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G.O.S.S Chapter 490: Practice!

Inside the Mist village, in a spacious, bright room, a girl sat on the ground. The girl is Yakumo who was brought here by Roja from Konoha, and Roja stood next to the girl looked around with interest.

The room seemed ordinary to other people, but in Roja and Yakumo’s eyes, this place was a vast ocean.

“Not bad, your Genjutsu improved.”

Looking at the sparkling sea around him, Roja could help but sigh.

This wasn’t a normal Genjutsu as everything here was somewhat real.

After returning to the Mist, Roja studied her ability and taught her how to control her mind, and she finally grasped her strength.

The first level of Kenbunshoku Haki is to clear the mind from any distracting thought and enter an ethereal state, which was hard for most people in this world, of course for Roja it wasn’t much.

With a little guidance, The genius of the Kurama clan, Yakumo easily suppressed the monster and turned it into her power.

The Genjutsu use was simpler than Kyoka Suigetsu, as she didn’t need people to look at anything unlike Kyoka Suigetsu. But the control she held on the Five Senses was far behind.

The illusion made by Kyoka Suigetsu couldn’t be confronted by the most powerful people in this world, unless that person was a six-path level, or had the Sharingan, there is no way out.

In Bleach’s world, Aizen almost had everyone in his illusion even Yamamoto hardly resisted it. He could even interfere with Yhwach powers.

But the power of Yakumo was a lot weaker.

After she controlled her powers, most ninjas won’t be able to resist, but if someone was a strong kage, he could resist the Genjutsu.

As for Kurenai, she was amongst the strongest Genjutsu specialists in the original story, and with her strengthened soul, she is hardly affected at all.

After controlling her power, Roja understood certain things about it and started guiding to improve.

In just two months, her control was far better, and she could interfere with the five senses of a Kage, and even Kurenai and Mei could hardly detect the Genjutsu.

Although Roja helped, she was a genius when it comes to Genjutsu.

Even Mei and Kurenai were amazed by her.

Her power was similar to Jinchuriki, and once she had control over it, her powers would rise at a rapid rate.

After the two months of training, she wasn’t that far behind from Kurenai anymore.

In the original story, she had a weakness even with her immense power, which was her physical body, but again Roja could treat Kimimaro’s disease, so a problem of this level won’t pose a problem to him.

Slowly injecting Six-path’s power, her physique returned to that of a normal person, and her vitality was much more than normal.

When she was concentrated on her training, Roja sometimes praises her, which would cause her to blush and say: “It’s all because of Roja-sensei’s guide…”

From being not as strong as a normal ninja to the extend to be compared to Mei and Kurenai, Yakumo was grateful for such an opportunity.

Even though she was a genius, she didn’t let it get to her head, and she knew that even though she was stronger now, in front of Roja, it wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

She didn’t know Roja’s identity at first, but after she came to the Mist, she quickly recognized him. He was the strongest ninja and the God of Shinobi.

When she was in Konoha, she heard about Roja’s deeds and legends.

Other than that, Roja let her experience Kyoka Suigetsu’s power, which she couldn’t resist at all. She was very clear about how powerful it was, and she couldn’t compare to it now.

“No, my advice are only a small part of the reason you improved so much, it your own talent and hard work that got you where you are now.”

Roja touched Yakumo’s head and patted her. He was very satisfied with his disciple. He was more satisfied than he was in Kimimaro because her improvement speed was beyond his expectation.

Today, Kimimaro was a strong as kage, but even so, Roja was more satisfied by Yakumo’s progress.

Perceiving the power of the Genjutsu, Roja nodded with satisfaction and said: “Don’t be complacent about your achievement, there are many, many strong people in this world who could still resist your Genjutsu at this level.”


Yakumo listened to Roja and nodded, even though she was complacent, she still obeyed Roja’s teaching.

Roja nodded and said: “Continue practicing. If you can create a star in the Genjutsu and destroy it, at that level, I can say you probably can injure me.”

“Star destruction…”

Although everything she can imagine can be made in the Genjutsu, when she thought about this one, she seemed to lose sight of it.

Looking at her, Roja smiled.

Although the Genjutsu can be shaped at will, to create such a Genjutsu, it needs much more than imagination, the mental power needed for that is something Yakumo was still far away from.

If Roja used Kyoka Suigetsu, he could generate such a thing, but Kyoka Suigetsu didn’t cause physical damage.

After more training, Yakumo finally found her first bottleneck.

The reason is that Yakumo interfered with the brain of the victim to control his five senses, but it would be hard to do so against six-path level powerhouses and spirits.

Only when it can work against a Shinigami can it be truly something else.

In addition to all of this, Roja studied the Amaterasu, and in two months, he quickly understood the immortality the flame had and started to improve his own with it.