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G.O.S.S Chapter 604: Roja Vs the Sternritter!

The Amaterasu Roja used wasn’t anything like the one Itachi or any Uchiha used before, it was fused with the power of the Six Path and Ryujin Jakka.

If Roja wanted, he could even use it along with Zanka no Tachi’s temperature, to render the entire Wandenreich to a pit of fire.

The Flame directly latched itself onto Buzz-B’s body.


Seeing the flames, Buzz-B was startled at first, but then he laughed in disdain. His ability was the Heat. The flame has no effect on him.

But as he wanted to extinguish the flame with his power, nothing happened, he started to panic and directly tried using his own flames. To his fear, his own flames couldn’t do anything at all.

Even his Reiatsu was getting burned.


The terrifying heat covered Buzz-B’s body. He could only shout and yell as he released all of his power, trying to push the flames away.

But nothing he did bore any result; he could push it away or extinguish it.

The flames continued to burn, nothing stopped it, be it his flesh, blood, or Reiatsu, everything was burned. His flames were nothing compared to the black fire.

Buzz-B tried everything, he wanted to get rid of the flames but to no avail. His body started burning from outside out as his figure was completely black.

The other Sternritter looked at this with different expressions. One of them even tried to get the flames away from Buzz-B, but he nearly got the flames on him, so he could only give up.

After a while, no more sound was heard from Buzz-be as he was still covered with flames before finally, he was reduced to ash.

The Sternritter, codenamed H, Buzz B… Died!

Although Buzz-B wasn’t one of the strong members of the Sternritter, he was still one. Moreover, he died by something that shouldn’t affect him, flames.

This made any doubt in the Sternritter members present vanish. They regarded Roja seriously now.

But Candice and the other two girls didn’t even think that Roja was weak before, but now, they are afraid of him.

While the ones here were looking sternly at the current turn of event and didn’t want to attack Roja, other Reiatsu arrived quickly from a distance.

The first one was Cang Du, codenamed I, The Iron.

The second one was Quilge Opie, codenamed J, The Jail.

And the last one was PePe Waccabrada, codenamed L, The Love.

With the addition of these three, the atmosphere in the field changed once again as the members of the Sternritter finally regained some confidence. They thought that they can crush him now.

“I didn’t think he could so easily kill Buzz-B. It was a miracle.”

Gerard took a deep breath and looked at Roja gloomily before he said: “There won’t be another miracle happening for you.”

After the surprise he got from Buzz-B dying, Gerard regained his arrogance as he looked at Roja disdainfully. He held his sword before he disappeared and arrived before Roja swinging his sword down on his head.

Facing Gerard’s sword, Roja stretched his hand and grasped the empty air, Sen Maboroshi directly materialized in his hand and directly clashed with Gerard’s sword.

Although Gerard was amongst the strongest within the Sternritter, Roja instantaneously crushed him. As their swords collided, Sen Maboroshi directly cut Gerard’s sword in half and his body along with it.

“A mere Ant.”

After cutting Gerard in two, Roja directly swung his sword again, covering all the present Strenritter into the range of his attack.

Their complexion changed as they just sow the might of Roja’s sword, and no one was fool enough to face it head-on.

One of them didn’t dodge the attack, as with his power, he wasn’t afraid of such attacks. The strike twisted strangely as it avoided this person.

“Swords don’t work on me, you’re strong, but your sword can cut my body. I’m Nianzol Weizol, The Wind, anything that I see or sense can’t hit me.”

Nianzol Weizol talked as he revealed his two tongues.


Roja looked at him and sneered before he said.

“Shoot to Kill, Shinsō!”

Sen Maboroshi instantly shot forward as it elongated toward Nianzol Weizol’s body.

Nianzol Weizol didn’t dodge or even move, as he said: “As I said, useless…”

Sen Maboroshi directly tore through his body without stopping.

“What’s going on… How…”

Nianzol Weizol’s eyes opened wide as he looked at the sword passing through his chest.

Roja retracted Sen Maboroshi, making blood splash out of Nianzol Weizol’s chest as he said: “Twisting space tricks, I only need to link the space back to pierce you, your ability is meaningless.”

Nianzol Weizol died.

Having three die like that, they no longer thought of fighting Roja one on one.

Saying they were three and not four because Gerard, who was split by Roja, didn’t die, instead, his ability made him grow bigger, and the halves of his body were now connected.

“You can actually seriously injure me, and kill three members of the Sternritter. Your miracle shall end now.”

In that instant, Gerard roared at Roja as he moved forward, wanting to pound him with his giant fist.

Roja didn’t wait for him to actually reach his target. Instead, he swung his sword, which seemed like a flash of light before a fearsome line appeared on Gerard’s forehead.

“Infinite resurrections? What a senseless ability.”

Roka looked faintly at Gerard’s huge body as the latter’s blood scattered and once again cut in half as he hit the ground.

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