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G.O.S.S Chapter 591: Roja Vs. Zaraki!

The fight between two Shinigamis was all about the Reiatsu.

If someone’s Reiatsu was strong enough, and his opponent was weak, Reiatsu alone could crush him. Even if the weak one used his Zanpakuto, it wouldn’t do any damage.

It can be said that if the disparity between Reiatsu is big enough, then there was no need for a fight because it wouldn’t be a fight but a one-sided crushing.

Zanpkuto, Shikai, and Bankai, and everything else is all under this rule.

Only when the Reiatsu between the two sides is close in quantity and quality would there be a need for a fight.

The moment Roja shot the Hado, his Reiatsu erupted like a volcano, and the same happened to Zaraki as his eye flashed.


The Lightning released completely cracked the streets as it hit Zaraki.

But compared to the Reiatsu released, the Hado was too small.

The Reiatsu released directly caused the Soul Society to shook.

Second Division, Third Division…

All the shinigamis in the soul society were alarmed.

“This is…”

The second division’s captain, Soi Fon’s complexion, directly changed as she turned her head.

Her eyes flashed with surprise.

“One of these two pressures belongs to Zaraki, but the other one… Who is it?”

Aizen, as well as Gin, stopped at the same time as they looked in the same direction.

“These two Reiatsu probably are… Oh, that fellow and Zaraki are fighting?” Gin’s eyes narrowed.


Aizen smiled as he fixed his glasses.

Several captains were still in the main hall as their eyes changed in surprise when they felt the Reiatsu.

“This Reiatsu belongs to captain Zaraki… But who is the other one?” Unohana’s eyebrows raised as she looked at the sky while muttering softly.

“What is he doing?”

Yamamoto’s face darkened as he angrily shouted: “Having a Private Fight in Soul Society, who does he think he is?”

The eruption of Reiatsu caused quite a sensation in the Soul Society.

Zaraki’s hair changed shape as the Raikoho touched him.

“Good, Strong Hado, you can injure Zaraki.”

Yachiru was surprised as she exclaimed.

Zaraki opened his mouth as he smiled ferociously.

“Good attack, it’s my turn now.”

The look in Zaraki’s eyes didn’t belong to a Human. He was like a wild beast. He directly moved fiercely toward Roja.

Almost in a flash, he was in front of Roja as he wielded his Sword and dropped it down on Roja maliciously.

But, Roja directly said.

“Bakudo No.61, Rikujokoro!”

Yellow light directly appeared and wrapped Zaraki and imprisoned.

Zaraki, who was planning to finish the fight quickly, was directly rooted in his place and was feeling uncomfortable.


Zaraki roared as his Reiatsu crazily erupted, and the Rikujokoro cracked and directly vanished while his sword moved toward Roja.

But Roja didn’t even retreat one step back as he said again.

“Bakudo No.62: Hundred puppets.”

Once again, a dazzling light erupted and imprisoned Zaraki again.

Roja didn’t stay still this time, but he took out his sword and said.

“Hado No.78: Zangerin!”


Zaraki tried to attack Roja twice but failed. He was getting angry as he roared crazily.


Suddenly, the street where Roja and Zaraki were fighting was divided in two. The walls started cracking.

At this time, Zaraki raised his sword as the Reiatsu erupted from his whole body as if a terrifying demon was released.

“That… that’s… 11th division’s captain, Zaraki Kenpachi!!”

The Kido corps recognized Zaraki directly and felt fear, but they already knew that Zaraki was fighting from the Reiatsu he released.

“Why is Roja there with Captain Zaraki Kenpachi!!”

“This… did something…”

The Kido corps member’s forehead was full of cold sweat. He wanted to interfere, but the Reiatsu released by Roja and Zaraki was so strong that if he gets nearer, he will suffocate.

What made him really surprised wasn’t Zaraki’s Reiatsu… But it was Roja’s Reiatsu that could stand against Zaraki as if they were equals.

This was unbelievable.

Although he knew that Roja’s Reiatsu was high, and his Kido talent was higher than most, he didn’t think that he would be this formidable.

Zaraki was one of the captains of Gotei 13, and he was one of the strongest captains at that.

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