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G.O.S.S Chapter 600: Invisible Empire!

Coming out of the jet-black place, Roja was lost in thoughts.

He was in the center of a very big room, in the center of the room, a very big bunk with pink bedding was on display.

Roja felt that this room belonged to a young girl, but he could tell that this wasn’t Soul Society.

It was similar, but it still wasn’t a soul society.

Hueco Mundo?


The Hueco Mundo doesn’t have any place like this, so where is this?

Roja could tell that he was in the Shinigami world.

But as he released his senses, he was stunned by the world that was revealed to him.

In the next instant, the door to this room was pushed open. Entering was a girl’s body dripping wet covered by a white bath towel. As soon as she entered, she stopped in her place, and her eyes met Roja’s, she stared for a bit then was stunned.

Roja thought that this was a very serious matter and directly talked.

“Don’t ask why I’m here. It was an accident.”


The girl revealed a face full of anger and shame as a terrifying Reiatsu was released from her body.


With the Reiatsu, her bath towel was directly annihilated, and radiant light glittered from her body. The light suddenly moved toward Roja like an arrow.

It seems that while she seemed like a little girl, her Reiatsu and power isn’t inferior to the captains from the Gotei 13.

Roja, surprisingly for the girl, brought a hand in front of him and grabbed the light and pinched it gently, making a Puchi sound and directly dispersed it.

“I said it was an accident. You don’t need to start killing directly.”

Roja moved forward in front of the girl.

The young girl was looking at Roja with shock as her eyes were as big as a plate.

“This… How did you…?!!”


Roja looked at the girl strangely.

The girl recovered from her shock and was once again angry, she clenched her teeth and brought her hands together, once again gathering Reishi.

“It doesn’t matter how you stopped my attack… You will die.”

More than ten arrows that weren’t stably formed. The arrows could explode at any time, but she still released them toward Roja.

Roja raised his brows, he once again put his hand in front of him, and like a fire meeting water, the arrows were directly dispersed.

This time, the girl’s mind was in chaos; she even retreated several steps as she looked at Roja.

“That’s impossible!! What’re you made of?!”

“Nothing, I just sent out Reiatsu stronger than the one you attacked with and directly dispersed your attack.”

Roja touched his chin as he recalled Zaraki doing something like this before.

“That’s impossible!!”

The girl was shocked and clenched her teeth, as the Reishi around them erupted due to her anger.

Roja looked at this and directly started walking toward her at a moderate pace before he reached her body and put a hand on her shoulder.

Roja wasn’t just a soul; he had his body, which was stronger than anything in this world.

Roja directly forcibly contained the erupted Reishi and said.

“Don’t cause a ruckus. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand and say that I did something to you.”

Roja’s expression was pensive. His hand was just gently resting on her shoulder. He was sure that the girl wasn’t a Shinigami; she had a mortal body.

In the Shinigami world, the ones who could use Reishi and these strange abilities are the Quincy.

Moreover, looking at the Reiatsu she released, which was as strong as a captain’s, she is far from being a normal Quincy.

Observing her face and body, Roja guessed who she was.

She was Bambietta Basterbine.

A Sternritter, codenamed ‘E’, her ability is the Explode.

Since he guessed who she is, he could now guess where he was, and he was actually in Quincy’s empire, Wandenreich!

Bambietta Basterbine was shocked by Roja’s ability to actually calm down the Reishi around them when she tried to use it. Her anger was replaced by panic right now.

At present, this man can, without getting any injury, suppress her completely, which was bad.

“You… Who are you?!”

“Finally, you understand, um, I’m a student in the Shinigami academy, a second-grade student named Roja.”

Roja saw that Bambietta Basterbine was finally listening and couldn’t help but smile.

Bambietta Basterbine opened her mouth as an angry expression once again appeared on her face.

“What a joke!”

The Wandenreich was hiding in the Soul Society’s shadow, all the Quincy understood the soul society they understood the power of the Shinigami academy as well, and she herself knew it really well.

This person could suppress her, claims to be a student in the academy. If that was right, then they can’t attack the soul society. They should just live their lives, not throw them away.

“I didn’t say any joke.”

Roja revealed a serious expression.

Bambietta Basterbine suddenly remembering something important, she wasn’t wearing any clothes. She quickly moved toward the bed a covered herself with the bedsheet.

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The Rain Village, Main Building.

Tsunade didn’t look older, she was sitting behind the Kage’s desk, while Konoha was working on some documents beside her, and she also didn’t change much.

Naito was sitting there relaxed on a chair in front of the desk, holding a cup of tea.

“So, Konoha invite us to participate in the Chunin Joint Exam they’re holding? It’s kind of interesting.”

An arrogant grin smug appeared on Naito’s face. This sentence made Tsunade and Konan fall into a bit of strange silence. Why would a Chunin Joint Exam held by Konoha be interesting to Naito?

Not a lot of things interests Naito; even the selection of a new Hokage won’t make him particularly concerned.

“It’s set to be held after two months, then are we participating?”

