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G.O.S.S Chapter 493: I don’t know fear

“The night before, two ninjas attacked the village… One of the two used some weird ninjutsu, and I had no time to stop him, please forgive me…”

Yakumo was ashamed, and if she wasn’t practicing and didn’t found them too late, she could delay them with her ability and stop this from happening.

“Two ninjas? What did Mei say?”

Roja picked his brows as he vaguely guessed who they were.

Yakumo directly answered: “Mizukage-sama said they were the Akatsuki…”

Wouch! Wouch!

Almost as soon as Yakumo words came out, two figures appeared in front of Roja. Kurenai and Mei arrived.

Roja turned his head and looked at the two and asked: “Where did Hancock go? Is she going after the enemy?”


Mei directly answered: “The enemy directly fled after causing the explosion as they flew into the sky, Kurenai and I were too late to catch them.”

Roja looked deeply at them, which made them wary, but Roja didn’t blame them, he looked at the sky as he sneered.

“Hiding for so long and finally can’t stay in your place? I will see what you can do…”

Rain village, somewhere in a secret underground place, many members of the Akatsuki were gathered there, they were gathered with their real bodies this time.

Tendo Pain looked with cold eyes as he screamed at one person: “Who allowed you to provoke the Mist? Deidara?”

“Hey, don’t be angry boss, I just went to perform a mission there and made a piece of art there.”

Deidara didn’t care to stand as he laughed and said: “The Mist is nothing remarkable. See we came back as nothing happened.”


Nagato that manipulated Tendo Pain was mad at Deidara. After provoking Roja, nothing good could happen.

“Do you know why I have ordered all of you not to provoke the Mist?!” Pain angrily yelled as he looked at Deidara.

Deidara grinned and said: “Isn’t it because of that guy? I blew the Mist this time, and I didn’t see him coming out at all. You are our boss, are you still afraid of that guy?”

Nagato controlled the six-paths and wasn’t afraid of Roja, after all, sooner or later they would clash.

“Be reassured, and if that guy dares to come here, I will make him taste my splendid work of art. He will go, Boom!”

Deidara made a gesture to make them understand how big the explosion would be.

His partner Sasori spoke: “Only the Everlasting is Art!”

“No Art is an explosion, Ok?” Deidara directly said toward Sasori.

Whether it was Deidara or Sasori, both didn’t take this to heart. They have never witnessed Roja’s power, the so-called god of shinobi.

Seeing this scene, Pain swallowed what he wanted to say.

In the depth of the Akatsuki base, Nagato looked ugly.

Konan finally made her entry and directly said: “Those two shouldn’t have gone to the Mist at all, and this will cause us trouble.”

“What should we do? I’m afraid of that person’s personality, and he wouldn’t let this go.”

Nagato ignored her and looked into the darkness, and he didn’t know when the Uchiha was there.

The Uchiha’s eyes looked at Nagato as he said with a gloomy tone: “The matter here is irreparable, the Akatsuki may disband temporarily. Now, since they were so arrogant, let them take responsibility for their actions.”


Nagato looked ugly, if they didn’t start catching the Bijuu, then the things they accumulated over the years would scatter with the wind.

“Rest assured, taking Bijuu doesn’t necessarily need their strength. I have other methods.” The Uchiha took a pause then continued: “You leave with me and let your Pain deal with Roja, I would be good for you to experience the fight.”

When he heard this, Nagato was completely settled as he said coldly: “Yes, if he can be sealed, our plan won’t be hindered.”

Seal Roja…

The Uchiha looked at Nagato. He knew it would be difficult, but he didn’t say it to Nagato, he hoped that Nagato could seal with Roja.

The seal that is used with the Rennigan is extremely powerful.

Roja was in no hurry to find the Akatsuki, he felt Hancock’s location and directly teleported there.

It’s not that Hancock would be hurt, as with her ability, unless she encounters someone in the six-path level, she won’t be defeated. As for Deidara and Sasori, Roja didn’t know whether they were killed or not.

Above the sea between the Country of water and the country of fire.

Hancock lowered her head as she used moonwalk going back toward the Mist village.

Suddenly, the space cracked and Roja emerged out.


When she saw Roja, she wasn’t surprised. Instead, she looked shy as she said: “I let these two mice run away.”


Roja heard her words and was a little surprised.

Two days earlier, Deidara attacked the Mist village and felt into the sky, and after Mei and Kurenai couldn’t keep up, Hancock personally chased after him.

The Mist was the same as Amazon Lili for her.

After chasing them in the air, both Sasori and Deidara attacked her, but when they found their attacks didn’t work, they retreated.

Generally, escaping from Hancock who had full-powered Haki was pretty impossible.

Both Sasori and Deidara teleported and escaped.

Listening to Hancock’s story, Roja couldn’t help but smile: “Don’t worry, after all, you don’t have any special ability…”

Hancock’s face was full of shame as the two mice powers weren’t worth mentioning.

She was definitively anger right now.

Roja comforted Hancock, but his eyes were still cold. Attacking the village didn’t make him that much angry, but making Hancock angry was something he can’t tolerate.

Deidara, Sasori… Akatsuki, you will reap what you sow.

What catching Bijuu, what plot, nothing mattered, they provoked him and also Hancock, if he still ignores them, what would that make him in one Piece’s world.

“It seems that you don’t understand what true fear is.”