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G.O.S.S Chapter 499: Chibaku Tensei!


Hancock directly shot some Arrows at them.

Tendo Pain slammed his hands together and avoided the arrows.

At the same time, Nagato, who was controlling pain, opened his eyes and took a deep breath and said: “Almost there…”

Tendo Pain’s hands opened slowly, revealed a black ball between his palms. He reached out, and the ball flew out and covered the sun.

Perceiving the atmosphere, Konan frowned and said: “How much Chakra did you use? Don’t do this, Nagato…”

“No, that woman isn’t simple; it must be done.”

Nagato looked solemnly as his hand resumed the posture of the seal and a huge amount of chakra surged out.

The sun eclipsed, leaving only a ring, and the light seemed strange.

Hancock noticed this and frowned and looked at the sky.

“What is that?”

This is the first time in the battle that she felt danger. And although she didn’t know what will happen, she needed to proceed with care.

At this time, Tendo pain finally opened his arms at the sky and said.

“Chibaku Tensei!”


A gravitational force suddenly fell into the ground.


The earth started to vibrate, and the mountain collapsed and started flying toward the sky.

A dozen miles were covered by force, and everything seemed to be pulled toward it.

Hancock frowned and wanted to stay in her place, but the earth below her started shaking and flew toward the sky.

“Not good!”

Hancock tried using Moonwalk but found it hard to resist gravity.

Just as she began to move toward the black sphere, a voice suddenly sounded by her ear with a touch of gentleness.

“Okay, let me come!”

Accompanying this voice, Roja, who was watching her fight, suddenly appeared while looked at the sky.

Although Hancock’s devil fruit can affect wind and thunder, she couldn’t affect something like gravity.

Roja reached out his hand and used Reiatsu to pull Hancock from the Gravity force.

“I didn’t expect this kind of trick.”

Hancock fell beside Roja and looked at the Sky as the stone was getting bigger and bigger; it was as if a star was forming. She couldn’t help shook her head slightly.

“Roja smiled and said: “This trick is used by Rinnegan. This is something really powerful or should be, but it looks so fragile now, all you need to do is this…”

As he spoke, Roja just made a fist and punched randomly at the sky.


The Haki made the sky tremble, and the six-paths power surged, and this seemingly normal punch contained most of Roja’s power. In order to make a little shocking effect.

The result was, indeed, shocking.


The sphere of rocks suspended in the air suddenly divided and collapsed.

Several sonic booms were generated, and the rocks coming down were scattered and seemed like shooting stars.

“Impossible! Chibaku Tensei was actually…”

Tendo Pain looking at this still had the same expression, but Nagato was too shocked.

This was his first time seeing Roja’s power, and it gave him the feeling that Roja was… Unmatched!

Even with the Rennigan, he couldn’t resist at all!

“What… Power…”

Konan perceived what happened and was shocked. Although she was rescued by Roja before and experienced what Roja’s name did in the world, this was her first time realizing how powerful Roja was.

“Time to go!”

Obito said, he activated his Sharingan, and if you looked closely, you could see the fear in his eyes.

Once they are discovered by Roja, I wouldn’t be a joking matter.


Obito took Konan and Nagato with Kamui.

At this time, outside.

“Super Shinra Tensei!”

Tendo Pain gritted his teeth as he spread his hands. If Chibaku Tensei was a super version of Banshō Ten’in, then this was a super version of Shinra Tensei.

“A meaningless attack.”

Facing this, Roja shook his head slightly, and his eyes flashed as he took his sword out and waved.


The Super Shinra Tensei was smashed, and several Kilometers of the earth was destroyed, and the cloud above them dispersed.

Pain disappeared.

The last thing that was transmitted to Nagato left him terrified.