept out by Roja fell on the grass inside the forest, and they didn’t land smoothly.

It was really him!

A few of the Anbu looked at each other and were scared. They swallowed as they gave up the idea of entering the house again.

The rest of them didn’t know what happened as they looked ragged.

“Let’s go report to the Hokage…”

They quickly headed toward Konoha, and once Sarutobi knew that Roja appeared and took Yakumo, he was shocked and cold sweat covered his back as he finally decided to suppress the new about this.

Since Roja himself came and took her, they couldn’t complain about this or else Roja might be dissatisfied and that would cause big trouble.