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G.O.S.S Chapter 593: Entering the Scene!

“Bakudo No.83: Curtain of Light!”

“Bakudo No.85: Dark Bind!”

“Bakudo No.87: Prison Cover!”

After the new Reiatsu surge, Roja’s eyes flashed as he pointed his hand at Zaraki and once again released three Bakudos.

He was releasing above 80th Kido without a chant.

The Kido Corps members were numb, particularly, the Vice Kido Chief. His mouth twitched slightly by what he witnessed.

Roja just did something that even the Chief won’t be able to do, and it seemed so easy as if he was eating a meal.

Once again, Zaraki was tied in his place.

“Fangs in the dark night, the setting sun falling from the sky, the boundless sky, the ocean’s waves, lonely, angry, envy the life…”

Roja once again chanted for another Kido, but this one was stronger than even Kurohitsugi. Cracks started appearing under Roja’s feet from the Reiatsu.

If this attack was released, even if it didn’t kill Zaraki, the audience would die, and the place will be destroyed.

“Hado No.92: St…”

Roja pointed at Zaraki and was about to attack, but suddenly, someone shouted.



A pretty lady suddenly appeared and held Roja’s hand, forcefully preventing him from releasing the Hado.

She seemed petite, and her Shunpo was oddly fast, she was wearing a captain’s Haori with a symbol of two on her back… She was Soi Fon, the captain of the second division!

On the other side, Zraaki’s Reiatsu broke through the Bakudo and directly moved toward Roja once again, but at this time, a sword suddenly blocked him.

The one who blocked him was none other than the captain of the sixth division, Kuchiki Byakuya!

“Are you perhaps, the captain of the second Division, Soi Fon-sama?”

Roja ended the Hado and looked at Soi Fon as he asked her.

Soi Fon’s expression seemed normal, but inside, she was really surprised to find a student who could deal so much damage to the Captain of the 11th division without getting killed.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, Roja just smiled and said nothing else.

Roja directly stopped fighting, but stopping Zaraki wasn’t easy. It wasn’t a matter of a few words.

“What are you doing? You also want to fight?”

Facing Byakuya, Zaraki directly attacked, but the former blocked his sword.

Looking at Zaraki, Byakuya wasn’t afraid, as one of the nobles of the soul Society, he will uphold the rules: “Zaraki Kenpachi, did you become insane, you’re attacking someone inside the Soul Society and an academy student at that, did you fall that hard?”

“It seems like you want to die here.”

Zaraki was like a wild beast. He didn’t feel so excited in a fight for a long time, and he was angry with Byakuya for interfering in his fight.

Byakuya didn’t care, and he was a protector of soul society like his fathers. He is the leader of the Kuchiki household.

“Since you don’t want to stop, you leave me no choice.”

“Scatter, Senbonzakura!”

Byakuya used his Shikai, as he couldn’t use Bankai in Soul Society, as the destruction that it would cause will be too much.

“Only Shikai? You think you can face me with only that?”

Zaraki coldly said as he looked at Byakuya.

Byakuya snorted and said: “Shikai is more than enough.”

Another Reiatsu joining the fight made the soul society once again shake. This turn of the event made Soi Fon and Roja’s mouths twitch slightly.

“Captain Zaraki is really full of vigor, and captain Kuchiki is also very strong, Captain Soi Fon, you’re not stopping them?”

Seeing Zaraki and Byakuya fighting, Roja restrained his Reiatsu and directly looked at Soi Fan and said.

Although Roja knew that she should go and stop their fight, whether she can succeed or not is questionable.

“Shut up.”

She Couldn’t retort at what Roja said, so she could only shout at him.

Roja innocently shrugged.

But Zaraki and Byakuya were still at it.

“Oh, Captain Zaraki, disappearing again before the meeting, it seems like you want to feel Yamamoto-sensei’s fire again.”

Shunssui, the eighth team captain, happily appeared while talking to Zaraki.

Suddenly another one appeared. This was Jushiro Ukitake, the captain of the 13th division.

They stopped Zaraki’s rampage. They didn’t bother with Byakuya as he already stopped and called back his Shikai.


From a distance, the captain of the fourth division was moved toward them, and finally, Zaraki finally calmed down.

But suddenly, his eyes fell on Roja not far away and said: “What is your name?”

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