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G.O.S.S Chapter 590: Zaraki Kenpachi!

“Bakudo No.87: Prison Cover!”


In the Practice field, Roja directly targeted a practice dummy. The dummy was directly covered in black and completely bound it.

“The efficiency is lowered to half without chant.”

Roja stretched his body slightly and stopped. Even if he has a huge capacity of Reiatsu, he will take a short break now and then to restore the used Reiatsu.

On term of restoration speed, even a Hollow can’t contend with him.

However, this time, after completely recovered his used Reiatsu, he stood up and yawned then said: “I’m a little tired, I should go back and rest for a few days, and I should also instruct that girl, Hinamori for a while.”

Two years passed since he arrived in the Shinigami world, Sne Maboroshi was still slowly transforming and evolving toward the Ninth stage, and it would be soon finished.

At that time, Roja’s Reiatsu kept changing and getting stronger, but he always hid it well.

Because, if he doesn’t hide now, some change might occur to the story, and he would need more time to get the Hogyoku from Aizen.

“You come out, Roja-san.”

A shinigami from the Kido Corps saw Roja coming out of the training field and immediately smiled at him.

Roja smiled and nodded at him and directly walked out.
The shinigami sighed lightly while thinking: “The sound from his training field was loud, I don’t know what he is practicing, but it should be above 80th Kido, or maybe… 90th.”

He couldn’t help but tremble as he thought of this.

Kido above 90th.

Only the best of the best in the Kido corps can actually use above 90th Kido, and currently, other than the Vice-chief and Grand Kido Chief, no one in the Kido corps can use them.

If Roja could use them, then it means that he is one of the strongest three in the Kido corps, and he can even get the Vice-chief position.

Finally, he took a deep breath and said: “I shouldn’t exaggerate… Maybe above 80th, but he shouldn’t reach the 90th, the difficulty of those was sky high.”

Because of Roja often coming to the Kido Corps, most of the members already know him, but no one dared to disrespect him even after knowing that he has yet to graduate.

Sixth rank talent in Reiatsu, and monstrous talent I Kido and already has the qualification to join the Gotei 13.

As Roja walked, he encountered a few members of the Kido Corps who directly greeted him with a smile.

Roja finally left the Kido Corps building and moved toward the academy.

But suddenly, he heard footsteps and stopped.

When he looked, he saw a person with a hair shaped like a Hedgehog, and he was wearing a black eye patch on his right eye and wearing a captain’s Haori!

On his shoulder, a pink-haired child, with a pair of big cute eyes and a lovable cheek, sat.

Zaraki was running as he shouted.

“Is it here? Yachiru?”

“Yes, yes! This is it, and it should be here this time!”

The identity of these two is obvious. They were Yachiru and Kenpachi.

“I didn’t expect to encounter Zaraki here.”

Roja looked at Zaraki, who was running over and shook his head. He should just go back.

As Zaraki ran past him, Roja resumed walking again.

But, he stopped after just two steps.

Zaraki, who ran past him, stopped and stared at him.

“Well, I forgot about my Reiatsu.”

Said Zaraki as he stared at Roja, which made Roja snort.

Yachiru on Zaraki’s shoulder smiled and cutely said in Zaraki’s ear.

“Zaraki, shouldn’t we attend the meeting?”

Zaraki smiled and excitedly looked at the person in front of him as he said: “What conference again…”

As he said this, he turned completely toward Roja and grinned: “Your Reiatsu is quite strong, I want to fight you.”

Zaraki seemed like a beast who is eyeing its prey. His expression was full of excitement as he drew his sword.

“Naturally… I don’t want to.”

Roja rolled his eyes. Although he was capable of fighting him, he didn’t want to as that Maniac only wants to fight.

Hearing Roja’s words, Zaraki hesitated.

“Zaraki, looking at his attire, he is an academy student.”

Yachiru jumped down from Zaraki’s shoulder and moved beside Roja and stared at him.

Roja looked at Yachiru in the eye and smiled: “Yes, I’m a student in the Academy. It is fortunate for me to live and see a Vice-captain and a captain.”

“Strange, its really strange, your Reiatsu is quite strange, and it’s currently changing?”

Yachiru’s cute eyes were puzzled because she sensed that Roja’s reiatsu was constantly changing.

But overall, it was as strong as a Vice-captain or even a captain.

This made Zaraki stare at Roja even more.

