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G.O.S.S Chapter 642: Just you two?

After being rescued by Danku, Soi Fon flash stepped beside Roja and looked at Kenpachi Azashiro with vigilance.

Soi Fon wasn’t stupid. She could tell that she was only a distraction, and Roja was the real target.

After Kenpachi Azashiro sneak-attacked Roja ruthlessly, it was clear as day.

“What is your goal?”

Looking at Kenpachi Azashiro and Togetsu Shigetsugu, Soi Fon took a deep breath without attacking again.

Togetsu Shigetsugu twisted his sword and rubbed it with his hand while smiling at Soi Fon’s question: “My goal… I was put in here for hundreds of years. I very much want to take a walk.”

He didn’t reveal anything at all.

Soi Fon was still staring coldly at him.

“Well, because I can’t leave this place, someone offered a deal, and I’m just cooperating.”

Togetsu Shigetsugu’s eyes flashed coldly as he smiled evilly.

Hearing this, Soi Fon looked at Kenpachi Azashiro subconsciously.

Kenpachi Azashiro looked at her and responded tranquilly: “Captain Soi Fon, I suggest that you leave him, that person is dangerous and may threaten the entire soul society if we don’t deal with him.”

Kenpachi Azashiro was obviously not referring to Togetsu Shigetsugu, but someone who was with Soi Fon and the only two with her are Roja and Omaeda.

Omaeda being a threat to soul society, was a complete joke, Kenpachi Azashiro was referring to Roja.

However, Soi Fon didn’t believe him at all. Roja just saved her life, and not to mention that he is the Grand Kido Chief, even if she hated him, she trusts him. Furthermore, Kenpachi Azashiro was a prisoner.

“Oh, I’m a threat to Soul Society? That’s really a fearful suggestion, what do you think Soi Fon, am I a threat?” Roja smiled at Soi Fon.

Soi Fon wasn’t paying attention to Roja. Instead, she was coldly gazing at Kenpachi Azashiro.

“Nonsense, you’re more of a threat then him, what is your goal?”

“It seems like Captain Soi Fon trust me; I’m really honored… hiss”

Roja was interrupted by a foot-stamping his own.

A wronged look appeared on Roja’s face as Soi Fon’s gaze returned to Kenpachi Azashiro and Togetsu Shigetsugu.

Kenpachi Azashiro, the eighth Kenpachi, defeated and killed the seventh Kenpachi in a duel and won the title of the captain of the eleventh division, he once attempted to control the Rukongai and attack Hueco Mundo, he knew that he was opposing the Soul King, so he surrendered to the central 46 and was detained because of it.

He was like Urahara, standing on the side of the soul king, but compared to Urahara, Kenpachi Azashiro’s ways were too violent, and he thought that a place like Hueco Mundo shouldn’t exist.

His Zanpakuto was in constant Bankai state, and his Bankai allows him to integrate any Reishi from living and non-living things.

And because of this, He can’t be affected by Aizen’s Kyoka Suigetsu.

Roja can only think that Aizen’s plot would be disrupted by Kenpachi Azashiro, and he couldn’t allow that.

The reason that Kenpachi Azashiro thought of Roja as a threat is most likely because he felt that Roja was from another world, and he probably got some instruction from the soul king’s will.

Moreover, Kenpachi Azashiro may even know about Wandenreich and that Roja went there as well.

After all, Roja’s senses may be able to cover the whole soul society, but to Kenpachi Azashiro, soul society was like a part of his body.

“I have no intention to be an enemy to soul society, or Getei 13, but that person needs to die. Otherwise, he will be a threat to soul society and the soul king in the future.”

Hearing Kenpachi Azashiro mention the soul king, Soi Fon and Omaeda’s complexion changed, but not far away, Togetsu Shigetsugu sneered as his eyes flashed coldly.

The soul king was not mentioned constantly in soul society, but the authority coming with that name made no one try to falsify his orders.

“It seems like I need to catch you and interrogate you for more details.”

Soi Fon took a deep breath, and her eyes turned serious.

But at this moment, Roja put a hand on her shoulder and said gently.

“Soi Fon, you go back.”


Soi Fon stared at Roja and her brows wrinkled, she turned her head to look at Roja but as soon as she saw his expression, she knew that he wasn’t asking her to retreat.


“Don’t worry.”

Roja interrupted Soi Fon’s words and directly took a step forward. He looked at Togetsu Shigetsugu and Kenpachi Azashiro tranquilly and said.

“You want to kill me, just the two of you?”

His aura suddenly emerged out, and his spiritual pressure flooded the entire place.

The spiritual pressure released has surpassed all these present here.

Kenpachi Azashiro was the first to react as he used his own Spiritual pressure to offset Roja’s.

But unlike Azashiro, Togetsu Shigetsugu didn’t understand Roja and didn’t think that the latter would be so powerful, even if he released his Bankai, he won’t have that kind of power.

Cooperating with Azashiro was really a good plan, after all.

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