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G.O.S.S Chapter 597: Inspection!

“I didn’t think that we would have to fight Hollows for our graduation exam!”

“Yes, although I wanted to fight a Hollow for some time now, I didn’t think I would have that chance so quickly.”

The second grades of the Shinigami academy were gathering from many classes.

Some of them were excited, and some were slightly worried. A few were fearful as they recalled their last experience in the human world, the Menos Grande. Even though they were stronger than last time, they still feared that kind of accident.

Kira Iziru and the others were here as well, last time, they couldn’t do anything against the Menos Grande, but they didn’t want to feel like that again. They will take the exam and graduate no matter what.

“With the Gotei 13 providing protection, there shouldn’t be any danger like last time…”

Kira spoke suddenly.

Although this was just the second grade’s graduation, Shinigami’s from the Gotei 13 were present to protect them from any accident. If there is a possibility of someone dying, they would directly interfere.

“Without danger, how are we to become great Shinigamis.” Renji directly yawned and looked at Kira: “Kira, you aren’t afraid, are you.”

“When was I afraid?”

Kira looked at Renji and gravely said.

But at this time, Roja was smiling and said to Hinamori beside him: “Lil Shiro, are you a little bit afraid.”


Hinamori mumbled, and Roja laughed: “You have my word, even if we meet a Menos Grande, you won’t be in danger.”

“Also, don’t hesitate to rely on me if you’re facing something dangerous.” Roja smiled and gently patted Hinamori’s head.

Hinamori was slightly embarrassed, and Roja smiled, seeing that. She finally said: “If the situation doesn’t involve a Menos Grande… I will be able to cope with other Hollows.”

“Right? This time, you will get your share of real fights.”

Roja smiled. Last time, the Hollows that were used for training were designed by Aizen, which he deliberately made them attract Menos Grande. But most of the people present could face these Hollows now.

This time, they would be fighting against real Hollows, so they will move together and then form squads…

The normal student of the academy won’t be able to fight Hollows now, but the classes selected were the elite of the students, with Roja at the top of everyone there. They were the backbone of the Gotei 13 in the future. Naturally, their graduation should be different.

“Um, I won’t disappoint you this time, Roja, absolutely not.”

Hinamori smiled brightly, which was really adorable.

Suddenly, the noisy classroom was silenced as Shinigamis wearing official clothing, entered the classroom, and started talking.


“We are the team from the Gotei 13 tasked to protect you in case of any danger to your lives, and we’re responsible for your graduation test.”

They were sixth seated officers from the 10th division. As soon as they entered, they released their Reiatsu, which made the classroom fall into silence. Only a few in the class had stronger Reiatsu.

“What a powerful Reiatsu…”

“This is what an officer of Gotei 13 feels like?”

Most of the students saw other high-ranking officers before, like vice-captains and captains, but as high-ranking officers, they wouldn’t release their Reiatsu for anything.

Not to mention a captain, even a vice-captain, would crush most students if he released his Reiatsu.

Although there was a large disparity between the sixth seated officers and vice-captains, releasing their Reiatsu inside a closed room like this made them seem powerful.

It was good to do this, because the majority of the students present had level four Reiatsu talent, and there are even those that had level five, they could withstand the pressure, but this would make them less arrogant.

Seeing that the pressure made many students awed, the officer’s mouth raised in a proud smile as he took back his Reiatsu.

“Let’s not talk too much. Now I will explain what the test is about.”

“It is similar to the Hollow simulation, and we will go to the human world, to an arranged location, and use the Hollow bait to attract Hollows…”

Hearing the Hollow bait, the students were startled as most of them knew what it was.

This was around small objects that once it was crushed, it would attract Hollows from Hueco Mundo. There was no limit to what hollow will appear, as even a Menos Grande can appear due to it.

That’s why the Hollow bait was strictly controlled by the Soul Society.

Hearing this, Roja’s eyes were slightly narrowed.

They want to use a Hollow Bait. Roja didn’t know what the reason behind this was. Normally, with the power he revealed, Aizen wouldn’t test him in this method again.

“Are you surprised? Yes, we will use Hollow Bait, and we will strictly control the amount used so that we don’t attract too many Hollows. And with us here, it wouldn’t be as dangerous because if a stronger Hollow appears, we’ll deal with it…”

“Naturally, there is danger, after all, you will be fighting hollows. Don’t get killed before the rescue arrives at your location, be careful.”

The first half of the officer’s words made the atmosphere alleviate, but the other half made all the students anxious.

Seeing their faces, the officer curled his lips, he once was a student of the academy, but it was long ago.

He had heard about the monstrous talent of once student in the first class.

He heard that he fought against Zaraki Kenpachi, the captain of the 11th division, and they were evenly matched, the first thing he said was, are you kidding me?!!

Afterward, he found out that it was true, so he remembered the name of this person.


He had level six Reiatsu talent, Kido talent… He was a monster.

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