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G.O.S.S Chapter 636: Captain’s meeting!

Later that night, Soul Society finally calmed down. All the Hollows were killed, and 35 prisoners were caught by the Second Division.

Soi Fon’s face wasn’t all that good currently.

Although they caught 35 people, there were three missing.

As the second Division’s captain, she was responsible for the prisoners. There wouldn’t be a problem if they were all caught by her Division members, but three were missing, and that responsibility is hers to take.

All the prisoners are somewhat crazy and a risk to be out. Even if only three managed to escape, it was still bad.

It should be known that the current Captain of the 12th division was once a prisoner in that same prison.

That is how strong and crazy people there are. Although not all of them are that strong, there is still the possibility of that.

And what made her even more depressed was the Menos Grande appearing near the Second Division building, which was because of a defect in the protection device there.

These special devices are always inspected periodically and repaired when there is a defect. But due to her and Roja’s conflict, the Kido Corps members that came to inspect and repair it were denied access to the device.

She asked for trouble, and now trouble found her, and it was a pretty big mess.

Soi Fon was planning on leading her subordinates and searched for the missing prisoners, but suddenly the communication hell butterfly flew toward her.

“Captain’s conference…”

Soi Fon lowered her head slightly and clenched her teeth before saying: “Damn it! Bastard! It’s all because of you!”

She wished she could poke him to death. She finally stamped her foot on the ground and left.

Kido Corps, Roja was looking at the 98’s Bakudo book and carefully studying it.

At this moment, a Hell’s butterfly flew in front of him.

“A Captain’s Meeting…”

Roja shook his head before grabbing the Grand Kido Chief’s Hoari and directly went out.

Roja easily found his way toward the Meeting Hall while the Shinigami he met on his way all saluted him.

Roja walked moderately. He felt Zaraki Kenpachi moving all over the place other than the actual path leading to the Meeting Hall.

As he arrived at the Meeting Hall, Zaraki was not there yet.


Seeing Roja arriving, Yamamoto nodded at him.

At this moment, Zaraki Kenpachi finally arrived.

“You also came.”

Zaraki stood beside Ukitake nearby Roja.

The captains were already accustomed to Zaraki’s lateness. Yamamoto pinched between his brows slightly for the tardiness and finally nodded.

“About yesterday’s invasion, according to the Eighth Division’s investigation, there is nothing unusual in soul society and the Rukongai.”

“In other words, it’s a normal attack? How is that possible?”

Ichimaru Gin narrowed his eyes as he talked, making it heart to see through his thoughts.

Yamamoto directly said: “The Hollows invading Soul Society doesn’t happen often, but it happens… The Problem in this accident, the Hollows who actually invaded were stealth Hollows, and that’s weird.”

“This is obviously isn’t as simple as other invasions, since there is nothing found in soul society, then we should investigate Hueco Mundo. The investigation will be the responsibility of the Eighth Division.”

Yamamoto didn’t even allow others to question this decision making it final.

He looked at the captain and Roja before saying: “And the latest report about the Hollow attack…”

His expression became serious at once as he looked at Soi Fon and said: “The Prison, which is the second Division’s responsibility, was invaded, and three prisoners weren’t apprehended and are still missing. What is the reason for this?”

Although yesterday’s invasion was a large scale one, with captains all over the place, the Hollows weren’t a problem at all. The damage isn’t even that great, and some division didn’t have any casualties.

The biggest problem was the Menos Grande appeared mostly in the Second Division and even got to Central Room 46 from there.

“This is…”

Soi Fon couldn’t deny that it was her responsibility and couldn’t explain that because of the conflict with Roja, she threw all of Soul Society in danger.

Her words made Yamamoto release a crazy amount of Killing Intent.

Soi Fon was shameful, and she was about to take responsibility and accept her punishment. But as she was about to speak, another voice interrupted.

“That was my mistake.”

Roja directly said without any change of expression as he looked at Yamamoto.

“The protection device had a problem; it is the responsibility of the Kido Corps to repair it. I sent Shinigami to all other devices, but I seemed to neglect the Second Division’s because I’m new to this position.”

Roja said as if he was only mentioning the minor matter.


Yamamoto’s brows wrinkled slightly as his eyes shifted from Soi Fon to Roja.

Saying this, Roja was the same as directly taking full responsibility for this accident. If it was Soi Fon, her punishment would be quite heavy, but as Roja was indeed new to his position, it was hard to decide.

“Such being the case, you can write a report to the central room 46 and explain to them.”

Yamamoto shook his head. Since this was connected to Roja, as the Head Captain, Yamamoto couldn’t criticize Roja directly.

“As for the escaping prisoners, the responsibility falls down on the Second Division.”

Listening to this, Soi Fon directly returned to the side. She couldn’t help look at Roja in disbelief.

She didn’t understand why Roja would help her. It was clearly her mistake because she made it difficult for the Kido Corps.

Roja just slightly smiled at her and leisurely returned to the side.

Although the cause of this was indeed Soi Fon, Roja took the blame for her because if she took full blame, she would likely be demoted or worse, and that would change the plot of the story.

As for himself…

Let alone some devices and Hollows, if the central room 46 dared to do anything, he could just kill all of them.

The Captains looked at this thoughtfully, Shiba Isshin, in particular. He stared back and forth between Roja and Soi Fon, and his expression turned strange.

“Good, into the next subject…”

Yamamoto didn’t press any further and directly moved to the next matter at hand.

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