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G.O.S.S Chapter 501: Chunin exam!

“Oh? Chunin Exam?”

Roja sat on the Sofa and drunk tea.

Mei nodded and said: “Konoha will hold the test and invited the Mist and San to join. This means that they want to see the progress of each village.”

“The exam would be in their territory, so everything will be under their control… But I don’t want Konoha to step on the Mist to improve their standing…”

Seeing Mei thinking, and talking, without her image as the Mizukage, as she spread her long white legs in front of him without care.

“Oh? What is your plan?”

Roja was lazy to pay attention to Her rude image and beauty, so he instead deliberately slapped her leg with some force, causing it to tremble but she still continued to sit down.

At the same time, Roja’s eyes showed an inexplicable look.

Is it already time for the test? It’s really strange…

“It’s said the Kazkage would be there as well and his child, the Jinchuriki of the Ichibi would attend as well. So we can’t sand someone normal.”

“With their age, Kimimaro and Haku could attend, but they are the Mist’s elite, and they are famous in the world… Other then them, there is Yakumo as well.”

Listening to Mei words, Roja recovered from his thoughts and couldn’t help but smile: “Yakumo was brought from Konoha, you want her to represent the Mist and go to Konoha to participate in the exam? Are you trying to beat the old Man Sarutobi’s face to the ground?”

“Oh, that’s what I’m planning to do.”

Mei smiled and smirked: “Why? Does Roja-sama disagree?”

“I agree since Yakumo will go, then pick the other two, it doesn’t need to be someone specifically, oh and send Kurenai as their teacher.”

Roja’s mouth raised into a chuckle as his attitude toward Konoha wasn’t good all along. The higher up and council of Konoha are hypocrites and evil.

For example, Naruto, was protected by Anbu inside Konoha, does he really need protection inside his village, and if they could keep his heritage a secret, how did his secret about being the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi was known?

Shouldn’t it be reversed, making his heritage known as the son of the Yondaime and Kushina and making his status as a Jinchuriki a secret, so he can be protected as the son of Minato?

“Letting Kurenai lead the team…”

Mei smiled as she flattered Roja: “I didn’t think that Roja-sama is worse than me.”

“Is it now? I don’t think so.”

Roja stood up and looked at the sky and said in a deep voice: “I’m a good person.”

Yakumo’s small face was filled with complicate emotion as she said: “Is it the Chunin exam? Roja-sensei…”

“This task was approved by Roja-sama, and I’m the one who will lead the team.”

Kurenai smiled at Yakumo, but she sighed in her heart. She was also a ninja from Konoha, but she let go of that long ago.

It seems like there is still a little bit left in Yakumo’s heart. Maybe Roja agreed for her to go to Konoha so that little bit of her that still thought of Konoha would disappear.

However, to Kurenai’s surprise, Yakumo, once she heard that Roja approved, there was no hesitation or anything in her face, and instead, she was calm.

She nodded and directly said: “I Guarantee the competition of this task.”

“Good, go clean yourself and prepare to go.”

Kurenai sighed a little when she saw Yakumo and chuckled.

Yakumo turned to look at Kimimaro and Haku and said: “Sorry, I won’t be here for the spars for some time.”

“Don’t worry, since Roja-sensei ordered it, and you do your best,” Kimimaro said seriously.

Haku gently nodded and said: “Go ahead, Roja-sama orders need to be completed.”

Hearing the response of the two, Yakumo quickly jumped into the village.

After a while, at the entrance of the Mist village, Kurenai waited with two young eleven years old who had a very serious and cold expression on their faces, but that didn’t seem to work as they were young and tender.

After a while, Yakumo arrived.

“Sorry for making you wait…”

“Is it this girl? I never heard of her before.”

The two boys who came from the ninja school revealed their dissatisfaction at Yakumo.

The Mist village still respected strength, and a girl who looked weak didn’t win any respect from the young boys as if they will be carrying a burden along with them.

Kurenai heard their dissatisfaction, but she only smiled. On the one hand, she was too lazy to let them know. On the other hand, she was aware of the horror of going against Yakumo.

“Can we leave?”

Yakumo moved and ignored the boys who were similar to her only by age and looked at Kurenai while saying softly.


Kurenai smiled friendly and nodded.

Yakumo walked in front of the boys and side by side with Kurenai. The boys couldn’t take it anymore as they finally spoke.

“Hey! That’s just too rude…”

“You can’t respect us, but not respecting even Kurenai-sama, who do you think you are?”

They were only boys; after all, they couldn’t hold their emotions even though they were from the Mist.

Yakumo stopped her footsteps and slightly looked at them and released some of her power.

Although Yakumo was terrifying, she was still a little girl, and still wanted to win Roja praise. Being looked down upon won’t make Roja praise her.


The two young boys felt their whole world collapse and as if Yakumo expanded and became a giant God looking at ants ready to step on them.

The palm of the giant went toward them, but before I fell, a horrible wind pressure made it difficult for the two to even breath.


When the boys experienced such a horrible Genjutsu, they were terrified.


Kurenai reached out her hand and put it on Yakumo’s shoulder and said: “Too strong, and they can’t take it…”

It’s not necessary for Kurenai to tell her that as Yakumo already knew, but she just said with an innocent expression: “I just wanted to teach them a lesson, I didn’t think they were that weak.”

Kurenai’s mouth twitched slightly as Yakumo’s Genjutsu was just horrible. Even when she faced Yakumo herself, she would need to be careful. There was no need to say that they were weak.

Fortunately, Yakumo didn’t make the injuries in the Genjutsu turn real.