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G.O.S.S Chapter 601: Sternritter

While she moved to cover herself, her mind was working too fast to understand the current situation.

Why did a Shinigami appear here?

Was the Wandenreich exposed?

Just this thought alone made Bambietta Basterbine’s heart sink.

“Why are you here? What is your goal?” Bambietta Basterbine calmed down and directly asked.

“I said before, I had an accident, as for goal… I do have one, but I don’t need to tell you.”

Roja didn’t care as he tried using his perception to see the center of the Wandenreich.

Roja could feel many powerful presences that weren’t inferior to the Gotei 13’s captains or even stronger.

But deep inside the center, he felt an aura that even someone like him had his heart turn cold as he felt it.

Even his instinct told him that there was a threat to him, Roja could guess that it was Yhwach.

Roja narrowed his eyes as he couldn’t feel anything else about Yhwach, he could only tell that he was strong from the outside but weak from the inside.

He can tell that Yhwach was far from his peak.

Bambietta Basterbine was trying to release some Reishi to send information to the others. Roja felt this clearly, and directly moved inside the room and stopped the Reishi from going out.

“What are you doing? This here is our personal space, don’t let others disturb us, don’t you agree?”

Roja smiled, but he didn’t release any momentum, but Bambietta Basterbine was afraid nonetheless.

After saying this, Roja continued to spread his since in the city.

Other than Yhwach himself, no one should be able to feel his presence.

But Roja could tell an accident is about to happen, and his eyes directly turned toward the door.

The door was directly shoved open, revealing four pretty figures.

They were impressively all from the Sternritter. The first one was Liltotto Lamperd, Codenamed G, the Glutton. The second one was Meninas McAllon, codenamed P, the power. The third one was Candice Catnipp, codenamed T, The thunderbolt. And the final one was Giselle Gewelle, codenamed Z, the Zombie.

As soon as they entered, they were greeted with the sight of Bambietta under the bed sheet without clothes not far away from Roja.

“Oh? Bambietta, what’s is going on?”

“Is it possible that Bambietta is becoming an adult?!”

The four girls made an exaggerated expression. They knew Bambietta very well and knew that she wouldn’t invite any guy into her room, but what they saw was something else.

It seemed like they couldn’t understand what happened.

“Oh, this is becoming a headache.”

Roja walked toward them while pinching the bridge of his nose.

The girls were going to tease Bambietta. They knew that Roja wasn’t a member of the Sternritter, so they disregarded him completely, but hearing Roja’s words, Candice raised her eyebrows while looking at him.

“What courage, you dare interrupt us?”

Because he was here, they thought he was some subordinates of one of the Sternritter.

Roja looked at Candice and said: “I can’t interrupt? This is a very interesting issue, but aren’t you the one interrupting?”

Candice’s face directly changed; she didn’t think that Roja would dare talk back to her.

Liltotto and the other directly laughed at this.

“Hey, hey, Bambietta, where did you find this fellow.”

“Pu hahahahaha, this is hilarious, Candice!!”

The girls were laughing at Candice, while the latter was angry, no one noticed Bambietta’s expression.


Candice angrily pulled her hand back and directly wanted to slap Roja.

But it wasn’t a normal slap. She directly condensed Reiatsu, which turned to lightning as it moved toward Roja.

This was a full-powered strike. She wanted to kill him.

For Candice and the others, a subordinate can be disposed of without any repercussions.

But Candice’s eyes suddenly widened at the next instant.

She saw as Roja raised his hand facing the lightning and extinguish it by pinching it as if it was a small snake.

Liltotto and the others stopped laughing suddenly as they looked at Roja with shock.

“He can stop Candice’s lightning empty-handed…”

“Who is this fellow? I don’t remember anyone from Sternritter like him.”

They tried to sense Roja’s Reiatsu, but they couldn’t feel anything.

Candice saw that Roja casually nullified her lightning was startled, and she became angry due to this. She coldly said: “No wonder you dare interrupt us, you have a bit of power… However, I will let you witness the power of Strenritter.”

Candice brought both hands together, and thunder started dancing on her hand. Seeing this, the other girls directly retreated to avoid getting hit.

But, in the next instance, Roja moved forward and directly grasped Candice’s hands. Under Roja’s gaze, she was panicking.

After grabbing her hands, Roja absorbed the lightning on her hand forcibly.

“What a headache, a child shouldn’t play with electricity.”

As he absorbed the lightning, he pinched the bridge of his nose as he said.

The girls were shocked at this and couldn’t react to what they saw.

If Roja blocking her lightning before was shocking, this without a doubt was terrifying.

“Really now…”

From the start till the moment, Bambietta didn’t speak at all and seeing this, her heart sunk.

The power Roja displayed wasn’t normal.

But such a formidable person coming here, what is his goal?

Even so, the experts in the Wandenreich were everywhere. Although Roja was powerful, as long as they can transmit a message asking for help, he won’t be able to get away.

Except for his Majesty, nobody can resist the encirclement of the Sternritter.

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