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G.O.S.S Chapter 492: Powerful!

“Now it contains the immortality of Amaterasu… Not bad.”

Feeling the new flames, Roja smiled as the temperature and immortality aspect were both present in the new fire of Ryujin Jakka.

“Since this ability is available in Ryujin Jakka, it should be available in Zanka No Tachi as well.”

“Bankai! Zanka No Tachi!”

Roja waved his sword, and suddenly, the flames in the space started moving and gathered around the sword before disappearing.

Only Sen Maboroshi and Roja remained there, but the heat in the space was several times higher shrouding the entire space.

“This is even more powerful than before…”

When Roja fought Momoshiki, Zanka No Tachi was more toward temperature principles than anything else, but now it seemed like it headed toward destruction. Everything the blade touches will be destroyed, leaving no trace at all and the blade still held the sun’s core temperature.

“The immortality aspect didn’t seem to have any effect on Zanka No Tachi… But the temperature seems to have increased?!”

Roja’s eyes flashed as he realized that the temperature did indeed increase as it was now at least 20 million C°.

Purely looking at numbers, the difference between the two didn’t seem much, but it was definitively stronger than before.

Roja wasn’t aware if his Reiatsu was stronger than Yamamoto’s, but he was sure that his Bankai was stronger now.

“The power of Zanka No Tachi increased, I’m afraid that it would be more difficult now to release it with another Bankai.”

Roja shook his head slightly, and it was good and bad at the same time. Zanka no Tachi was too powerful to be released with another Bankai, and now it was even more powerful. If he used another Bankai, Zanka No Tachi would directly overpower it and crush it.

Even Senbonzakura Kageyoshi can’t contain the power in Zanka No Tachi.

And the reason was that the force it had was just too strong and Roja didn’t have enough control over it.

It’s not easy to have that kind of control.

“If I want to release it with another Bankai, I need more control.”

Roja muttered to himself.


Just as he was deep in his thoughts, Sen Maboroshi suddenly gave a sizzling sound as if it collapsed. Apparently, it was unable to withstand the current power of Zanka No Tachi.

Perceiving this, Roja quickly turned off the Bankai.

After that, Roja checked the damage that Sen Maboroshi sustained and couldn’t help but smile: “The fire is too arrogant, and it was a little too powerful for now.”

Sen Maboroshi was indeed damaged, but now it has the power to heal itself, and this little damage could be healed quickly, so Roja wasn’t that concerned.

However, it was obvious that going further isn’t good.

Roja shook his head as he prepared to leave.

He put Sen Maboroshi away and opened a space tunnel and disappeared.

At the same time on the roof of the Mizukage’s tower, a space tunnel opened, and Roja directly appeared out of it.

As he looked around, he could see that a huge pit was present at the north side of the village and it covered at least one-tenth of the size of the village.

“What is going on?”

Roja’s brows wrinkled as he said with a cold face. This was obviously an attack. Someone dared to attack the Mist village?!

Such a huge pit was obviously due to a huge explosion.

But, at this time, there was no confusion inside the Mist, but the Mist ninjas were performing repairs as half a day passed from the pit forming.

Hancock wasn’t in the village; it seems like she went after the attackers. The first who saw Roja returns wasn’t Mei or Kurenai, and it was Yakumo.

“Sensei, you’re back.”

“What happened in the village?!”

Roja took her hand and asked indifferently.