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G.O.S.S Chapter 638: Central Great Underground Prison

Roja was standing outside the Second Division’s building, beside him a bloodied body was weakly sitting on the ground. This person was the escapee from Muken.

This prisoner wasn’t a typical one. He had a mask and a hollow hole on his body. His Spiritual power resembled that of a hollow. He was no longer a Shinigami.

Roja caught him, but he didn’t actually pay attention to him, he was focusing on Aizen. When he used his perception, he found that Aizen was going out of Soul Society along with Gin.

Seeing this, Roja followed him out, and finally, he found that Aizen was experimenting on Hollow using the Incomplete Hogyoku!

Seeing the Hogyoku, Roja wanted to just attack Aizen kill him, and get it, but he knew that this Hogyoku was incomplete.

Roja could tell that this Hollow was actually the prisoner that escaped from Muken.

Because the Kido Corps were also responsible for retrieving the prisoners, Roja just captured him and directly escorted him to the second division.

As Aizen completed the experiment and wanted to observe the changes, Roja directly appeared from nowhere, captured, and took the hollow away.

Aizen and Gin were daze in their hiding place and couldn’t help shaking their heads as they gave up further observation.

Roja didn’t pay attention to them as they feigned ignorance.

“here is the prisoner, no need to thank me.”

Soi Fon went out and welcomed Roja, who was smiling slightly as he spoke.

Soi Fon, who was about to express her gratitude, stopped as she heard Roja’s words. She looked at the prisoner, and strangely she found that he was half hollow. She looked at Roja as if asking how it did happen.

“I don’t know.”

Roja just said: “This fellow’s Spiritual power suddenly fluctuated, and he became like this. I was near the Rukongai and happened to saw this. I noticed that he was one of the escapees, so I directly caught him.”

Soi Fon frowned.

The prisoner’s body was full of blood, and he seemed badly injured. As soon as Soi Fon approached him, he tried to attack her on instinct. It seems that even though the hollowfication was only halfway, he lost his personality.

Soi Fon retreated one step, avoiding the attack and became serious: “I must report this immediately.”

“You should!”

Roja looked at Soi Fon, who leads her subordinates with the Hollow being dragged along, he returned to the Kido Corps building.

This experiment should be one of the reasons Isshin Shiba and Misaki Kurosaki met and led to Kurosaki Ichigo being born at all.

Everything was slowly changing.

The hollow was directly placed in the final level of the Central Great Underground Prison, and Aizen probably won’t be able to continue his experiment with him.

Finally, Central Great Underground Prison returned to normal.

In the underground prison, the last level, Several Omnitsukido were going on patrol.

The Central Great Underground Prison was heavily guarded as it was actually under the Central 46 so that no similar events to what happened before could happen.

The frequency of patrol in Muken was a few times stricter than the levels above it.

Originally, there should be 12 shinigami for patrol, divided into three batches, but this number increased to 24, and each batch had eight people.

And these eight were divided into four groups; each one would patrol a direction.

“Is this the place known as Muken, the Central Great Underground Prison lowest level?”

The new Shinigami felt the gloomy aura inside this place as he started to talk to his partner.

His partner nodded and said with passion: “In here, most of the vicious criminals in the history of soul society resides. That’s why we don’t need to attack anyone who wants to escape this place. We only need to report anything that happens here as fast as we can.”

This level of the prison wasn’t like the rest, as there was no need for them to take action in here when something happens, they should just go and report to the other floors as fast as they could.

“Fortunately, that’s all we have to do!”

The newcomer nodded. He could guess the reason behind them not taking action was because captain level criminals were here, and if they were caught by some of them, then they would die without any chance to resist.

They no longer talked as the gloomy atmosphere intensified while they walked in the gloomy corridor.

The newcomer continued forward, but as he turned around, he became terrified. His partner disappeared.

“Hello! Please don’t scare me… Hello! Where are you?!!”

The newcomer’s face was pale. He was panicking as he didn’t hear or see his partner.

He was suppressing his fear as he ran back toward the higher floors to report.

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