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G.O.S.S Chapter 605: Sweeping away!


“Even so, he can’t kill Gerard…”

Several Sternritter looked at this coldly. One of them roared before starting to attack Roja.


The first attack was Candice’s lightning. She used her strongest attack.

However, even with the terrifying lightning heading toward him, Roja just swept his sword directly, cutting the sea of thunder in half like it was nothing.

After the lightning, a sea of arrows headed toward Roja. The arrows were formed by highly condensed Reishi.

“Quincy: Letzt Stil!”

Quilge Opie took his Sanrei glove resulting in an immense quantity of Reishi to rush into him, giving him far great power.

Finally, he released countless arrows toward Roja.

Roja didn’t even move from his place. He stood there as the Truth-Seeking Ball formed a curtain around him, keeping all the arrows away.

All these arrows created a few ripples on the Truth-Seeking ball surface, and that’s all.

As the Truth-Seeking ball transformed back, Roja waved his sword gently. With a cold light, the world seemed to be cut half, this made Quilge Opie frightened as he used Hirenkyaku to get away, but unfortunately for him, he was already cut in half.

Another Sternritter died.

“You think you can kill me? Nothing can kill me, the more you try, the more I come back. That’s my miracle.”

Behind Roja, Gerard Roared, as his body once again reattached again. Reishi covered him, causing a bright light to form on his body as he held his sword and roared at Roja. The expressions of all the sternritter present changed.

His hand grasped the strangely big sword as he swung it down toward Roja.

“With my power, you won’t win…”

“You’re too noisy!”

The sound of roars strangely stopped.

Roja took Sen Maboroshi in his hand indifferently as Gerard, who was in front of him, turned into light spots before dissipating without leaving a trace.

Gerard’s power was the Miracle, but in fact, it’s just a power that makes you stronger once you receive damage.

Even when Zaraki in his Bankai, along with Hitsugaya and Byakuya fought Gerard, they couldn’t gain the upper hand at all. He suppressed them even.

But there is a limit to his power.

Any law had nature and a limit. For example, even if Soi Fon was to stab Roja, he won’t be affected because his power is far above Soi Fon or, more precisely, his powers were in another realm completely. Which means he has different forms of laws binding him.

As soon as Gerard Died, Roja’s momentum changed. A terrifying aura broke out of his body as a black Haori covered his white one, and strange patterns appeared with scarlet red Magatama.

RokuJigan Mode!

Roja already wiped Gerard, but as soon as the light particles that were Gerard’s body disappeared, a fist comes toward Roja’s chest.

Roja just sent a fist of his own to meet the attacker’s fist.

The one who attacked Roja was Cang Du, the Iron, whose defense was on a whole different level from anyone here.

The Reiatsu of the two parties collided, but without a doubt, Roja was far stronger.

Cang Du’s arm made a strange sound as he flew back directly.

“This is impossible.”

Cang Du was panic-stricken because, besides his Majesty, no one could penetrate his defense, but Roja did, and with such ease that it surprised him.

Roja, without waiting, just swung his sword toward Cang Du, cutting him in half without care.

Blood scattered as Cang Du was killed.

Roja didn’t stop as he directly disappeared from his place and directly appeared behind PePe Waccabrada.

PePe Waccabrada directly released some strange heart-shaped energy. As long as it hit Roja, he would be able to control him. Realizing that Roja avoided his attack, his heart was startled as he, without hesitation, tried to use Quincy: Letzt Stil.

But even so, he couldn’t block Roja.

“What a disgusting ability.”

Roja revealing his wrath at such ability and directly cut PePe Waccabrada in half and turned him into light particles, leaving no trace behind.

In a blink of an eye, four Sternritter died.

Bambietta’s face revealed the amazement she felt, and extreme shock as well. He fought against so many and still defeated them.

If this was the level of the soul society, then even all of them weren’t their match at all.

He easily crushed the Sternritter present as if it was nothing.

All the others present had the same thought, they were greatly intimidated, and nobody dared to attack Roja again.

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