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G.O.S.S Chapter 595: Shock!

Because of the Fight between Roja and Zaraki, the surroundings of the Kido corps building were in ruin.

At this time, the Vice Kido Chief was directing the Members of the Kido Corps to clean the destruction and repair what can be repaired.

But the Kido chief who was in his office was squeezing the teacup in his hand.

His forehead was full of cold sweat.

“How can… How can he be so strong, he is still an academy student, moreover, where did he learn Kido above 90?”

“Yes! I should be that fellow Nana Oni (T/N: He just named him seven demon.), it should be that bastard’s doing.”

Nana Oni is the Vice Kido Chief’s name.

Ryu was afraid of Roja taking his position, he was unwilling to be a normal Shinigami after so long, and all of that is caused by Roja, who fought with captain Zaraki Kenpachi.

Roja should gasp 92nd Kido, but he wasn’t as proficient with them as the others.

But Roja’s Reiatsu was formidable compared to him, in addition, he released dozens of Kido with ease.

In addition to that, Roja was a fast learner. It was simply terrifying.

So, he had talent, power, and once he joins the Kido Corps, the position of Grand Kido Chief would go to him almost immediately, which means he would be forced to resign.

“Nobody can get this position from me, no one…”

Taking a deep breath, Ryu clenched his teeth with a gloomy expression as a cold light flashed in his eyes. He already decided.

Shinigami Academy.

The students felt the Reiatsu that resulted from the fight, but they didn’t know what happened. They only thought that someone extremely fierce was fighting in the Soul Society.

Many students were bold enough to guess that a few Captains were fighting.

This made them excited.

A Captain!!

That position was revered, they didn’t dream of reaching such a position; they could only look up to them. Only a few students would have a chance to reach Vice Captain position, let alone a captain.

“Hello, Abarai, do you know who were the two captains that fought?”

“How would I know.”

Abarai directly responded and turned around to leave. He seemed disinterested in this. At the same time, his eyes flashed with suspicion and doubt.

The two Reiatsu were quite strange. One of them seemed familiar, and he even good guesses the person it belonged to.

But is it really him?

It seemed impossible.

Renji shook his head as he didn’t want to think about something that terrifying. But the familiar feeling didn’t disappear. The ideas in his mind didn’t leave his mind making his forehead full of sweat.

It was a captain’s level fight!

Not only Renji, even Iziru felt the same way.

But Hinamori, who was the closest to Roja, didn’t have any doubt, she is certain that one of the two Reiatsus belonged to Roja.

“He can… Already fight a captain?”

Hinamori was looking out of the window and couldn’t help taking a deep breath, her eyes flashed with admiration, but suddenly, she felt worried.

Did something happen that made Roja fight a captain?

Thinking about this, she became even more anxious. Finally, she could no longer sit still and directly rushed out of the classroom.

But when she reached the school’s gate, she runs into Roja.

“Well? Where are you going, Lil’ Shiro?”

Roja saw Hinamori running and immediately stopped and looked at her with surprise before he asked.

Hinamori saw Roja and relaxed, but she was still somewhat anxious, so she couldn’t help asking: “Just… What happened?”

Hearing Hinamori’s words, Roja immediately guessed her thoughts, he couldn’t help but smile: “I’m alright, but something did happen a moment ago… It was like that.”

Roja didn’t conceal anything, as he started walking toward the dormitory with Hinamori.

Hearing that he fought with the 11th division’s captain, Hinamori was shocked.

After a while, she couldn’t help but say: “That captain, Zaraki Kenpachi, how can he bully the weak like that…”


Roja smiled and couldn’t help pinching Hinamori’s nose and said: “What bully the weak, Am I weak? He is a captain, so what?”


If another person said this, Hinamori would only think that they were arrogant, but Roja was different, Roja was the person she admired most. He was someone who had a captain’s level Reiatsu and power, so it wasn’t arrogant of him to say this.

Hinamori seemed infatuated for a moment. After a while, she said embarrassedly: “Oh, you will be a captain sooner or later.”

Roja patted her head and smiled: “I’m slightly tired, I won’t practice today, although I wasn’t injured fighting him, I consumed too much Reiatsu… Right, did you have any difficulty when practicing Kido recently?”

“That… A little bit.”

Hinamori wanted to say that she didn’t, but thinking that she would stay with Roja if she said she did, she immediately changed her mind.

Roja could read her mind like a paper, he felt funny looking at her, but he still led her to the practice field and started tutoring her.

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