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G.O.S.S Chapter 641: Sudden attack!

At the entrance of Muken, Aizen stood in his place while actually spying on the three that entered.

“Is that?”

His expression changed.

The first captain of the seventh division attacked Soi Fon, who quickly defended and attacking back.

“Is this the current Second Division’s captain…”

Togetsu Shigetsugu looked at Soi Fon in ridicule and said.

“Looking at you, you’re not one of the four clans, is it possible that they declined? In the past, the Shihoin clan was the leader of the second division, and you’re nowhere close to being the head of the clan.”

Hearing Togetsu Shigetsugu’s words, Soi Fon’s face darkened immediately, and coldly said: “You are talking as if you can actually defeat me.”

“Sting all Enemies to Death, Suzumebachi!”

Soi Fon’s Spiritual pressure surged as she released her Shikai without hesitation. Her middle finger was directly covered by a golden stinger.

“Oh? Such a small Zanpakuto, this is interesting.”

Togetsu Shigetsugu smiled. He wasn’t even paying attention to Soi Fon at all. He was just interested in the Zanpakuto.

At the same time, he looked at Roja and couldn’t feel anything at all from him, which was surprising. As for Omaeda… he already didn’t pay attention to him.

“… I will send you to hell again!”

Soi Fon coldly smiled as she flashed in a flash and arrived beside Togetsu Shigetsugu and pushed her gold-covered finger into his shoulder.

Togetsu Shigetsugu directly deflected it without any difficulty.

Soi Fon didn’t stop and continued her attack unceasingly.

Togetsu Shigetsugu was indifferent, but still, he wasn’t going to disregard Soi Fon, because if the power behind her attacks aren’t strong, then there is another secret to her attacks.

Togetsu Shigetsugu stopped playing around and directly grabbed his Zanpakuto and directly shouted.

“Dance above the moonlight, Gin Yoake (Silver Dawn)”

Along with the release command, the sword glittered with light and changed color to silver. The shape didn’t change, but it gave a very dangerous feeling.

Togetsu Shigetsugu didn’t let Soi Fon Attack again, he flash-stepped in advance and appeared in front of Soi Fon and swung his sword.

Soi Fon dodged, relying on her instinct. However, Togetsu Shigetsugu’s blade curved toward her, trying to pierce her forehead.

Soi Fon was terrified. She directly used Suzumebochi to defend herself from the sword coming toward her head.

But something strange happened, the sword was hard, it just bends over her finger like a snake.

Even if it seemed soft, Soi Fon felt terrified. Her instinct screamed danger to her. She felt that her wrist would be cut off if she didn’t do anything.

She directly tried to retreat.

Togetsu Shigetsugu didn’t give her a chance, he directly attacked, and once again, the sword moved to pierce through Soi Fon.


Soi Fon once again tried to retreat, but as she retreated, Togetsu Shigetsugu directly said.

“Hado No.78: Zangerin!”

He unexpectedly used a high-level Kido.

The attack moved toward Soi Fon, who was trying evade, but in the last two moves, she was cornered and couldn’t do anything.

She faced the attacks and wanted to maneuver around them by twisting her body, but her shoulder and arm won’t make it.

Roja didn’t continue watching as he directly interfered.

“Bakudo No.81: Danku!”

Roja directly lifted his arm and cast Danku directly defending Soi fon.

But at this time, a sword broke through the earth and moved toward Roja’s back maliciously.

The true target was Roja from the start.

The attack was terrifying, and the Spiritual pressure behind it was stronger than Soi Fon’s Bankai’s form.

Seeing Roja rescuing Soi Fon, Togetsu Shigetsugu directly attacked him, thinking that he won’t have time to defend himself.

Roja already knew about this and didn’t even turn around.

He just lifted his hand and pointed it at the attack coming toward him and said.

“Bakudo 97: Negating Crystal…”

Several crystals covered Roja completely.

As soon as the attack reached Roja, it stuck fiercely on the Negating Crystal and caused it to crack from the center.

The cracks spread until the crystal shattered but not without stopping the sneak attack.

“You’re not as simple as you seem…”

Someone from behind said without a change in his expression, but his eyes flashed with astonishment as Roja just used two high-level Kidos.

This person had delicate features; his hair was black…

“Azashiro… Captain Azashiro.”

Not far away, Omaeda looking at this person and subconsciously said.

Azashiro Kenpachi, the eighth captain of the eleventh Division.

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