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G.O.S.S Chapter 606: Fight Again!

Roja didn’t pay attention to who he killed; they are mere ants in his eyes. Besides a few of them, all the others could go an die.

He looked at the center of Wandenreich and narrowed his eyes slightly.

He felt that all the power of the Sternritter he killed didn’t just dissipate but just moved toward the center of Wandenreich.

However, while Roja was observing that place, a silhouette appeared in front of Roja.

This person seemed ten years old kid. The kid narrowed his eyes and stared at Roja, not with fear, but with curiosity.

“Strange, Strange indeed…”

He repeated the words strange twice as he sized up Roja.

Not far away, Candice and the others saw this youth, and their complexion changed. They looked at him, surprised, and, most of all, they looked at him with fear.

He was one of the Sternritter, his name was Gremmy Thoumeaux, codenamed V, The Visionary.

Roja narrowed his eyes while looked at the youth.

He didn’t look at him with fear, but with interest. The ability to change fantasy to reality.

Roja could use the Creation of all things after getting the Chakra fruit, but it wasn’t something like creating something from nothing.

Gremmy Thoumeaux’s power was different.

He would only need to imagine something, and it will come true. It is a strong ability, or more like an overpowered one.

Roja knew that this wasn’t Gremmy Thoumeaux’s body, but a body that he imagined and is using currently because he caused huge trouble in here the last time he went out, they detained him underground.

The ability to change imagination to reality was really dangerous.

“Oh, I didn’t think that this would become such a troublesome event, many Sternritter died here.”

Someone appeared on the roof not far away as he looked at Roja and Gremmy Thoumeaux in front of him, he had a headache.

“Gremmy, even when we limited your Reiatsu in prison, you still could come out?”

In the Sternritter, aside from Jugram, there would be four bodyguards for Yhwach, one of them would have been Gerard.

And the one who just appeared is one of them as well. He was Askin Nakk Le Vaar, Codenamed D, The Deathdealing.

Another figure appeared without anyone noticing. He had brown skin and a gun in hand.

His name was Lille Barro, Codenamed X, The X-Axis.

“Don’t drop your guard, Askin, this isn’t a normal fellow… Gerard died by his hand.” Lille Barro reminded with a stern face.

The sternritter is allowed battle between each other, but slaughter is forbidden. This will establish ranks between them.

Maybe some would be happy knowing some competition is out of the way, but now, no one had the time to think about this after witnessing Roja’s power.

Even the bodyguard who was next to Jugram in power died by Roja’s hands.

“I know I can’t let my guard down, or it would lead to inestimable consequences… Well, all of you seen his ability, can you talk about it?”

Askin turned his head toward Candice and the others as he asked.

They just shook their heads.

“Really, why are you guys so useless.”

If it was before, Candice and the other wouldn’t tolerate such words, even if Askin had higher status then them. But in this kind of situation, they just shut up.

Askin looked at Gremmy and said: “Can you help?”

Gremmy looked at Askin and said: “One maybe, but my body is underground detained, and my Reiatsu is limited.”

Askin: “…”

While Askin was know afraid, not far away, a silhouette walked toward them, this person was bald with a third eye on his forehead and strange earphones.

“I will go!”

This person said to Askin and the others while moved toward Roja.

Suddenly, this person started to change, as he became covered in a black Haori and his forehead eye vanished, in his hand, a version of Sen Maboroshi appeared…

He changed to Roja. He looked exactly the same.

Roja looked at this and started thinking about the people who could do this. There are two people actually in Wandenreich who could do this.

Royd Lloyd and Loyd Lloyd.

In the original story, one of them imitated Zaraki and was killed by Zaraki, and the other imitated Yhwach, deceiving Yamamoto into opening his Bankai and causing the real Yhawch to kill Yamamoto.

Roja didn’t know how much power they could gain from imitating someone, and he didn’t know who was in front of him, whether it was Loyd Lloyd or Royd Lloyd. But he didn’t care.

He was interested in Gremmy’s ability, but he had no interest in these two.

“Imitation? I don’t know if you can imitate my own power.” Roja said proudly as he grasped Sen Maboroshi and directly swung it.

Getsuga Tensho!

Roja, with the RokuJigan mode used Getsuga Tensho, the power behind it was unimaginable. The earth was split open, and everything in its path disappeared.


Facing this attack, Royd, who turned into Roja, moved sideway as he directly looked at Roja and said.

“Hado No.90: Kurohitsugi!”

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