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G.O.S.S Chapter 646: Two Years Later

Two years passed since the fight in Muken, in these two years, Aizen no longer tried to prob Roja while carrying with his own experiment.

Because he along with Gin and Tosen were captains in the Gotei 13, Aizen’s experiment was well hidden.

Currently, the standing of the Kido Corps was way higher than it was previously with Roja’s power known all over soul society.

In the past, when the Kido Corps had any conflict with a division from Gotei 13, they could only swallow the insult, but when it happened with Roja being the Grand Kido Chief, the latter directly threw the one causing a problem in front of his captain and reprimanded him.

After this incident, other divisions didn’t dare bully the Kido corps.

Inside the Kido Corp building, two cushions were placed inside the Grand Kido chief’s room with a tea table in between. Roja sat on a cushion and held a cup of tea in his hand as he chuckled.

Sitting in front of him was Hinamori wearing a black Shinigami Uniform.

Hinamori wasn’t a sixth-grader yet, but because she was instructed by Roja, her Kido proficiency increased beyond the sixth graders, and she chose to graduate early.

After graduating, She obviously didn’t serve under Aizen in the fifth division. Instead, she joined the Kido Corps and was a fourth seated officer.

“Toshiro is really too sly, he graduated in two years like you, and he even joined the tenth division and was appointed as a third seated officer.”

Hinamori tilted her head cutely as she spoke.

Roja took a sip of his tea and said with a smile: “It’s normal; after all, he has the same Spiritual pressure talent like me, and he learned his Shikai in just one year, so getting a third seat isn’t really surprising.”

Hinamori listening to Roja couldn’t help chuckling before she said: “he still can’t compare to Kido Grand Chief Roja.”

Being a Genius without getting arrogant or too proud made Hinamori admire Roja greatly.

Hearing the teasing tone in Hinamori’s voice, Roja shrugged.

Hinamori enjoyed the peace around them as she gazed at out of the window before she found out that it was already afternoon. She shot up directly with a red face due to the embarrassment she felt and directly bid Roja farewell.

“It’s really late. I should go back.”

“take care.”

Roja put the teacup down and smiled at her. After she left, Roja got up and stretched.

In two years, Roja learned Bakudo to the 99th, and Hado to the 99th as well. Even though the Central 46 didn’t want to give him the books for Hado, getting them himself wasn’t a great deal at all.

Aside from these books, Roja looked through the archives and read various confidential files, concerning soul society, the soul king palace, the Zero squad as well as the soul king.

Obviously, learning the Kido wasn’t that important compared to Sen Maboroshi, finally finishing its evolution a few days before and achieved the ninth Stage.

The Eighth stage was called Demons and Gods, which meant that no one could measure up to him, and that granted him the ability of all Zanpakutos, but the ninth stage’s name was… Eternal.

Roja’s spiritual pressure rose exponentially after Sen Maboroshi reached its current state. His power was beyond that of a Shinigami. It was the same state that Ichigo Kurosaki achieved when he used Final Getsuga Tensho.

But Roja’s current form can be called Eternal Getsuga Tensho.

He won’t be weakened, and the current state won’t end. This represents the transcendence of Roja’s soul above a Hollow or a Shinigami.

If Roja doesn’t lower his Spiritual pressure willingly, even captains won’t be able to feel anything from him, just like Aizen couldn’t feel Ichigo’s spiritual pressure when he was in Final Getsuga Tensho state. He was the existence of a higher dimension.

Aizen may be powerful when he merged with the Hogyoku, but Ichigo made it seem easy to defeat him when he used Final Getsuga Tensho.

When Sen Maboroshi reached the ninth stage, Roja’s senses traveled far beyond Soul Society. He now could feel far beyond the soul society’s space… he could feel the Soul King Palace.

The soul king palace was the hardest place to sense which means, Roja could feel anything happening in Hueco Mundo, the human world, and Soul Society as well.

When he focused on the soul king palace, he felt the soul king.

“The Soul king… The foundation of this world has…”

Roja raised his head and looked distantly at the soul king palace. He felt that with his current power, he could just go there by force and crush it completely.

Roja felt that Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, and the human world weren’t dimensions that were brought together by the soul king. Instead, the soul king seems to be the one who created them.

Maybe in the future, Sen Maboroshi’s space would develop to such a degree that will allow him to create his own world.

Roja perceived the Soul king’s body and found that it seemed still, like deadly still or more like spiritless as if he stayed in that same position for 100,000 years already, but the body wasn’t rotten.

Roja guessed that the soul king was stronger than Yhwach because creating three dimensions was on a completely different level compared to Kaguya.

Roja didn’t dare say he could conquer the world now, but everything possible with strength, and since the soul king created this world, he created the rules binding it as well.

“It seemed like his barely alive, I can only feel his consciousness flickering a little as if he is in a permanent sleep… What caused him to fall into such a state?”

Roja’s eyes seemed to pierce layers of space to stare at the Soul king.

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