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G.O.S.S Chapter 649: The Black Cat, Yoruichi

It appears that Isshin’s meeting Urahara wasn’t an accident like it was portrayed in the original story. Instead, Urahara observed first before choosing to assist.

Kisuke looked at Roja for a while before asking: “Can I know what is your excellency doing here?”

Roja was Soul Society’s current Kido Grand Chief, but he appeared here and didn’t go to rescue Isshin, and he didn’t seem to be one under Aizen since he was concealed even from him.

Urahara’s conclusion was that this person is looking for him.

“Nothing really just felt the Spiritual pressure of tenth division’s captain and came to take a look.” Roja shrugged as he didn’t care if Urahara thought he was lying.

At the same time, Roja’s eyes caught on a little black cat and put a hand toward it and grabbed it into a hug.


The black cat didn’t expect this and tried to struggle out of Roja’s evil clutch but to no avail.


Urahara couldn’t even comment as he looked at Roja holding the previous captain of the second division, the person known as the Flash Goddess.


Yoruichi didn’t change her appearance, as she didn’t want to expose herself, but she used the cat’s identity to try and scratch Roja until he let her go. As her paw moved toward Roja’s forearm, it stopped by two fingers.

Yoruichi finally gave up. She could only surrender to his hugging, and the pleasure of his hand petting her.

Roja currently seemed like someone who extremely likes cats and didn’t know that she could transform.

“It seems like the captain was rescued, do you want to drop by and drink a cup of tea?”

Urahara could only look at Roja strangely as he offered.

It won’t do them any good if Roja actually knew that the cat was the missing flash goddess. It will cause too much trouble.

“I will take you on your offer, then, thanks.”

Roja laughed. Although Urahara was exiled from soul society, his shop served many Shinigami throughout the years.

Roja was somewhat interested in Urahara’s shop. He wanted to see if he discovers the hiding place of the Hogyoku because even with his incredible senses, he couldn’t feel it.

They moved faster than normal humans as they were Shinigami, but they didn’t use Shunpo and actually flew all the way there.

“Meow, meow!!”

The black Cat or Yoruichi in Roja’s embrace displayed fright like a normal cat at the speed they were moving at. She tried to claw Roja’s hand again, but like before. Her paw was caught between Roja’s fingers.

Urahara’s mouth twitched slightly as he couldn’t look at Yoruichi. If he guessed correctly, Roja saw through her and didn’t say anything so as not to make it awkward.

“Does Roja-san like cats?”

“Yes, black ones, particularly as they seem pretty clever.”

Roja said seriously as he continued to pat the black cat with a smile on his face.


Yoruichi struggled even harder, but suddenly Roja pointed his finger and cast No.1 Bakudo on her.

She was speechless, such a Kido had no effect on her, but she can’t get out of it or else she would be exposed.

“Haha, really worthy of your title, you can cast Bakudo without chant, as expected from the current Kido Grand Chief!”

Urahara’s mouth kept twitching as he couldn’t find a solution to the current situation, even with his IQ.

Roja humbly replied: “I admired both previous captains of the twelfth division and the Kido Grand Chief for a long time.”

“You’re too polite.”

Tessai entered with a teapot and poured a cup and served it to Roja, and at the same time, he expressed sympathy toward Yoruichi.

Everyone was on guard against Roja. They didn’t know if he will show his true color suddenly and attack them while Roja still couldn’t find the Hogyoku. It seems like Urahara really hid it well.

Well, if he didn’t, Aizen would already put his hands on it and wouldn’t need Urahara to put it in Rukia’s Gigai.

Roja didn’t know where Urahara actually hid it, as the plot mentioned nothing about this.

After half an hour, Isshin’s matter came to an end, and Aizen, along with sidekicks, returned to soul society.

“well, thanks for your hospitality. I should go back now.”

Roja gave up looking for the Hogyoku and hugged the black cat while smiling amiably at Tessai and Urahara: “You don’t need to send me back.”

Roja got up and walked out with the cat still in his hand.

Tessai’s mouth twitched, and Urahara was speechless. After a while, he said: “Roja-san, I’m raising that cat here actually…”

“? I really like it very much, can’t you just let me keep it?”

Roja faced Kisuke and said.


Kisuke found n way to reply at all.

Roja saw the awkwardness and said to Urahara: “since you can’t part with it, remember to keep a kitten for me when this one gets you ones.”


Kisuke almost spurted out his tea.

Yoruichi rolled her eyes as she crazily clawed at Roja.

Roja gently put her down and looked back at Urahara and Tessai and said: “You don’t need to send me out, I really feel fortunate to be able to meet you, Miss Yoruichi.”

As soon as his voice fell, Roja opened a gate and disappeared.

But his voice still reverberated in the place unceasingly.

Miss Yoruichi… Miss Yoruichi… Miss Yoruichi…

The damn bastard knew from the start!!!

“You’re dead. Just wait until we meet again!!”

Yoruichi turned her head and disappeared as she continued to roar.

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