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G.O.S.S Chapter 494: Hidan and Kakuzu

In The Rain country, somewhere not far from the Rain village, there was a hidden cave which was the Akatsuki’s hideout.

Everything in the base was emptied.

At this time, two figures walked out side by side.

“What, just because they attacked the Mist village, it’s not because of the village, but the god of shinobi who resides there… Just kidding, only Jashin-sama is the real god!”

Hidan as he looked dissatisfied while he spread his hands and said: “If that guy dares to come here, this uncle will send him…”

“Shut up!”

Kakuzu interrupted Hidan and looked at him coldly: “If you open your mouth again, I will make sure you never open it again.”

Although Hidan’s ability makes him a good partner for Kakuzu, Hidan was embarrassing, and his head wasn’t worth much in the underground black market.

“Hey, you can’t say that…”

Every member of the Akatsuki was strong, Sasori and Deidara dared to go to the sand village and kidnap the Kazekage, Orochimaru dared to attack Konoha, and Hidan and Kakuzu were close to immortality.


An earth-shattering explosion erupted in the base, and the force collapsed most of the place in an instant.

“What happened?!”

Both Kakuzu and Hidan were shocked as they looked at the collapsed mountain. They both directly rushed out.


Stone-broke, and dust-covered the entire place.

The base was completely exposed as everything above it disappeared.

The rain kept pouring down as a figure moved toward them, exuding a frosty feeling.

“The same costume, it seems like the two of you and the other two mice from the same group…”

The figure revealed a contemptuous look at Hidan and Kakuzu, like the female pirate empress she was.

Shocked by this, both of them couldn’t move at all.

“You guys… Actually, destroyed the base…”

Hidan looked at the collapsed base in front of him as his eyes fell on Hancock’s body. After that, he showed a furious expression.

“Damn! Although this is an unfinished base, destroying is too much, and you did it while I’m here! I won’t forgive you!”

Hidan Showed an angry expression as he rushed forward, but suddenly he was blocked by Kakuzu.

“Slow down.”

While Kakuzu stopped Hidan, he narrowed his eyes as he looked at her with vigilance and greed as well.

It wasn’t greed for Hancock’s beauty, but at the money, he can get from her head.

“If I’m not mistaken, you should be the Hebi-hime of the Mist, and in an underground market, your bounty is in the top three…”

Although Hancock didn’t do much in this world, the times she acted gave her a title and the same one she had in the Pirate’s world.

She was a dangerous figure, first because she was stronger than a kage, and second, she was close to Roja.

“My bounty is in the top three?”

When she heard this, Hancock’s eyes flashed a little, she didn’t know how many years it’s been, but she was surprised to hear that she had a bounty on her head.

And the bounty was in the top three which made her a little satisfied.

In one piece’s world, her bounty wasn’t near top three at all, and after Roja’s conquest of the world, no one dared to put one on her head.

“Yes, your head is very valuable.”

Looking at Hancock, he took a fighting pose and coldness flashed in his eyes as numerous black thread shot out of his body toward Hancock.


Hancock snorted, and her eyes were indifferent as she gently waved toward the threads.


Pink light shot out from her hand toward the thread, and suddenly, they turned to stone and broken.

Hidan didn’t originally want to escape, but it’s too late as his hand already turned to stone and crumbled down.

He felt that his arm was really destroyed and his face turned ugly. This is the first time he encountered something that could destroy his body.

Wouch! Wouch!

The pink light swept past Kakuzu’s body as he split into four, each wearing a mask.

“Be careful, and this woman isn’t simple.”

Kakuzu directly said to Hidan, while chakra erupted from his body.

Although he was greedy for money, he wasn’t stupid, just by that one attack, he realized that Hancock was powerful. And he will be an idiot if he underestimated her.