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G.O.S.S Chapter 491: Fusion

In the empty space, Roja was sitting down on his knees. This space was Sen Maboroshi’s space.

Roja wanted to cultivate the immortality of his flames, which can’t be done outside. Otherwise, the world may suffer if he unleashed his power.

After guiding Yakumo, Kimimaro, and Haku, Roja left the ninja world and entered his own dimension.

At this time, his dimension was comparable to Kamui in size, but nothing existed in it, the whole world was gray with nothing to see.

Sen Maboroshi developed a small space and didn’t manage to turn it into a small world yet. Of course, this was due to Roja’s inability to go further now.

With his six-paths power, which contains all elements, Roja could create most material in the world, but in Roja’s view, the space wasn’t strong enough to be turned into a small world yet. He didn’t want to destroy the space with his own hands.

Sen Maboroshi needs to be stronger for that to happen.

“All things in the world, turn to ashes.”

Roja unleashed his Shikai, and suddenly, golden-red flames burst out, making the entire dimension shine.

After that, Roja didn’t stop; he threw Sen Maboroshi into the flames and put his hands in front of him.



Roja’s hands parted slightly, revealing black flames in his palms that had a tinge of golden red color.

Roja was a six-path level figure, so as long as he sees a Ninjutsu in this case related to the Sharingan, he can create a copy of it after some time.

He can even create his own Ninjutsu that never appeared before.


With a thought, the flames in his palm rose and plunged into the golden sea of flames and integrated with it.

The Sea of fire was roaring as it was unable to wipe out the black flames. Finally, both flames intertwined, forming black and golden-red flames.

“This is just surface fusion, it’s not a complete integration and doesn’t have the immortality the Amaterasu had. The process is also too slow, and I want the immortality part of the flames to be directly appearing as soon as I unleash the Ryujin Jakka…”

Roja looked at this scene, and his brows were slightly wrinkled. Finally, his eyes flashed as he pushed his Haki to the limit, and the world around his changed.

The black flames of Amaterasu seemed delicate and composed of numerous fine lines.

The golden ones were mostly formed from Reiatsu, and it was completely different from Amaterasu.

“According to my previous theory…”

Roja’s eyes flashed as he reached out and grabbed, which made Sen Maboroshi fall into his hand. At the same time, the black flames wrapped around it.


Sen Maboroshi was covered with black flames, and suddenly it released a humming sound as it conveyed it’s dissatisfaction and started devouring the Amaterasu.

Sen Maboroshi had the ability of every Zanpakuto in Bleach’s world, even though it couldn’t actually evolve the principles, like the Squad 0 Captain with his ability over black color and changing the names of things, but still, it touched the principles.

For Ryujin Jakka, the power touches the principle of temperature, just as Momoshiki used the principle of time.

Sen Maboroshi’s power evolved, and he could even devour six paths of power.

Now, it started swallowing Amaterasu, it was easy to do so normally, but if he wanted to strip out the immortality it had, it wasn’t an easy task.

Sen Maboroshi trembled as Amaterasu started to collapse.

With a thought, Roja entered the Rokujigan mode, and pushed his six-path power and reiatsu to the extreme and injected it inside Sen Maboroshi.

Under the injection of power, Sen Maboroshi’s power increased even more and broke down Amaterasu into numerous textures.

Sen Maboroshi finally swallowed all of them.


Finally, these lines were swallowed up and merged with Ryujin Jakka’s flames.

The immortality of Amaterasu and Ryujin Jakka were in a fierce conflict. The sword seemed to scream and crack.

However, Roja wasn’t moved as he wrapped his Reiatsu around Sen Maboroshi, forcing the violent conflict to subside.

Even against the void, Sen Maboroshi could resist, not to mention the conflict between two flames. Under Roja’s suppression, the Amaterasu was erupting but couldn’t get out.


The conflict was fierce, and bangs could be heard around Sen Maboroshi. A roar sounded giving Roja some shock. Finally, the immortality of Amaterasu and Ryujin Jakka started to merge.

The fusion started causing a qualitative change to the flames, and a chain reaction suddenly erupted.

Just like water and oil, it was about impossible to merge them, but forcedly, the two flames started to intertwine madly.


With the fusion of both flames, the world underwent a dramatic change as they blended together.

Gold and Black merged, forming dark golden flames covering the entire dimension, turning the entire world into a dark golden sun.