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G.O.S.S Chapter 648: Kisuke Urahara

“A monster like you should have been long noticed by Soul Society, which means someone concealed your existence… Who hid you?”

Isshin asked while dodging attacks from the Hollow.

“Don’t want to reply? Doesn’t matter, I will tie you up and get the answers I need.”

“Burn, Engetsu!”

Isshin grabbed his Zanpakuto with both hands and shouted angrily. His spiritual power burned as his Zanpakuto changed to its Shikai form.

However, without waiting for Isshin to attack, the Hollow glowed in an instant and disappeared.


Isshin released late that he was being attacked from behind by someone using a cloak that suppresses Spiritual pressure. He didn’t know that it was Aizen.

Aizen naturally could use Kyoka Suigetsu to easily sneak attack Isshin, but he used Kisuke Urahara’s cloak instead.


Isshin fell from the roof as he coughed fiercely. He was certain that the hollow attacked him using a Zanpakuto.

This wasn’t as simple as he thought.

“Who is it? Where are you hiding? Get out now.”

Isshin turned around and yelled while grasping his Zanpakuto’s tightly.

Ishimaru Gin wearing the same special cloak that Aizen wore, narrowed his eyes and said: “He discovered that he wasn’t attacked by the hollow previously.”

Aizen smiled faintly and said: “He probably did.”

Aizen directly turned around to leave without glancing at Isshin and the hollow.

Gin didn’t know what Aizen was thinking and said: “Is that enough? Shouldn’t you injure him some more…”

“His Bankai will put a great burden on his body, and with that injury, he won’t be able to use it, and if it was defeated by a Captain’s Shikai, then the test is a failure.”

Aizen interrupted Gin and said in a relaxed tone.

The Hollow continued to attack Isshin with his sword outrageously, and Isshin could only resist these attacks with his own sword.

Isshin sniveled, because his back was injured, the more he moved, the more blood came out.

Isshin was struggling hard; at this moment, someone with an umbrella was looking at the battle from far away and was considering rescuing Isshin.

“That should be the Spiritual cloak I invented, and a hollow can’t actually use it. It seems like it was that fellow Aizen.”

Urahara’s expression was erratic. He fought Aizen before, and he understood him. He was plotted against by Aizen along with Hirako Shinji and the others as well as Tsukabishi Tessai, the Grand Kido Chief, and the others under him, which resulted in them fleeing from Soul Society.

Shinji and the others were turned into hollows or more like had Hollows inside of them, which made them become the Visored. He was studying how to get the hollow out of them, but he didn’t progress much.

Aizen is probably after Hogyoku he created and hid. He won’t let it fall into his hands easily.

Seeing that Isshin was in a tough spot currently, Kisuke was about to interfere, but he relaxed.

“It seems like I’m not needed here.”

The same as the original plot, Masaki Kurosaki, Ichigo’s mother, came to rescue Isshin.

Tessai suddenly appeared behind Urahara and said: “it isn’t a good idea to let Aizen know about this.”


Urahara nodded, but at this moment, his eyes changed as he looked at the tunnel appearing behind them and said: “Who is there?”

Suddenly someone emerged from the tunnel as he applauded: “Worthy of your title, Previous 12th division’s captain, Kisuke Urahara, you actually felt my presence.”

Roja walked out of the tunnel. When he felt Isshin’s Spiritual pressure, he decided to come to the human world, and sure enough, he found Isshin and the Hollow fighting and also felt Urahara in the vicinity.

Regarding Urahara, the person with the highest IQ in soul society, Roja attached great importance to him and didn’t think he would be discovered by him.

“You are…”

Seeing Roja walking out, he wasn’t hostile anymore, but he was still vigilant. His expression turned pensive as he saw Roja’s Haori.

Roja smiled at Kisuke and looked at his predecessor, the Grand Kido Chief, Tsukabishi Tessai, and said: “I’m the current Grand Kido Chief.”

“Current Kido Chief?”

Tsukabishi Tessai was surprised. The previous vice Chief was framed by Aizen, so the next in line should be Fujiwara Ryu.

They didn’t know that Roja fought Ryu and got that position after killing the latter.

Kisuke looked at Roja and said: “I have a detector set that uses the rain to catch anyone even if he is hiding and suppressing his spiritual pressure.”

“So that how you found me.”

Roja nodded. He knew that Kisuke already discovered Aizen and the others as well.

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