Tsunade rested her arms on the table, held her hands together, and then gently looked at Naito, and asked.

This kind of thing should be her decision, but Naito suddenly came to her office, so she would naturally ask for his opinion.

“What do you mean?”

With a chuckle that no one could understand, Naito looked at Tsunade and asked her this question.

Tsunade pondered for a while, then she said with a stern expression: “If we’re going to participate, then we shouldn’t do just do it for the sake of participating, we should win the tournament. Over the years, you have gradually faded out of the picture. Our Village is no longer considered as strongest, even the number of tasks that were entrusted to us has been reduced a lot.”

“Missions are the backbone of a village, the Rain Village needs to be known for its strong elite Shinobis. It’s bad for us to make you do all the work…”

Tsunade carefully analyzed the situation, and although she mentioned Naito several times, she actually threw him out of the equation.

Because adding him to anything will actually solve the equation. With a word from Naito, everything can be solved.

“I agree with what Tsunade-Sama has just said.”

Silently standing aside, Naito nodded gently, even though he was the God of Shinobi, who would dare to ask him to do tasks?

Strong Jonin ninjas are the backbone of a village.

“Then, let’s participate.”

Naito took a sip out of his tea and said with a smile on his face: “We will let Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin join.”


Tsunade, who was just taking a sip out of her water, spitted it all on the documents in front of her the moment she heard Naito’s words.

He’s gonna make Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin join the Chunin Exam?!

Tsunade widened her eyes and sat there, while Konan next to her was stunned.

It was clear that the strength of this trio is beyond the level of any Chunin, and Naito actually wants them to form a team?!

If this trio joins the Exam, no one else will walk alive out of it!

“What’s the problem? As long as I remember, Haku and Kimimaro were never promoted to the Chunin Rank, and Karin didn’t even become a Genin.”

Naito took another sip and said faintly.

“This guy…”

Tsunade was speechless. If he didn’t seem serious to her, she would have thought that he was joking. So she couldn’t help but consider it.

Tsunade took a deep breath, then nodded, “Alright, they will be a big surprise to the world, but… who’s gonna lead the team?”

Speaking of which, Tsunade seemed a little bit hesitant.

To participate in the Exam, a team leader is required. In this case, who will lead the trio’s team?!

At present, the only person who can lead this team is Tsunade, Konan, Kushina, and Naito. Others are simply not qualified to lead while Kimimaro is in a team.

“It’s okay, just let me do it.”

Naito took another sip, then said casually.

Upon hearing this, Konan, who was going to pour one more tea for Naito, suddenly froze.

Naito will personally lead the team?!

A team that Kimimaro, Haku, and Karin in?!

Are they gonna take the Chunin Exam, or are they planning to wipe out Konoha?!

Although Kimimaro and Haku are only Genin, Karin isn’t even a Genin, but these are only their ranks on the papers. In reality, they were the Anbu forces of the Rain Village, who directly serves under Tsunade!

After their strength stepped into the Kage Level, Naito specially added this rank in the Rain Village. But so far, only Haku, Kimimaro, and Karin have been selected for this position.

And when more Rain Shinobi join in, they will be… Anbu Commanders!

The Rain Village has canceled the Anbu department, but they were qualified to be in that position with their strength. Only those tasks that are particularly difficult to handle will be taken by the trios to deal with.

If those three join the Chunin Exam with Naito as the team leader, it will be a little too exaggerated. Even Tsunade felt stunned hearing this.

“Naito… Are you sure about this?”

“It just doesn’t matter. But I will also get the chance to see Hinata’s recent progress, it seems that she will also take this Exam, so isn’t this convenient enough?”

Naito stood up, shrugged, then turned away.

Feeling stunned for a while, Tsunade shook her head helplessly and said, “Forget it, it will be fine…”


Shinobi World, in an unknown location.

It was a hilly desolated area, and among these hills, there was a huge cave.

Inside the cave, Black Zetsu, who was attached to unknown Shinobi, stood there, with a cold flashing light in his eyes.

At this time, White Zetsu rose out of the ground and said: “Indra’s successors are always easy to manipulate, but Ashura’s always seem to be the issue.”

White Zetsu’s face showed a helpless expression, he spread his hands and said: “Ashura’s reincarnate, Uzumaki Naruto, is kind of an idiot, it will be difficult to manipulate him for now.”

“What happened to Uchiha Itachi?” Black Zetsu said with a somber expression.

White Zetsu shook his head, “You were clear about his situation, we will use him to get our hands on Sasuke, for now, everything seems fine.”


Black Zetsu nodded, then suddenly clenched his teeth, and said, “Damn this, we shouldn’t have exposed the Rinnegan. That guy, Naito, we couldn’t manipulate him into collecting the Bijuu after getting the Rinnegan… He obviously didn’t become the Juubi’s Jinchuriki, but he actually possesses the power of the Six Paths…”

Speaking of which, Black Zetsu’s eyes flashed with a deep sense of fear, he actually didn’t have any idea how Naito has actually possessed the power of the Six Paths.

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