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G.O.S.S Chapter 640: The First Captain of the seventh Division.

Aizen looked between Roja and Soi Fon thoughtfully before looking at the entrance to the Muken dimension.

Soi Fon saw Aizen’s expression, and her mouth twitched slightly before she coldly ordered Omaeda: “Since Captain Aizen is Here, Open the door, Omaeda.”


Omaeda’s forehead was full of cold sweat as he directly opened the gate while mumbling something about getting bullied by his captain.

Runes started glowing on the gate before it opened slowly.

Omaeda’s hand was already on his sword’s handle while he was nervous. He didn’t want to get shot by a Cero to the face as soon as he opened the door.

However, nothing actually appeared when the gate opened, which made him sigh in relief.

But looking at the jet black space in front of him was enough to make his heart tremble in fear. If there is an attack, then he should be the first one to step in, he can’t make his captain in danger.

But his thoughts stopped as he looked at Roja and Soi Fon, who took a step each toward Muken without hesitation.


Omaeda seemed on the verge of tears as he looked at Soi Fon, taking the lead along with Roja before following after them.

Omaeda was extremely happy. He was behind a captain and the Kido Grand Chief, the safest place he could be at.

But he forgot that in front of a captain, and every action he takes is seen by Soi Fon, who wasn’t exactly in the best mood currently…

“Omaeda, you lead the way.”

Soi Fon coldly said.

Omaeda’s fat face, which was smiling, crumbled down. He stiffened and said: “Captain, I…”

Soi Fon coldly shouted: “Hurry up!”


Omaeda wanted to cry but couldn’t. He could only grab his Zanpakuto vigilantly while his heart was beating like a drum.

Although it seemed like she put Omaeda in the lead just for revenge, she actually had a strategy. As soon as someone attacks him, she would be able to quickly assassinate the assailant.

As for Roja… She didn’t care.

The three of them gradually moved inside Muken while the door behind them wasn’t closed. Aizen was there guarding the door and their way out.

Muken was extremely big.

Although the place was big, there weren’t many prisoners here as there aren’t many prisoners who had the qualification to be detained here.

Soi Fon seemed familiar with the place as if it wasn’t her first time here. She was extremely serious and vigilant to the point she spread her senses where the tiniest Spiritual power wouldn’t escape her.

Although she was pampered and proud, she can be serious in times of need.

Roja smiled and decided not to bicker with her intentionally.

They encountered several corpses of people who were detained here and died after a long time, but after 45 or so corpses, they finally started seeing living prisoners.

“Some people came…”

“How many years had it been since someone came, are they newbie?”

“haha, Captain’s Haori… Someone from the Gotei 13, and it is a small girl. It seems like the Gotei 13 declined to this degree after so many years.”

Many people raised their heads, looking at the three newcomers, and their eyes fell on Soi Fon’s body.

Compared to Omaeda, who was in front, Soi Fon was more pleasing to the eyes of these prisoners.

“The prisoners here are too dangerous…”

Soi Fon didn’t make it apparent, but she was clear about the power of the prisoners. Although she can’t enter this place without permission, she still had a detailed list of the prisoners here.

“How dare you come here, and don’t act like your superior to us!”

“Hey, who are you?”

They heard a sound full of disdain.

“I’m the second division’s vice-captain, Omaeda Marechiyo.”

Someone sneered, which made Omaeda annoyed as he clenched his fist.

However, while Omaeda was getting angry, he suddenly felt as if death was near (he is a Shinigami btw). He felt as if his life was already forfeit and couldn’t move at all.

“Don’t you dare!”

Soi Fon directly reacted and cut the silver substance that caught Omaeda with her sword and stood in front of him.

“That sword seems a bit unfamiliar. It’s been a long time.”

The Zanpakuto that released the silver substance was in a pale looking hand. The person was completely pale as if he didn’t have blood at all, and he was almost bald.

Soi Fon looked carefully at him and then at the record of the prisoners and said.

“The first Seventh Division’s captain… Togetsu Shigetsugu!”

Soi Fon’s expression was extremely serious.

Together Shigetsugu, he was one of the few people alive who established the Gotei 13 along with Yamamoto. He fought along with him in the fight against Yhwach and the Strenritter.

But his ambitions were enormous. He wasn’t satisfied by just being a captain. Instead, he set his eyes on Yamamoto’s seat and well as suppressing Unohana Retsu and the other captains.

“Damn, I didn’t think this fellow would be able to actually break his seal and escape. What is his goal?”

Soi Fon couldn’t relax at all, even though she was confident in her ability, she was facing against one of the founders of the Gotei 13.

And this person seemed to want to cause even more trouble by releasing even more prisoners.

She had no clue about this person’s goal. She couldn’t think about what he would benefit from his action.

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