“Academy student?”

Zaraki tilted his head as he grinned fiercely, and said: “It’s good, then I order you know, fight me.”

Roja: “…”

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid? I can let you attack first.”

Zaraki grinned as he said this.

Seeing this, Roja couldn’t help sigh. Being stared by Zaraki already made it almost impossible to leave without a fight, such being the case. He would just use some Kido.

“Since it’s an order from Captain, I will comply.”

Roja didn’t draw his sword, he just stretched a finger at Zaraki and said.

“Hado No.63: Raikoho”


G.O.S.S Chapter 589: Kido corps’ Practice field.

The four books that Roja wanted to borrow, recorded the 83rd Hado to the 88th, the 89th to the 92nd Hado, 82nd to 86th Bakudo, and finally the 87th to the 90th Bakudo.

The first 30 Kido is the foundation. Above them were the mid-level Kido’s, and above 60, the difficulty would start increase with each number. Roja used a lot of time to practice the countless kido above 80th.

The Kido above 80 was something that took most Shinigami years to just master one of them.

In the original story, Aizen, even after getting the Hogyoku, could only use the half chant of the above 90th Kido, he couldn’t use it without a chant.

“The space is somewhat small…”

After returning to the dormitory, Roja opened Sen Maboroshi’s space, and with some effort, it expanded to about 200 meters before stopping.

This was the limit he can use without alerting others.

“The Kido I will learn later might be too big for the space to contain, I must find an appropriate place to train.”

Roja looked all over the place while whispering. Then he glanced at the book for the 83rd Hado.

Roja didn’t just start using chantless Kido directly, and he first practiced the chants till he mastered them before he started practicing without chant.

Roja practiced for one month. In that month, he mastered the 83rd Hado to the 92nd Hado with chants.

If this speed got out, he would scare the Kido Corps Shinigamis to death.

Although Roja learned Hado until the 82nd in less than a year, using one month to learn Hado from 83rd to the 92nd was in a completely different league.

But Roja wasn’t satisfied with his speed at all. He wanted to use this Kidos chantlessly.

A Kido Master who uses chants isn’t a master.

A Shinigami who needs chants isn’t a good Shinigami.

Roja directly started practicing again, trying to master them without a chant.

Because Roja practiced till the 92nd Hado, his Reiatsu control was as good as a captain’s, but when it comes to Kido, he was currently the best.

Roughly two months passed, Roja already passed to the Second Grade. He already mastered Hado 83rd to 89th chantlessly.

Inside the Kido Corps field, where Shinigamis practiced Kido without restrains, Roja could be seen practicing. Last month when Roja was practicing the 86th Hado, he had to suppress himself too much, he would cause a commotion otherwise. Due to that, he directly applied to use the Kido practice field.

Grand Kido Chief, Fujiwara Ryu, was trying to make things difficult for Roja, but he couldn’t do it in the end, as the orders came from the Gotei 13 to let Roja practice there, so he could only comply.

The practice field was divided, and each place had its own space, so even if Roja released a strong Kido, it would affect anything outside.

“Hado No.90: Kurohitsugi!”


Reiatsu gathered, and a jet-black cage, close to a coffin appeared.

But in the next instant, the coffin started to distort and shiver before it collapsed.

“Still no success.”

Roja shook his head.

It was half a month since he started practicing Kurohitsugi without chant, and it still not successful.

The difficulty of not using chants for the 90th Hado was beyond Roja’s expectation. Roja didn’t face any problem until this point.

The 90th and above Kido require too much Reiatsu and extremely high control.

“It is quite difficult to use the 90th Hado without a chant…”

Roja directly decided to put aside practicing Hado right now and directly start practicing Bakudo.

The consumption of Reiatsu when using Bakudo was lower than Hado, but it requires better control.

Practicing Bakudo can help in learning Hado.

Roja started from the 82nd Bakudo.

After two months, Roja already learned Bakudo 90 and already mastered countless Bakudo till No.86.

About eight months passed Since Roja got permission to use the Kido Corps library, the second semester already started.

In this period of time, Roja paid attention to Aizen. He guessed that a few people already fell into his trap, but that girl Hinamori wasn’t one of them, she was already adoring Roja and wouldn’t be easily manipulated.

The eight months passed quite quickly, and no problems occurred except for a few students coming to challenge him or a few females surrounding him whenever they saw him.

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