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G.O.S.S Chapter 596: Two months.

When Roja fought Zaraki, he displayed the pinnacle of Kido’s power.

The highest Kido that he currently grasps is Hado No.92: Star meteor and the Highest Hado he can use without a chant is Hado No.89.

As for Bakudo, he could use the ones he knew without a chant. But the number was lower than the Hado.

This fight made Roja knew what kind of power he had if he only used Kido, without the Chakra fruit or Sen Maboroshi.

Well, speaking about the fight, or specifically, Zaraki Kenpachi, Zaraki’s real strength or complete strength was extremely abnormal. He was compared to the monsters from a Millennium back, like Unohana Retsu, or more like Unohana Yachiru like she was known at that time. No, he was most likely stronger if he was at full power.

However, because he was so strong, he couldn’t enjoy fighting at all as he would always insta-kill his enemies, which resulted in him learning how to constrain his powers.

Even when he takes his Eye patch, it’s far from what his real strength.

Because of this, Ichigo could fight with Zaraki and win.

In other words, even if Zaraki takes off his eyepatch, his power would only be compared to a Captain who achieved Bankai.

Because of this, Roja didn’t use Sen Maboroshi or the Chakra fruit. Because of this, his power was compared to a captain using Shikai.

“I’m weak compared to Aizen. Aizen without Kyoka Suigetsu, and using only Kaido, he was above many captains…”

Roja returned to his dormitory, after thinking for a while he shook his head. He directly took out Sen Maboroshi.

Only practicing Kido is boring, but it helped him hide his ability.

He could sense that Sen Maboroshi’s evolution is about half complete.

When the evolution is complete, he will grasp the power of Hollow as well. It’s like he would transcend.

At the time Roja was thinking about this, Yamamoto was angry Zaraki, who was in front of him.

“Using a captain’s Reiatsu in the Soul Society is just causing trouble deliberately… Zaraki, are you listening to me?!!”


Zaraki pulled his finger from his ear as he looked at Yamamoto.

Yamamoto was going crazy, but he couldn’t do anything to Zaraki, because, soul society has rules, and those rules prevent captains from using Bankai recklessly, which didn’t apply for Zaraki.

Zaraki was a freak, he can’t use Bankai or Shikai, but his Reiatsu was as strong as a captain using Bankai.

This made Yamamoto very depressed. He couldn’t come with anything to punish Zaraki and could only reprimand him with words that seemed useless as Zaraki wasn’t listening.

After calming down, Yamamoto spoke again.

“Now I will make an announcement… The new captain of the Third Division position will be taken by Vice-Captain Ichimaru Gin.”

“Please take care of me.”

Gin put on the captain’s Haori while smiling at the other captains.

One needs a few conditions to become a captain. The first is passing the captain’s test, the second a recommendation of the captain he was under, and third the approval of the other three captains.

Ichimaru Gin walked forward with manners.

He was a captain, so he must be well mannered. Some captains smiled at him while others just seemed to not pay attention at all.

After greeting them, suddenly Gin said: “Well, although I’m a captain, I feel like I will lose this position at any time.”

At these words, the captains narrowed their eyes, because even though Gin wasn’t pointing it out directly, the meaning was clear.

Without a doubt, he meant that people with talent, like Roja, would be able to take the seat from them after graduating.

The Gotei 13’s captains’ positions were completely full, so if someone wants to get that position, the only way left is to challenge a captain.

Gin’s words made the captain’s hearts feel cold. They knew Roja’s power, and if Roja wants to be a captain, he can select a captain and challenge him.


Yamamoto hit his stick on the floor and said: “Let’s reconsider that later.”

Gin smiled and walked back to his position.

Two months passed since the fight between Roja and Zaraki.

In these two months, Roja could finally use Hado No.90 without a chant.

In the first half a month, he could only use it with half the chant, and later he finally could use the Kurohitsugi without chant.

In these two months, Roja could use Hado No.90 and 91 without chant, and Bakudo No.88 to 90 without a chant as well.

Using Kido above 90 without a chant is a threshold, and anyone who passes it can be considered a true expert. Now he had the power of a captain using Bankai with only Kido.

Naturally, Roja’s Reiatsu was far stronger than normal captains, even if he uses only captain’s level Reiatsu, he would be able to fight Byakuya like nothing.

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