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G.O.S.S Chapter 599: Darkness

In the Human world, Hinamori was looking at the empty sky while tears were flowing out of eyes. If she knew how to open a gate, she would’ve already rushed in.

The appearance of Hinamori and the gate vanishing made the students and the officers there shocked.

“Hey!! What the matter over there?”

Hearing the angry shout from the Shinigami leader, the Kido corps members looked at each other and directly sad.

“There is a sudden situation, we don’t know what happened, but an unclear Reiatsu suddenly erupted, causing the gate to collapse midway…”

The Kido Corps Member answered while looking aside.

The officer’s brow wrinkled, he thought that something wasn’t right. He was planning to continue questioning, but the gate was about to open again.

Several Shinigamis run out as soon as the gate opened.

“What is the situation?”

The officer couldn’t clearly tell the cause of the accident. He didn’t understand how could the gate collapse.

The Shinigamis from the 11th division looked ugly, one of them said: “Space collapsed in a small range of 45 meters, four people were affected, we rescued two of them, one of the students forcefully ripped open the space and directly pushed another student out…”

Here, the Shinigami couldn’t help look at the tear-stained face of Hinamori.

The officer took a deep breath and immediately said: “In other words, only one person was affected, but this person is… This is trouble!”

He revealed a forced smile. If Roja was lucky, he would fall in soul society or the Human world if he was to fall into a dangerous place and perish, it would be their responsibility.

The Shinigami shuddered at the thought.

Hinamori was anxiously looking at the gate, when Roja didn’t come out, she nearly fainted.

Iziru held her, and his expression was serious, he could only comfort her: “Roja is strong, he could deliver you safely even in that situation, he will be okay.”

“But, if he didn’t save me…”

Hinamori was still crying, she looked at the gate vanishing and bit her lips.

No matter what, she wants to meet Roja again.

The news about the talented student that appeared once in hundreds of years, the one to fight Zaraki Kenpachi as a student and held his ground, was involved in a space collapse that caused the Soul Society great turbulence.

Yamamoto was flying in rage as he ordered all the division to search for Roja’s trail in Soul society and the Human world. But they couldn’t find any trace of his Reiatsu.

It was as if Roja completely vanished.

“Do anything!”

After Zaraki heard the news, his face was cold, he was angry, the guy he could fight as he wants, vanished in a space collapse which means they can’t conclude their fight.

But Aizen’s face was inexplicable after hearing the news.

“Making the gate cause a space Collapse, who would do that? However, just this wouldn’t’ be efficient to put him into a deathtrap…”

Roja, who was missing, was actually in a jet black space.

It seemed like the crevice of the world, but Roja knew it wasn’t the one he arrived to last time, it was a place that seemed to have no concept of space or time.

“A space collapsing by chance hit me? No… even though Aizen could do this, he wasn’t someone who would do such a thing, he was scheming, but he won’t kill his opponent like this, if I guess right, it should be the Grand Kido Chief.”

In the dark world, Roja lowered his head as he muttered while he sneered.

From the time he revealed his power, the Grand Kido chief, who was a minor character, made things difficult for him.

The method of opening the gate wasn’t difficult, compared to other Kido, it was a piece of cake.

He attempted to open a gate here, but to his surprise, a gate can’t be opened here.

Shaking his head, Roja releasing his perception to look at this dark place, and couldn’t find the end of this place, then he casually selected a direction and flew to see if there is a boundary to this place.

It seems like there is no way to leave this place with normal methods, with a thought, he retrieved his body from Sen Maboroshi’s space, and his soul returned to his body.

He can rip open space. He could move let alone leaving this place, he could even leave the crevice of the Shinigami’s world, although it was difficult, it was if he compared it to Naruto and One Piece’s worlds.

When Roja is at full power, space was something frail.

Roja’s hand erupted with terrifying power as he ripped open space and disregarded the space principle of the world, he directly moved inside the fissure he caused and vanished.

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