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G.O.S.S Chapter 594: Aizen’s analysis.

Hearing Zaraki’s inquiry, Roja smiled before responding.


“Very good! I will remember your name. We’ll settle this again sometime later.”

Zaraki put his Eyepatch back and grinned. Without paying attention to the other captains, he left.

Yachiru looked at Roja with surprise before jumping from the roof and directly fell on Zaraki’s shoulder.

Roja looked at Zaraki, leaving and yawned. He rubbed his eyes lazily as if he didn’t just fight a fierce battle.

“Well then, I will leave first then, Captains.”

Roja was a little lazy and didn’t care much about the fight. People were still looking at him with surprise.

Roja seemed calm. Not the emotion someone would have after fighting a captain. If nothing, his image in the captains’ heads once again raised.

Soi Fon looked at him carefully. She was surprised by what she saw. Roja’s school uniform, it didn’t have a single scratch on it, not even one.

He was fighting someone like Zaraki Kenpachi, and from the Reitasu, anyone can tell it wasn’t a friendly spar, but his clothes were clean and without a single piece missing while Zaraki was bloodied.

The other captains also noticed this. They could only look at each other.

Although the captains here were one of the strongest, they didn’t dare fight Zaraki head-on, because if they did, it would definitively leave a scar.

And this fellow did fight Zaraki and without sustaining any damage while being a student. He was a monster!

The soul society was like any other place, strength meant everything. So when they saw that Roja fought Zaraki and saw the results of the fight, their manners toward him changed.

Before even if Roja was outstanding, he was but a junior, but now, even if he doesn’t call them respectfully with their captain’s title, they wouldn’t be angry.

“Ehm, you can go, if possible, we want a written report to the Gotei 13 about what happened…”

Captain Shunsui took a deep breath as he calmed his heart before talking to Roja.

“Of course, if there is time.”

Hearing these words, Roja smiled and walked back to school.

After Roja left, Shunsui stayed behind as he started asking what happens to the Kido Corps Members. After hearing their story, his expression changed several times before he left.

After all the captains left, a shadow appeared from the corner of the street. It was Gin Ichimaru.

Looking at the place where the battle was fought, he felt fear.

“He can fight head to head with Captain Zaraki. It seems like you underestimated him, Captain Aizen …”

“No, I didn’t underestimate him.”

While thinking aloud, Gin heard someone from behind him and was startled. As he turned around, he found Aizen.

Aizen was looking at the same place as Gin, his eyes flashing fondly as he said: “That’s also not his real power.”

“Not his real power?”

Gin was startled as he asked: “He can stand against Captain Zaraki, and that’s not all of his power, isn’t that exaggerated?”

“The fight between Shinigami is a fight of Reiatsu. You should know that well, Gin.”

Aizen’s pupil flashed with a profound light as he said: “Although they seemed to have the same strength, you didn’t consider many points.”


Gin looked at him with a question mark above his head.

Aizen directly looked at Gin while recalling the fight and said: “The high-level Kido he released and his Reiatsu don’t match.”

“In order to use many high-level Kidos, with most of them without chant, his Reiatsu must’ve been really high, but what we feel wasn’t that high, and even after he released that many Kidos, he wasn’t winded, there was no drop to his Reiatsu from beginning to end.”

Aizen stopped suddenly, before he started again: “The second point is, in the entire fight, he didn’t release his Reiatsu, only controlling it close to his opponent’s.”

“What the problem with that?”

Gin was puzzled.

Aizen looked at Gin and said: “Don’t you understand? In an ordinary fight, one would release their Reiatsu completely before controlling it and fighting, this reduces the Reitasu’s consumption, but, without releasing all your Reiatsu, why control it?”

“In other words, he simply didn’t want to use his full power!”

Gin took a deep cold breath as he thought about the fight.

Aizen nodded and said: “So, I think his real power is at least two times than what he showed.”

“With this kind of Reiatsu, his Zanpakuto…”

Gin asked this important question with narrowed eyes.

Aizen looked in front of him while thinking: “This is also an issue to consider. Whether he grasped his Bankai, which allowed his Reiatsu to reach that level, or he is the same as Zaraki, and all that Reiatsu is actually his own.”

“If it’s the former, then it’s normal, but if it’s the latter…”

Aizen shook his head as the light flickered in his eyes. Nobody could tell what he was thinking about.

After a while, Aizen looked at Gin and said: “We should go, although there was an accident, we still have to go to the meeting, especially you. I should call you captain Ichimaru Gin from now on.”

“Compared to captain Aizen, I… No, all the captains in the Gotei 13 don’t have the qualification of that title.”

Gin will be soon promoted to third Division’s captain, but he wasn’t proud, he acted humble in front of Aizen.

Being thought so highly of made Aizen enjoy the praises, he smiled and then leaped away, vanishing from the street along with Gin.

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