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G.O.S.S Chapter 602: Shock all over Wandenreich!

“You… Who are you?!”

Candice was once again shocked; she couldn’t help looking at Roja and asking sternly.

Roja touched his chin and said: “Who I’m is unimportant. I’d like to ask you to stay peaceful for a while.”

“What a joke.”

Candice clenched her teeth as Reishi started gathering around her body.

The other three were the same as well. They directly prepared to join the battle and takedown Roja together.

“Although we don’t know who you are, you are an enemy. You don’t carry any trace of Quincy in your blood.”

“No wonder Bambietta invited you, you seem to be well trained.”

The four seemed to regain their confidence again as they started chattering.

Bambietta wasn’t calm; she was furious.

“Idiots!! Focus on him!!”

“Oh, don’t be angry…”

Bambietta glared angrily at them, but there was a trace of a smile on her face.

They started to get noisy, which made Roja snap his finger, making a black substance condense in front of him and form a Truth-seeking ball.

Although they were prepared and wanted to dodge, they couldn’t do anything against Roja’s attack. A black sphere suddenly penetrated Giselle’s chest.

“You’re too noisy.”

Roja said with indifference!

Candice and the others directly moved away from Giselle instead of jointly attacking Roja as if they were avoiding something.

Giselle looked down at her chaste dazed before she looked at Roja without the slightest pain in her eyes and said.

“Really, can’t you be gentle?”

“Here it comes again!”

“It doesn’t make a difference to you.”

Candice and others directly looked at Giselle unhappily.

Giselle was codenamed Z, and her ability was the Zombie. She is nearly immortal, and anyone who gets touched by her blood will turn into a zombie.

Because of this, Candice and the others directly avoided her so they won’t get stained with her blood.

Roja was quite far away, and it was impossible for the blood to reach him. So Giselle looked at Roja and said: “I still can’t die. Maybe if you attacked again, I would die.”

Candice and the others tried to make Roja approach her.

But Roja didn’t move, he just looked at her with an indifferent expression and said: “Once more? I don’t think that’s necessary. Are you sure… that you can’t die?”


Giselle was stunned for a moment before her face suddenly changed; she finally felt it. She was horrified by the force of destruction that penetrated her.

If it wasn’t for her ability, her body would’ve collapsed as soon as she was attacked, but even with her self-recovery, the power of destruction was destroying her little by little.


With widened eyes, Giselle finally panicked, she frantically urged her healing ability to force the power of destruction out, but no use.

The hole in her chest started to expand inch by inch. In one breath, her entire body turned to dust and scattered all over the place.

Sternritter, Giselle, the zombie… died!

This made Candice and the others shocked, they waited for Giselle to trap Roja and turn him into a zombie. They didn’t think that Giselle would die.

“… Dead?”

“Hello, Giselle, don’t joke around.”

They looked in disbelief. They knew Giselle’s ability, even if her heart was destroyed, it could be restored easily.

But now, they tried sensing Giselle’s Reiatsu, but nothing could be found. Giselle was really dead.

“You three still want to be noisy?!”

Roja turned his head and looked at Candice and the others.

The girl’s foreheads were filled with cold sweat as they were no longer calm, they were alarmed and afraid.

I front of Roja. They felt real danger, one that they knew that if they do something he didn’t like, they die.

Knowing this, the three of them no longer dared to be hostile to Roja; they directly erupted their Reiatsu and moved back at an alarming speed.

Seeing them rushed out of the door, Roja lifted his hand before he shook his head slightly.


“I killed a Sternitter; in any case, it already alarmed Yhwach. Well, let me see your current power.”

Roja took a deep breath as he looked at the center of the city.

After a while, several terrifying Reiatsu shot to the sky, and they were formidable compared to Candice and the others.

The Reiatsu was moving toward Roja.

At this moment, Roja’s existence was exposed to all of Wandenreich, because of a Sternitter’s death.

“This… his majesty’s advisor, Jugram…”

Several Reiatsus erupted, covering the entire city. Although Bambietta was one of the Sternritter, she can’t be compared to Jugram Haschwalth, the advisor of Yhwach.

At this moment, the entire city was in shock from the Reiatsu.

Several Reiatsu ones after the other started erupting. Each one belonged to one of the Sternritter members.

Bambietta felt this and directly looked at Roja and said: “Do you sense this? Sternritter has discovered you, you should’ve escaped earlier, but it’s too late now.”


Roja sneered. At this time, he looked like he was above anyone else. He looked like a King, looking at everything with arrogance.

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