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G.O.S.S Chapter 635: Tactical Situation!


Zaraki cleaved a Menos Grande with a bored face. He was seeking the strongest of the Hollows, but he was still bored.

As he killed another Menos Grande, Zaraki looked at the Choas in Soul Society before his eyes flashed and grinned: “I must seize this chance to ask for another fight…”

“That’s not good, ken-chan!”

Yachiru on Zaraki’s back said: “If the old man gets words that you fought with Roja, he would be really angry.”


Zaraki also knew that in chaotic times like this, going to another captain to fight him wasn’t a good fight.

In another place.

“There are many hollows here, and it’s clear that this is planned, I don’t know whether it’s Aizen or not…”

The Tenth division’s captain, Isshin Shiha’s Spiritual Pressure, erupted and released a Getsuga Tensho, directly cleaving a Menos Grande.

The entirety of Soul Society was under attack. The majority of the Hollows attacking are proficient in masking their Spiritual pressure, which made it hard for most Shinigami to fight.

In the Second Division, a Hollow fell down after getting killed by Soi Fon, who directly asked.

“What the current situation.”

Soi Fon directly came here after leaving the Kido Corps, but she still killed a few Hollows on the way.


The Second Division’s member noticed her and directly turned toward her and saluted.

Although Soi Fon wasn’t there, the Second Division wasn’t attacked by many Hollows, and this was the reason they didn’t have difficulties dealing with them.

“The Hollows can Mask their Spiritual pressure and appearance. It’s hard to prevent them from slipping through.”

Soi Fon’s face was still cold. She still couldn’t forget the matter with Roja. She felt like she was a cheap prostitute after what happened.

But Soi Fon’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted but a loud sound.

A Menos Grande launched a cero.

The problem was that the attack came from inside the Second Division building.

“What’s going on?!”

Soi Fon was startled; she directly cleared her thoughts and looked at the direction of the sound with a deep frown. She didn’t wait for someone to answer her question. Instead, she directly rushed inside the building.

Arriving at the scene, Soi Fon’s expression became ugly.

This place was where most dangerous Criminals would be detained a hole, a big hole in the middle, and unexpectedly, many members of the second Division couldn’t escape this attack.

Soi Fon took a quick look around and found the Hollow creeping toward the Prison. Many Shinigamis were panic-stricken fleeing from the scene. Some were also excitedly running away.

Soi Fon directly moved and drew her Zanpakuto. She attacked the Menos Grande, who couldn’t resist and directly disintegrated.

Soi Fon directly looked at the Second Division’s member and ordered.

“The second squad, defend this place, third and fourth squads, capture the fleeing criminals.”

Soi Fon directly started moving. The other members of the second division directly going after her.

Central, Room 46.

A Menos Grande sneaked inside without anyone noticing.

The Menos Grande wanted to actually destroy this place, the highest authority inside Soul Society, which even Yamamoto had to obey.

But unfortunately for it, this place was well defended, even a Vice-Captain would not be able to leave a scratch on it.

Under the Menos Grande’s attack, a screen of light appeared and blocked its path.

As its attack was blocked, it became angry, roared, and gathered Spiritual pressure to form the famous attack of Hollows, Cero.


An old powerful force directly appeared behind the Hollow as a sword cut through it, directly preventing it from releasing the Cero.

Yamamoto appeared behind it, grasping Ryujin Jakka in his hand as he walked slowly.

Yamamoto looked at the disappearing Menos Grande as he though: “A Hollow actually making it here…”

He looked around but didn’t discover any other Menos Grand that sneaked inside.

He shook his head before directly entered into the central 46, which didn’t allow ordinary captains to enter. Only he, as the Head captain, had the authority to enter Central 46.

As Yamamoto was getting inside, a tremor under his feet suddenly made his expression change as he rushed inside.

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