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G.O.S.S Chapter 603: Amaterasu!

“Someone entered Wandenreich and killed one of the Sternritter…”

In the palace, Jugram Haschwalth was looking at the entire city with an eagle eye view. He looked coldly while exuding the bearing of a general.

His expression was gloomy as he thought: ‘His majesty didn’t restore much of his power, and someone entering Wandeneich isn’t good news.

If Wandenreich was discovered by Soul Society, then we would have to fight them ahead of time, we don’t fear the Gotei 13, but the Squad Zero was another matter.

Without his majesty, our odds of winning are small.’

“If the balance is tilted, we can only restore it again.”

Jugram muttered.

While Yhwach is asleep, he was the emperor of Wandenreich. Even while Yhwach is asleep, he can still give him power.

He directly informed all the Sternritter to move toward Roja’s location, and after that, he moved there himself.

At this time, Bambietta was looking at Roja with astonishment.

Facing the entire Sternritter, this man didn’t seem to care at all. He thought that he could face all of the Sternritter?!

What a joke.

Even if he was strong, he wouldn’t be able to face the sternritter. He is crazy if he thought he could fight all of them.

Seeing that Roja didn’t have any intention to leave, Bambietta didn’t talk much anymore. She didn’t think he can face the entire Sternritter, but she couldn’t do anything at the moment.

After a while, the Reiatsus got close to their location.

“A Sternritter was killed? What a useless fella, making us, Sternritters, lose face.”

A person with a sharp mouth and an unruly expression looked at Roja coldly and said: “Is this the one? He doesn’t look like much!”

He was Bazz-B!

Bazz-B codenamed H, The Heat!

He wasn’t the only one to arrive. Another one was with him, he didn’t glance at Roja at all, as he talked to Bazz-B.

“After he killed a Sternritter, you should be careful, Bazz-B, I won’t have to save you later that way.”

Nianzol Weizol codenamed W, The Wind.

Bazz-B directly snorted: “Shut up!! You talk too much. Do you want to fight!”

During their bickering, the third one arrived and yelled at the two: “What are you two doing! Sir Jugram ordered that we capture him alive and interrogate him, don’t let him run!”

Gerard Valkyrie, codenamed M, The Miracle!

Like that, three Strenritter arrived, and the other three, Candice, Liltotto, and Meninas, returned after retreating in fear. The Reiatsu of the six Sternritter locked on Roja.

“There are too many of us here, he is only one person, we can’t divide, so I will go first.”

Buzz-B looked at the others. He sighed before he suddenly stamped his foot on the ground and disappeared.


The Shinigami’s got Shunpo, and the Hollow had Sonido, this was the version used by Quincy.

In a flash, Buzz-B arrived behind Roja and pointed his finger at him, and directly fire shot out.

“Burner Finger 1!”

Facing the fire attack, Roja didn’t move, with a thought, the Truth-Seeking ball emerged and directly stopped the flame.

The flames couldn’t do a thing to the Truth-Seeking ball and vanished, leaving behind a trail of smoke.

“That’s all?”

Roja looked at Buzz-B taunting him.

Seeing that his attack didn’t do anything, and hearing Roja’s taunt, he became angry.

“This is just the start since you’re eager to die. I will fulfill your wish!”

“Burner Full Fingers!”

Buzz-B put both hands in front of him as flame erupted toward Roja.

The flames directly crushed at Roja, making a loud explosion as the place got hotter, and the ground started to melt.

Looking at this, Gerard Valkyrie said: “Hey, Hey, Buzz-B, if we kill him, how are we going to accomplish our orders.”

However, before he could even finish, his words stuck to his throat.

Facing the flames, Roja waved his hand and directly swept it away.

The Sternritters present were shocked completely.

“You disappoint me, is this all you’ve got, and I here I thought the Sternritter were great. I don’t have time to waste here.”

Roja’s voice fell, and suddenly the flames turned get-black.

Since someone was playing with fire in front of him, he would show him true flames.


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