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G.O.S.S Chapter 644: Azashiro’s Ittō Kasō

Omaeda was trembling as the Spiritual pressure of several captains hit his body, and his face was pale. He didn’t expect that Roja, who excelled in Kido, could be this frightening when he grabs his Zanpakuto.

Soi Fon always thought that Roja’s Kido was his strength, even if she lost to him in close combat, she still thought that his strongest attacks were Kido, but at this moment, she felt overwhelmed by Roja power with his sword.

This is his true strength!!


Is this really his true strength?!

Soi Fon couldn’t tell.

At the same time, Aizen looked and similarly couldn’t determine Roja’s power.

“That is… His Zanpakuto?”

Looking at the Zanpakuto in Roja’s hand, Aizen took a deep breath. He didn’t know Roja’s Shikai and Bankai, but he knew that Roja wasn’t Zaraki Kenpachi, he wasn’t the type to rely solely on his Spiritual pressure.

He had terrifying Kido, Tyrannical Spiritual pressure, and Unexpectedly that was a camouflage, Roja was way stronger, but what kind of terrifying ability does his Zanapkuto have?

For the first time ever, Aizen felt that things are no longer under his control. He knew before that Roja was stronger than other captains, much stronger, but at this moment, he could tell that he was underestimating Roja’s power.

Azashiro drew back after Roja countered his attack. He became serious because he knew Roja’s power with his sword. He may not know what happened in Wandenreich, but he knew of Roja’s fight with Unohana Retsu.


As he said coldly, Azashiro’s body erupted in a torrent of Spiritual pressure as the spiritual power in the air condensed around him like rivers. The Spiritual power didn’t attack Roja; instead, Azashiro directed it toward Togetsu Shigetsugu, who was ready as he charged together with the Spiritual power and fused with it.

“One hundred slashes!”

The voice reverberated all over the place as the space around them trembled. The silver light grew in size and changed into a hundred copies of Togetsu Shigetsugu that were preparing to slash down.

The Spiritual pressure was too strong, and it comes crashing down inside Muken.

At the time, the Spiritual pressure they released was as strong as Roja. Feeling this, Aizen’s complexion changed.

The merging between Azashiro’s power and Togetsu Shigetsugu’s silver light produced enormous power, and even space was rippling.

This isn’t good!”

Soi Fon’s heart shook fiercely as she took a step back subconsciously.

She was going to join Roja at first, but she knew that if she took a step forward, she wouldn’t be able to resist the pressure.

What was even more terrifying was Togetsu Shigetsugu’s spiritual pressure. It was greatly amplified, and with Azashiro and Togetsu Shigetsugu’s powers combined, they surpassed Roja.

“This is it… This is the power I wanted.”

Togetsu Shigetsugu was excited by the current change and his enhanced powers.

The silver light multiplied many times since the fusion. Togetsu Shigetsugu couldn’t wait anymore and directly attacked Roja. In a single instance, Roja was assaulted from all directions.

What was terrifying is that Azashiro wasn’t just limited to this.

The majority of the Spiritual power may have been merged with Togetsu Shigetsugu, but Azashiro’s eyes were tranquil as if he could see through everything. He lifted his and pointed at Roja while his hand turned red.

“Hado No.96: Single Blade Cremation (Ittō Kasō).”

This Hado needed one to sacrifice his arm before it can be used, and the power behind the attack was terrifying.

Suddenly a radiant pillar rose to the sky, and the entire Muken was illuminated.

The silver light’s assault stopped as it was torn by the pillar of fire that rose directly under Roja.

Under such an attack, Roja won’t have time to activate any Bakudo even if he can use them without a chant, Azashiro was sure that this could kill Roja.


Soi Fon wanted to help Roja but knew that she couldn’t do anything, but she still wanted to go toward him.

However, she noticed that Roja was still there and didn’t even move from his place. Even though the silver light was torn by the Hado, he was still there, and he didn’t seem to have any intention to retreat.

Roja grabbed Sen Maboroshi with both hands, and suddenly, his Spiritual pressure and the aura around him changed. Everyone there could tell that something changed as if a domain appeared around Roja.

Roja limited his Spiritual pressure to half, but it wasn’t an increase in quantity, but it was quality.

The sandy soil under his feet changed to stone under pressure. Roja’s eyes were neutral as if nothing concerned him.

With one slash, Roja defeated all the silver light and the huge flame pillar.

Roja didn’t use the power of the six paths, the power of the chakra fruit, Sen Maboroshi’s ability, or a flying sword attack. He merely slashed his sword.

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