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G.O.S.S Chapter 639: Investigating Muken!

“He was behind you then disappeared?”

Listening to the panic-stricken Shinigami, Soi Fon’s brows wrinkled, and her eyes flashed.

“After I returned, I directly informed the others and started searching all around, but we couldn’t find him…”

If he met a Menos Grande and his partner died, he wouldn’t be this frightened, but he just vanished without a trace, and that terrified him.

Soi Fon lowered her head after hearing the report. She hesitated a bit before she directly headed toward the Underground prison.

The patrols were a part of the Omnitsukido, so she needed to check this out as the head of the Omnitsukido.

After entering the underground prison, Soi Fon directly moved toward Muken.

The place was gloomy. Only a few lamps were on, which caused Soi Fon directly to use a Kido to illuminate the place.

After looking around a few times, Soi Fon discovered something.

“This wall… there is something wrong with it.”

She stopped in front of the wall, and her eyes flashed.

The Shinigami beside her looked at the wall and followed Soi Fon’s gaze, and true enough. The wall seemed abnormal.

The wall seemed out of place and rough at the edges.

It seemed as if some pieces were removed and remade later.

“It seems like someone is trying something by attacking and Abducting a Shinigami out of nowhere.” The Shinigami with Soi Fon re-examined the wall, and he was no longer panicking or afraid.

Since there are clues pointing that someone was behind this, the Shinigami was no longer afraid.

It’s not like he wasn’t afraid, after all, someone who could abduct a Shinigami in a few seconds before vanishing wasn’t a small matter. If he was the one attacked, maybe now they would be looking for him, not his partner.

“There is something wrong in this place. What are the prisoners trying to do?”

Soi Fon didn’t care about her subordinate’s mood change. She just stared at the wall puzzledly.

Since the wall within Muken can be destroyed without anyone knowing, it means that the Prisoners can escape quietly. But the prisoner attacked a Shinigami instead, which seemed really strange.

“We need to investigate this quickly.”

Soi Fon directly led her Subordinate to the central 46

Muken wasn’t just a few cells, but an entire dimension, and without Central 46 permission, no one could enter, even if it was the head of the Omnitsukido.

After all, Muken holds some of the most dangerous people in the history of soul society.

But as they knew what is going on, The Central 46 were startled.

After the previous accident in the Central 46, they attached great importance to any danger and directly approved of the request to investigate Muken, Rescue the missing Shinigami…

But Central 46 didn’t make Soi Fon go alone. Instead, they directly assigned others to go with her. They were Omaeda, the Soi Fon’s Vice-Captain, and the Grand Kido Chief, Roja.

In addition, they ordered Aizen to wait outside Muken and help if there is any trouble.

After getting her orders, Soi Fon directly went to the Entrance of Muken and waited. She may not like to carry a mission with Roja, but the latter helped her with the prisoners, and there was the matter of the bet. Furthermore, The Central 46 already issued their order.

Omaeda stood beside Soi Fon and was depressed.

He was already questioning why he was sent here. Wasn’t his captain and the Grand Kido Chief sufficient? Moreover, the Grand Kido Chief isn’t here yet, so why should he be here?

Omaeda’s forehead was full of sweat as he thought of the possibility of facing terrifying enemies.

At this time, someone walked from the corridor, Soi Fon hesitated, but in the end, she didn’t say anything and didn’t even greet him.

But Omaeda couldn’t act impolite and directly saluted Roja.

“Greetings, Grand Kido Chief!”

Roja killed the previous Grand Kido Chief and faced Zaraki Kenpachi, the captain of eleventh division, to a standstill, Omaeda didn’t dare be impolite with someone that powerful.

Roja smiled and nodded toward Omaeda before looked at Soi Fon and laughed: “What’s wrong? I thought that with our relationship, you would greet me intimately?”


Omaeda almost choked on his own spit. He coughed twice before looking at the red Soi Fon, who seemed like a volcano about to erupt. He swallowed his saliva before looking at Roja with admiration.

The only one who dare sexually harass Captain is definitively Roja.

Soi Fon clenched her teeth and glared at him, and if a look could kill, Roja would be dead already.

Omaeda retreated two steps as his back was filled with cold sweat.

But at this time, a voice came from behind them.

“It seems like I’m a little late, sorry, captain Soi Fon, Grand Kido Chief Roja.”

Aizen smiled as he walked toward them and greeted Roja and Soi Fon. His expression and action made Roja wonder if this event had anything to do with him or not.

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