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G.O.S.S Chapter 500: Task!

After a long time, a voice was heard finally breaking the silence.

“Seeing his power, it’s difficult to do anything to him, at least at not until we collect all the Bijuu.”

Obito stood next to Nagato.

Nagato looked at Obito and said: “After this fight, the Akatsuki was left with only Kisame and Itachi and us. These are the senior members, and the other less important members suffered heavy losses. I have to accumulate more power, and I’m afraid that the time…”

“No need to worry.”

It wasn’t Obito who interrupted, and it was Black Zetsu who had never appeared from beginning to end.

He was attached to the White Zetsu as he slowly said: “Myself and Madara already thought about a countermeasure.”

Nagato brows slightly wrinkled to find Obito with a calm expression and suddenly shook his head.

He was the leader of the Akatsuki in front of the others, but the real leader wasn’t him, and even him was kept in the dark about some things.

Obito seemed to see Nagato’s expression and said to him: “Something needs to be kept a secret, and in any case, our purpose is the same…”

“Yeah… Our purpose is the same.”

Determination filled Nagato’s eyes once again.

In the rain country, the Akatsuki base was destroyed.

Roja looked at the abyss made by his sword and couldn’t help but smile. The sun shone above them.

“I still prefer sunny days.”

“I also don’t like the rain too much.”

Hancock stood next to Roja and whispered quietly. After she paused, her eyes looked at the deep abyss as well.

Hancock used Haki before, so everything Nagato did to make the information about his Paths a secret was useless, because Kenbushoku Haki didn’t perceive Chakra, but people themselves.

However, she knew that she discovered them, them Roja did as well, and he didn’t interfere probably because he had some plan.

She looked like a proud woman in front of all people, except for Roja. She didn’t even ask or question why he didn’t interfere at all; she only silently supported him.

She looked with mockery for these little bugs that escaped and still think they still controlled everything in the dark. They didn’t know the fact that Roja was controlling them.

“Let’s go back.”

Roja looked at Hancock and saw through her and smiled.

In the Mist village, inside an open square.

“Ice Release: Ice Senbon!”

“Dance Of The Clematis: Flower!”

Kimimaro and Haku were fighting. Haku wasn’t as good as Kimimaro, although his Ice release was good, the Kaguya clan’s blood limit was stronger.

Getting Roja’s permission to be thought Kenbunshoku Haki, Haku could easily capture every move Kimimaro made.

It was like he had Sharingan and Byakugan.

Not far away, many ninjas were watching this fight, but they didn’t interfere in the spar, and many Anbu watched as well.

They couldn’t help being shocked at their current power.

“Kimimaro is Roja-sama’s disciple… I’m afraid that he can finish me in a few moves.”

“Haku is also recognized by Roja-sama, and we are not their opponent. I’m afraid that only the Mizukage and commander can actually face them.”

The Anbu were always watching Haku and Kimimaro’s progress. Their shock can’t be explained with words. They were slightly jealous as Kimimaro and Haku joined the Anbu and were weaker than them, but after such a short time, they surpassed all of them.

Now, both of their strength was something they could only look up to.

Not including Kurenai, these two could probably kill all the Anbu with ease.


The ninja looked at the explosion after rubbing the cold sweat and looked at the figure on the side. The only person who can match these two monsters is the third monster.

All the Anbu were afraid of this person, and even more afraid of fighting Kimimaro and Haku.

It was the Magical Demon!

This was Yakumo’s title in the Mist made by the Anbu and also her code name.

The Anbu were afraid of her because they tried her techniques first hand, and they didn’t like being manipulated. Their life was in her hand, and she could kill them whenever she wanted.


Another collision between Haku and Kimimaro caused, and explosion and chakra surged all over the place. Their foreheads were full sweat as they sighed.

Because they were progressing at equal speed, both Kimimaru and Haku were sparring a lot in the past several months.

No one won over the other as most spars ended in a tie. If they pressed on, most likely both would die.

Well, Kimimaro still holds a little higher chance of emerging alive.


“Both of you improved, and I’m afraid that soon I won’t even be your opponent anymore.”

Kimimaro, Haku and Yakumo looked to the side to see Kurenai approaching them.

Mei was dealing with the Mizukage’s responsibility and didn’t have much free time to train, unlike Kurenai. And still, she said that.

After smiling friendly at the trio, she came in front of Yakumo and said.

“There is a task I need you to complete…”