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G.O.S.S Chapter 592: Hado No.90: Kurohitsugi!

“Hello! Don’t disturb the fight between Ken-chan and that guy, just hide!”

Yachiru stood on the roof as she talked to the Kido corps members. Although she wasn’t shouting, her tone left no room for questions.

The Kido corps vice chief could still stay standing under pressure, but the other members were sweating profusely and just as they heard Yachiru directly moved away.

Although they didn’t know why they were fighting, preventing the fight, you must be joking. They were like gods fighting. If they tried to intervene, they wouldn’t know they died.

The only one who had the qualification to intervene was the Kido corps chief, but Ryu didn’t make an appearance till now and seeing that the other members of the Kido corps didn’t dare try.

Zaraki got out of the rubbles with a black face.

Originally, he thought that Roja would draw his sword and fight him, but from the start, Roja didn’t pull out his sword. Instead, he used Kido and Kido without a Chant at that.

It looks like fighting him would be disadvantageous.

Zaraki wasn’t someone who would lay down no matter what, so he planned to seriously fight Roja.

“Take this!”

Zaraki grabbed his Zanpakuto and took a step toward Roja, with that one step, he was already behind Roja as his sword fell down.

As if Roja grew a pair of eyes behind his back, he directly stepped aside while pointing his hand at Zaraki.

“Bakudo No.63: Sajo Sabaku!”

As Roja closed his fist, a Rope made from Reiatsu directly tied Zaraki.

But Roja didn’t stop at this, and his Reiatsu once again spiked as he released another two Bakudos.

“Bakudo No.75: Gochutekkan!”

“Bakudo No.79: Kuyo Shibari!”

One after the other, Kido was released, and the Reiatsu erupted like crazy.

The three Bakudos pinned Zaraki in his place. This made the Kido Corps audience feel like they were dreaming, even if the chief was the one fighting, he wouldn’t be able to pull this.

From Reiatsu’s control to Kido’s understanding, Roja reached a level the members of the Kido corps couldn’t dream of achieving.

Roja started concentrating as he looked at Zaraki before finally started to speak.

“Seeping crest of turbidity. Arrogant vessel of lunacy! Boil forth and deny! Grow numb and flicker! Disrupt sleep! Crawling queen of iron! Eternally self-destructing doll of mud! Unite! Repulse! Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness!”

“Hado No.90: Kurohitsugi!”

As he released the Hado, the Reiatsu was terrifying. It actually shot toward the sky and pierced it, which made the Audience fall to the ground from the pressure.

The Kido corps members looked at this with amazement, particularly, the Vice Kido Chief. His heart shook, he knew that Roja was a genius and that he would surpass him sooner or later, but he didn’t think it would be so soon. Roja actually learned Hado No.90!

This was Hado No.90!

Even in the Gotei 13 captain, only a few could use it.

As the black coffin started appearing and covering Zaraki Kenpachi, the audience wondered.

“Did it… End?”

Looking at Zaraki completely covered in the Kurohitsugi, the audience swallowed with a tense expression.

But in the next moment, Zaraki’s voice appeared from inside the black coffin, and he only asked.

“Is this your fighting style?”


A terrifying Reiatsu escaped from the black coffin as it shattered it in the process. When Zaraki emerged out, blood dripped from his body.

Although he was covered in blood, and his clothes were tattered, his momentum was the same. His Reiatsu was surging out of his body in waves. It was as if a terrifying beast had just awakened.

The Kido corps members withdraw even more as the new Reiatsu was too strong for them.

“Ken-chan seems really excited.”

Yachiru looked at Zaraki’s body covered in wounds and blood dripping without any worry.

She just looked at his hand, which seemed to hold something black inside it. He took off his eye patch that was used to suppress his own Reiatsu.

“Yes, I don’t like to use a sword too much…”

Roja looked at Zaraki, without even flinching from the Reiatsu released and shrugged.

Zaraki grinned and said: “You can prevent me from slashing you, that’s very good, but, if you were to just slip once, be careful or… You will die!”

As his voice fell, Zaraki didn’t move forward toward Roja, but he just held his sword and swung it down.

The Reiatsu that was being released suddenly condensed and shot toward Roja.

Anything that it passed through was cut in half.

“Bakudo No.81: Danku!”

It’s clear that Zaraki was strong, Roja was just calm as he once again used Kido. A translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall suddenly appeared and directly stopped the strike from reaching Roja.


The wall buzzed slightly but withstood the pressure from Zaraki’s strike.

Blocking Zaraki’s strike after he took off his eye patch was surprising for most who knew about Zaraki. Zaraki felt Roja’s Reiatsu raising once again after he took the eye patch.

“You still can raise you, Reiatsu…”

Zaraki was surprised because of this, but a wide grin appeared on his face, he was really excited. He directly rushed toward the Danku and crushed it.

He then turned toward Roja and directly swung his sword down at him.

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