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G.O.S.S Chapter 645: You know too much!

When the light subsided, Togetsu Shigetsugu’s body was far away, and blood dripping all over it as if he was cut millions of times. His body no longer could sustain the Bankai, and he directly kneeled down.

On the other side, Azashiro was stunned. He didn’t think their plan would fail.

A thin line appeared over his forehead.

“How can… this…”

He considered everything, Roja’s spiritual pressure, his Zanjutsu, and even his Kido and went and made everything higher than he knew, he assumed that Roja already practiced Kido to the 99th level, and his swordsmanship to be invincible.

But he didn’t consider his Spiritual pressure being so high, not in his wildest dreams.

Even his Zanjutsu was higher than he overestimated. He concealed his power too well that nothing could be seen other than what he showed.

“You know too much!”

Roja suppressed his Spiritual pressure then turned around. He looked at Azashiro indifferently then turned away.


Azashiro’s body was divided into two from the middle as his blood scattered all over the floor.

Without using his six path power and only relying on half of his spiritual power and his swordsmanship, he defeated both Togetsu Shigetsugu and Azashiro Kenpachi.

When the sword domain is used, one strike, the enemies die.

Soi Fon was shocked into stillness, and Omaeda’s face was full of awe and fear.

“Azashiro Kenpachi’s spiritual pressure… It vanished.”

“Togetsu Shigetsugu and Azashiro Kenpachi couldn’t cope with this Grand Kido Chief!! Are you kidding me?”

Some prisoners couldn’t understand what happened. They couldn’t believe what happened as none of them expected Roja to be so terrifying.

“There is no mistake, that type of Spiritual pressure already broke through the boundary of Shinigami and Hollow…”

Others may not feel the difference, but Aizen, who started his transformation, could feel it clearly.

“No, the Spiritual pressure he released was even stronger than that, it was much higher than the Arrancar or the Visord, did he achieve transcendence? Is it his Zanpakuto’s Ability?…”

Aizen was looking in the distance profoundly. It was the first time he felt such pressure.

Kyoka Suigetsu was a very fearful ability, no one could deny that, but Aizen’s power didn’t consist just on it, his Kido and Zanjutsu, along with his movement technique and Spiritual pressure were high and well trained.

Kisuke Uraha was wise, but he lacked strength in Aizen’s eyes, while Yamamoto was the exact opposite. He had strength but lacked wisdom. Aizen already had his eyes on the Soul King’s position.

But now, in his eyes, Aizen didn’t think of Roja as someone he needs to pay attention to. Instead, he looked at him as someone in the same position as himself.

Aizen walked toward the battlefield slowly, and as soon as Soi Fon saw him, her eyes narrowed as she directly interrogated: “Captain Aizen, why did you only arrive now?”

Although Roja dealt with the threat, the situation was extremely bad, and if Roja didn’t use his true power, they would most likely die in here.

“I’m sorry, my mission was to guard the gate of Muken. I was hesitating to join the battle in fearsome prisoners would take that opportunity to escape. Therefore I only arrived now.”

Aizen apologized to Soi Fon.

Roja waved Sen Maboroshi before he said.

“Don’t worry, Captain Aizen, your mission was to guard the gate, and the investigation mission was for us to handle, isn’t that right?”

Soi Fon looked at Roja, pursed her lips, and stayed quiet.

After a while, several people entered Muken and directly moved toward them, leading them was the Captain commander, Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto.

The fight caused quite the commotion, even with a special barrier that prevented Spiritual pressure from passing through, it still leaked to soul society and made Yamamoto alarmed.

Although they needed central 46’s permission to enter Muken, as captain Commander, Yamamoto has the authority to enter when certain circumstances present itself, just like now.

Shunsui and the other captains were following behind Yamamoto.

“It seemed we missed quite the fight.”

Shunsui looked at the battlefield and took a deep breath while Isshin Shiba looked serious for once. They felt the power being radiated from the battle, and they could tell that Hado 96 was used.

If it wasn’t for the barrier in Muken, then Soul society would have been greatly damaged by that Hado.

Yamamoto looked at the battlefield deep in thought, and Soi Fon was reporting the happening, which made him quickly understand what happened then he looked at Roja.

Togetsu Shigetsugu and Azashiro Kenpachi, the power of these two, were well known to Yamamoto. He also knew that in the current captains of Gotei 13, only a few had the ability to deal with them. But Roja actually took both at the same time and killed one while the other was heavily injured.

That kind of power was fearsome.

“Detain Togetsu Shigetsugu. He will be trialed by Central 46…”

After issuing his orders, Yamamoto left Muken. Roja didn’t have any reason to stay, as the mission to clean up the battlefield fell on Soi Fon. Under the gaze of the other captains, Roja turned around to leave.

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