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G.O.S.S Chapter 647: The plot starts.

If the Soul king wasn’t in such a condition, Roja didn’t think he would be able to take him on directly.

He was someone who created three dimensions, unlike Kaguya, who was just the ancestor of Chakra in Naruto’s world. If such an existence was at full power, Roja’s only option was to attack him with all of his strength, and then he may injure him a little.

However, in the original plot, Yhwach actually killed and swallowed the soul king directly, which kept Roja pondering on that fact.

Roja shook his head and didn’t think any more about the reason that could harm such a powerful being.

“If I remember correctly, Shiba Isshin will have an accident soon.”

The human world was always guarded by Shinigami. But an accident happened which caused a Shinigami to disappear suddenly, which made Isshin go and investigate directly without informing Yamamoto.

Although it seemed careless, a Shinigami being attacked and disappearing after meant that it wasn’t just an attack but whoever did it was after the Shinigami. He didn’t want a weak Shinigami to investigate this and disappear in the same way, thus he went himself.

“A Shinigami was stuck and probably killed, which means whoever done this is after the Shinigami or response to high spiritual pressure… In this case, I can use my Spiritual pressure to lure it toward me.”

Standing on a roof of a building, Shiba Isshin lowered his head and placed a hand on his Zanpakuto before releasing his Spiritual power.

Several Shinigami patrols felt Isshin’s Spiritual pressure, and their forehead was covered in a cold sweat and looked at him.

“What a power… This is Captain Shiba’s Spiritual pressure?”

The Patrol was awed as they exclaimed, but suddenly their heads flew in the air and separated from their bodies.


Isshin yelled directly as he was late and couldn’t save them, but suddenly a cold light flashed by and fell behind him.

Meanwhile, in soul society, Gin was startled by the appearance of Isshin to their experiment location.

“That frightened me, why did the captain of the tenth division appear there?” Gin talked to the other two beside him.

They were Aizen and Tosen Kaname.

Gin narrowed his eyes and said: “This is a major problem then.”

“Isn’t this just right?”

Aizen looked at the monitor and said: “This is an unexpected harvest…”

At the current time, Yamamoto felt Isshin’s spiritual power even though it was in the human world.

“This is Captain Shiba’s Spiritual pressure…”

“In the Human world? Did he get orders to release the seal?”

Shunsui and the other captains felt strange, and Yamamoto’s face sunk as he was annoyed.

“He moved without orders.”

Although Yamamoto and some captain could feel the Spiritual power coming from the human world, they didn’t know the actual position.

Yamamoto shook his head without issuing any orders. He planned to hear Isshin’s statement before he decides anything.

The other captains knew Isshin’s power, and they couldn’t think that he can’t solve whatever there is in the human world.

Human world.

The rain fell from the sky, and a feeling of dread filled the air. Several heads were looking at the sky suddenly.

“This is… the Spiritual Pressure of a captain? In the Human world?”

“It has nothing to do with us.”

These were the people Aizen used as scapegoats and forced them to be banished from Soul society.

In another place, exactly Urahara shop, Kisuke lifted his umbrella and looked at a distant place sharply.

“This fellow… hollow?”

Isshin looked at the ox headed hollow in anger and some doubt.

The hollow turned around and looked at Isshin. His instinct told him that Isshin wasn’t simple and probably terrifying. But still, it opened it’s mouth and aimed while the spiritual pressure surged around it.

Shiba felt the spiritual pressure that the hollow was exuding and was startled, but in the next moment, he grinned and said: “His whole body is black, and the hole is sealed up, but this Spiritual pressure should have some price.”

Two strange orbs were formed suddenly and directly attacked Isshin fiercely.

Isshin didn’t show any fear; he drew his Zanpakuto and moved forward.

The sound of the collision filled the silent night as Isshin’s face turned serious. He was being suppressed unexpectedly.

He came to the human world and released his Spiritual pressure without authorization, he was releasing 100% of his power without Shikai or Bankai, but he is still unexpectedly suppressed by a Menos Grande.

“His form in unusual. Although it is strange, it is still a Hollow and the skill it has. It’s as if I’m fighting a Shinigami…”

“It’s very strong.”

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