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G.O.S.S Chapter 498: Delay.

“She’s powerful…”

Tendo Pain looked at Hancock, who was standing proudly in the sky and seemed to feel a horrible force coming from her.

Nagato, who was manipulating them, was gloomy as he said: “I didn’t expect her to be so strong. It’s not simple to seal her, and I need time to gather chakra…”

After saying this, Konan beside Nagato looked at him and said: “Never, that Technique would drag us along as well.”

“If I don’t, I think even if I join the fight, we won’t last long.”

White Zetsu rushed toward Nagato and spread his hand.

“I know.”

Nagato closed his eyes and no longer talked, and White Zetsu helplessly shook his head when he went into the ground and disappeared.

“Only this much power and you dare call yourself a God?”

Hancock was floating in the air looking at Pain with scorn.


Her figure flashed as she rushed toward them.

Tendo pain glanced at her with a blank expression, and suddenly he retreated and at the same time, huge water waved rushed from the side.

“Water Release: Blasting Waves!”

Seeing such a large area covered by the wave, Hancock finally frowned a little. Her Devil fruit ability has long since awakened and this wasn’t One Piece’s world, so the impact of water on her isn’t that big.

But, even so, in front of such a large scale wave, she would be unable to petrify the water.

And she didn’t want to get into the water!


Hancock jumped up into the air and avoided the wave while looking coldly at one side.

“Are you a mouse hiding now?”

“Don’t say that, just because it takes time to use some technique, but now this is quite convenient.”

From the stream, a person with shark-like features walked out. It was a recent Nukenin from the Mist that joined Akatsuki, and his name is Kisame.

Hancock knew this person because he left some impression, his chakra reserves were larger than Kurenai and Mei, and he sneaked a few time into the Mist.

“It’s you?”

Hancock’s eyebrows were slightly picked as her face was cold.

“I didn’t expect you to remember me.”

Kisame revealed a dangerous light in his eyes as he didn’t intend to be detected inside the Mist.

“Water Release: Water ball!”

“Don’t use that dirty water to deal with this empress!”

Hancock moved quickly in the air and avoided the attack and directly flickered beside Kisame who was stunned by the speed.


However, at this moment, another figure held a sword rushed out and blocked the blow.

However, the sword couldn’t do anything to Hancock, it couldn’t even leave a mark on her skin, and instead, it was invaded by a strange force and turned to stone.

Wouch! Wouch!

Kisame and the person with the sword retreated at the same time, while the new one who joined the fight was Itachi.

Hancock looked at the two of them and her brows slightly wrinkled.

Just when Hancock paused her attacks, Itachi Sharingan was activated, and white Zetsu attacked her from behind.

“Wood Release: Cutting Technique!”

Suddenly, Thorns attacked Hancock.


When the Thorns that should be able to pierce every defense collided with Hancock’s clothes, they directly collapsed.

Hancock currently was very strong with her Haki, even in One Piece’s world, she is one of the strongest.

The sneak attack seemed to interrupt Hancock’s thinking, which restored her indifferent expression. So she directly turned around and kicked.


He had no time to escape, and half of his body was crushed.

At this time, Itachi directly formed hand seals to attack her. Even though the Uchiha were best at Fire Jutsu, he didn’t use one now.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall!”

Itachi’s eyes flashed with wisdom as he could tell that Hancock didn’t want to get into the water because even though most techniques couldn’t break her defenses, she avoided only water Jutsu. So he concluded that water would work best in this case.

Hancock snorted and leaped up, and avoided the water. At the same time, she rushed at Kisame and Itachi.

Itachi’s eyes rotated and released the Tsukiyomi at Hancock.

However, the result was Hancock wasn’t affected at all, and finally, due to the dispelling of his Tsukiyomi, his eyes trembled as blood overflowed from them.

Roja could resist the Tsukiyomi just fine, and Hancock was strengthened by Roja soul, and she gained a few characteristics from him. Although she wasn’t an immortal yet, her powers were enough to defeat Itachi.


Hancock directly rushed at Itachi and kicked him. Itachi tried to resist but, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do anything as half of his body turned to stone and collapsed.

After that, she attacked Kisame, who was killed as well.

The strange thing though was that before collapsing, Itachi and Kisame’s bodies turning into to different people.

It’s possibly a technique used to transfer Chakra to someone making them have the same Characteristic of their real bodies.

Itachi and Kisame weren’t in the base, and it would take a long time before they return, so they used this method to help.

“Sure enough?”

Hancock looked at the two bodies as she felt from the start that there was something not right with these two. The trick of remote possession.

Most likely, their bodies weren’t here, but far away.

Hanock shook her head and turned toward Pain.

“It’s your turn.”