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G.O.S.S Chapter 598: The Gate Collapses!

For this graduation, each class would have a squad from the Gotei 13 led by a Sixth seated officer from the 11th division.

Besides them, there are two squads from the Kido Corps who was responsible for opening the gates toward the human world.

Some of the Gotei 13 may not know Roja, but the Kido Corps shinigamis did know him and were awed. The ones from the 11th division who knew him whispered to each other.

“He is the monster student who fought our captain?”

“It’s just a rumor, probably.”

Several Shinigamis looked at Roja in the crowd and didn’t believe that he would be able to fight with their captain.

Their thoughts were natural, as they looked at Zaraki as a monster, who would be able to fight against him and not be chopped down by his sword.

“Everybody§ Be prepared. We’re about to leave.”

The leader looked at the students and nodded toward the Kido corps members to open the gate.

As the gate opened, the leader and his team stepped in first, followed by the other squads.

Afterward, the student started going through the gate one after the other.

The squads each led a class so the students won’t end up in some unknown places.

This wasn’t the first time for the students to go through the gate, so they were talking to each other until they reach the human world.

Roja and Hinamori were walking in the middle of the students. Behind them walked Renji and Iziru.

“Roja, don’t go killing Hollows.”

Renji walked toward Roja and said: “If you do, we may not be able to get any at all.”

“You can’t.”

Roja shrugged. It’s already his turn to enter the gate out with Hinamori.

However, as soon as they were going through the gate, space started to ripple around and was about to collapse.

“This isn’t good.”

“This is bad.”

The shinigami from the Gotei 13 saw this, and their faces changed and started running forward and shouting for the students to retreat.

The space ripple wasn’t broad, it was about 45 meters in diameter, but it covered Roja, Hinamori, and the others.

Looking at this, Renji and Iziru were stunned in their place as they felt helpless as the Reishi and Space started to collapse, but a Shinigami grabbed them from behind and rescued them.

But they couldn’t get to Roja and Hinamori, as a space vortex already formed around them.

Hinamori was helpless. She could only look around while she grabbed Roja’s arms with fear all over her face.

Roja was also surprised by this. He didn’t think something like this would happen.

“Interesting, does someone want to exile me to some unknown space? It isn’t like Aizen to do this…”

Roja took a deep breath as Reiatsu erupted from his body. He stopped the space from collapsing momentarily, and directly pushed Hinamori out of the gate.

Hinamori that was pushed suddenly looked behind and saw Roja staying back.

She couldn’t do anything at all.


Hinamori saw that Roja stayed behind, and suddenly the gate flashed and directly vanished.

At this moment, inside the Senkaimon, the Shinigamis didn’t know what to do, and the ones from the 11th division’s faces were distorted.

“This… How could space suddenly collapse…”

After several moments, the Shinigamis recovered and cursed angrily.

The gate collapsing didn’t happen in general, it was a really low chance.

When they were angry about this, some were awed by what they saw. Under normal conditions, there was no way to stop space from collapsing, but Renji and the others felt the Reiatsu and saw Roja stopping the collapse and directly pushing Hinamori out.

This alone can attest to how strong Roja was.

“He is worthy of being our captain’s opponent. He can even penetrate the space with his Reiatsu.”

“Oh… The matter was so unexpected, but he still could respond so quickly.”

The shinigami from the 11th division was somewhat uncomfortable. They were clear that if given another second, Roja would’ve been able to pass the gate directly toward the human world.

But now that space collapsed, even if he had a formidable Reiatsu to withstand the turbulent space flow, no one knew where he would end up.

If he was lucky, he won’t end up in Hueco Mundo, or not in a dangerous location there with hundreds of Menos Grande, because even if he was as strong as a captain, he wouldn’t be able to survive.

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