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G.O.S.S Chapter 637: Arrest

“The prison was attacked by Menos Grande? And several prisoners escaped?” Hearing Yamamoto’s words, The captains’ expressions changed.

“They sneaked through the sewers… it will be hard to search for them.”

Shunsui said as he lowered his hat to cover his eyes.

Since the Menos Grande gets to the prison from the sewers, they need to search for them and deal with them before they attack once again in the same way.

“This will be handed over to the eighth division.”

Yamamoto said as he looked at Shunsui, then he turned and looked at Soi Fon: “The prisoners that escaped from prison are to be brought back. The Omnitsukido and the second division are to deal with them.”

Yamamoto looked at Roja and said: “Since this was caused by the Kido Corps, the Kido Corps should take responsibility for this matter as well.”

“No problem.”

Roja nodded without asking anything.

As the captain’s meeting ended, most of the captains returned to their divisions.

“Thank you for earlier.”

Roja and Soi Fon happened to be going in the same direction. Soi Fon, who was depressed, saw Roja and directly thanked him for saving her earlier.

Roja nodded and directly put a hand over Soi Fon’s head and said: “Don’t worry, children make mistakes, but next time be careful ok?”

Soi Fon: “…”

Soi Fon was angry again and directly attacked Roja, who turned around to leave after patting her head.

“Die you bastard.”

Roja didn’t want to fight Soi Fon, so he shrugged and vanished from his place.

Soi Fon stopped in her track and looked around, Roja vanished completely. So, she tried to lock his Spiritual pressure.

“This is…”

Soi Fon was astonished to find that Roja’s spiritual pressure was coming from the Kido Corps building.

That move was definitively not Shunpo. It was something else entirely.

It was, without a doubt, some space manipulation.

Soi Fon finally stamped her foot on the ground and left.

After several days, the Omnitsukido, along with the Kido Corps and the Second Division, caught four people. They weren’t the prisoners, but they knew something.

Some of the prisoners didn’t commit any crime, they were only too dangerous, and that’s why they were detained, but as soon as they escaped from prison, they were criminals.

After catching another one, the prisoner was directly brought to the underground prison. Soi Fon looked at the prisoners’ list and found the last catch to be one of the prisoners who escaped.

“He should be detained in the second level prison.”

Only two escapees left to catch.

Being detained in the second level prison meant that the prisoner wasn’t dangerous, but one of the three that escaped was from Muken, the final level of the Central Great Underground Prison.

Someone being held there means that he was formidable, and his crime is unforgivable.

Someone in the second level of the prison is at most vice-captain’s level. But someone in the final level is definitively stronger than most captains.


Soi Fon knit her brows as she looked at the list again.

The prisoner that was caught though that he could dig a tunnel from the sewer and get out of soul society. He was too naïve as that was the first place that the squads searched.

But the prisoner from Muken gave Soi Fon a headache, tracking him was almost impossible.

And learning about this, Yamamoto put a lot of pressure on Soi Fon for this.

“There is no clue, where is he hiding?”

The Prisoner from the final level of the prisoner was really hard to find.

Finally, after the second division and the Omnitsukido investigated, even more, they were certain that this prisoner was probably in the Rukongai.

It would be difficult to actually apprehend him if he was really in the Rukongai.

Rukongai was a chaotic place, and it was way too big. If the prisoners somehow went there and hid his spiritual pressure, it would be like looking for a needle inside a pile of straws.

“Captain, should I go to the Rukongai to search there.”

Omaeda asked Soi Fon.

Soi Fon lowered her head and thought about it. If he really went to Rukongai and was powerful, it would cause too much trouble, and most probably, people will die.

However, she planned to catch him no matter what, with the aid of the Omnitsukido and the second division. Suddenly, an officer came running and said.

“Reporting to Captain! the Grand Kido Chief is here!”

“Why is he here?”

Soi Fon’s brows wrinkled.

“That… That prisoner who we need to catch is apprehended by him.”

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