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G.O.S.S Chapter 650: Appointed as the captain of the tenth division

Soul Society, in the meeting hall.

“… And that’s my report.”

Isshin Shiba was healed back to health and now stood in front of Yamamoto and reported seriously about the special hollow and the sneak attack.

Yamamoto held his walking stick and said: “Hmm…”

“Although you acted without order, your suspicion was well placed and prevented further sacrifices to our Shinigami, you violated the rule, but I will not investigate this.”

“That’s good…”

Hearing that he won’t be punished, Isshin returned to his teasing character, and then he realized something was off and directly smiled in embarrassment before turning to Yamamoto to bow.

“I’m very thankful for your understanding.”

“Huh! I think we need to look for one of these special hollow and study one.”

The twelfth division’s Captain Mayuri coldly snorted as he really wanted to study this new hollow.

Isshin didn’t conceal the matter about Masaki Kurosaki heling and rescuing him, even though he knew that Yamamoto knew everything about it but didn’t bring it up.

After several days.

Isshin once again went to the human world, but this time he never returned.

The Shiba Clan were greatly disturbed and dispatched many Shinigami looking for him, but they couldn’t find a trace of him. Losing a captain for no reason caused the Shiba clan’s power to pummel down as they no longer had a captain in the position of a captain.

This matter didn’t grow big. The only thing that was worth mentioning is selecting a new tenth division captain, and Central 46 already had one in mind.

The vice-captain wasn’t the captain, Matsumoto didn’t have what it takes, and Toshiro was deemed unprepared currently… the one they choose was the Grand Kido Chief.

Roja was somewhat stunned by this as he knew that it was supposed to be Toshiro, who is appointed as a captain.

Him being the tenth division’s captain and also the Grand Kido chief would make people think that he got a higher position, but in reality, he was being restricted.

Originally, being the Grand Kido Chief, only the central 46 can actually order him, but now he was a captain under Yamamoto, which means he is controlled by him.

“It seems like the central 46 are vigilant about me. They actually made the Kido Corps part of the Gotei 13 just like the Omnitsukido.”

Roja shook his head and stood up directly, moving toward the tenth division building.

Although he was the Grand Kido Chief, succeeding a division made the tenth division officers made a welcoming ceremony.

The welcoming ceremony was held in the tenth division’s building.

When Roja arrive at the room, he found two captains. The first was Kuchiki Byakuya, and next to him was Unohana Retsu.


Seeing Roja walking in, Unohana directly congratulated him about becoming a captain with a smile.

Unohana was intelligent. She knew that Yamamoto and the Central 46 knew that Roja was too powerful and hard to control, therefore they made him captain of the tenth division.

Looking at Unohana’s expression, Roja shrugged and said: “Oh, getting the position of a captain is a heavy burden, I hop captain Unohana can help guide me?”

“The stronger you are, the more responsibility you have. You can’t evade this captain, Roja.”

Unohana smiled and said with a soft tone that made Roja roll his eyes at her.

Kuchiki didn’t say anything at all. He just stood there without any expression on his face.

At this moment, the door was shoved open, and a petite form walked in.

“I didn’t think that you will be a follow captain, and at the same time, manage the Kido Corps. I don’t know what the Head captain and the central 46 are thinking when they decided this.”

Soi Fon was wearing a captain’s Haori and looked at Roja with a lack of trust apparent in her eyes. It was more of resentment than distrust actually because she was the only special person who had two positions in the Gotei 13, and her authority was just behind the old man, but now Roja was higher than her.


Noticing the resentment, Roja arrived in front of her and pattered her head and sighed: “Kid, you must ask old man Yamamoto and the central 46 about that.”


Soi Fon wasn’t expecting Roja to actually pat her head here, and hearing his words. Her expression darkened instantly.

Seeing Soi Fon about to turn crazy, Roja directly took back his hand and coughed a few times before saying: “Are you worried about me?”


Soi Fon stared at Roja and said: “Who would worry about you!!!”

After saying these words, Soi Fon remembered who was here with them and directly shut up before disgracing herself further.

Byakuya: “…”

Unohana: “…”

Including Roja, the other people here had the same thought.

What an adorable child!

Naturally, the mood wasn’t good at the ceremony, since most people could tell that this was a move to restrict Roja and reduce his authority.

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