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G.O.S.S Chapter 651: Taking over.

After a while, the rest of the captains arrived except for Zaraki as he was lost in the way.

The problem was the eleventh division’s building was one wall away from the tenth.

Zaraki finally arrived and grinned at Roja and said: “You’re a captain now, moreover, if I want to fight you, it’s just one wall separating us.”


This was the collective thoughts of everyone in the room.

Roja rolled his eyes with a bored expression. Zaraki probably wanted to fight him but got lost and couldn’t find him in the Kido Corps.

The Kido Corps now will merge with the tenth division gradually, but it’s a long process. When the merge finish, the tenth division would always be representing the Kido Corps.

He was having it easy when he was in the Kido Corps, he didn’t have to put up with Zaraki’s challenges all the time, but now Zaraki wouldn’t let him live peacefully.

If Unohana wasn’t here, Zaraki would probably draw his sword and start a fight with Roja.

Finally, Yamamoto arrives a bit after Zaraki.

“Everyone is here.”

Yamamoto looked at the captains before narrowing his eyes at Roja.

“Since all the captains here, let’s begin the captain’s welcome ceremony.”

Since the beginning of the Gotei 13, each new captain will get a ceremony before he officially takes the position.

After a long boring speech, Yamamoto sincerely’ wished Roja luck before he left the building.

Other captains started leaving as well. After sending the captains out, Roja noticed that every captain’s smile was different. For example, Soi Fon was smiling gloomily as if she just lost something precious to her.

As the captains left, Roja went to the courtyard of the tenth division.

In the courtyard, about 200-300 Shinigami were gathered. All of them were officers from the tenth division.

Roja only knew two of them, the first one was Matsumoto, the vice-captain of the tenth division, and the second one was Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Hitsugaya was looking strangely at Roja, who was wearing the captain’s Haori, he felt strange being Roja’s subordinate.

Matsumoto was somewhat resentful as she couldn’t get the captain’s seat.

“Vice-captain Rangiku Matsumoto, greet captain Roja, please allow me to introduce the officers of the tenth division.” Rangiku bowed slightly to Roja before she started talking.

Roja noticed Rangiku’s expression and smiled. If she actually became a captain, she may be able to irritate Yamomoto greatly.

Moreover, one needs to reach Bankai before he could get a captain’s seat, and she didn’t get her Bankai’s name yet, but did Toshiro already get his Bankai?

After Rangiku introduced all the officers, Roja nodded and looked at the Shinigami in the scene.

“Since I’m the current Kido Grand Chief, the Tenth Division will merge with the Kido corps, and the process will be supervised by Toshiro Hitsugaya.”

“The Kido Corps matters will be the responsibility of Hitsugaya and the Vice Kido Chief… The daily matters and missions will go to Hitsugaya and Rangiku…”

Roja’s words set the future of the tenth division and the Kido Corps.

Toshiro was speechless, and everything had his name on it.

Matsumoto was also speechless. She, a Vice Captain, had to take orders from a third seat officer.

Isshin, before he went missing, would give Toshiro small matters while Rangiku dealt with the majority of things here. Now, the new captain did this… Matsumoto looked at Roja with bitterness.

“Vice-captain Matsumoto and Hinamori Momo are responsible for relying on any orders I give, and everyone needs to obey.”

Roja said lastly, which made Matsumoto’s face look better.

Toshiro’s face didn’t change. Even when he heard Hinamori’s name, he didn’t even twitch. He was like a child version of Kuchiki Byakuya.

“Worthy of the Name Little Shiro.”

Roja said in his head as he recalled Kuchiki Byakuya.

As he handed everything to his underlings, Roja leisurely returned to his room in the Kido Corps building.

What caught him by surprise was the invitation letter Roja received as soon as he returned from Unohana Retsu.

He didn’t expect this at first before he recalled that she was probably looking for him just for the swordsmanship he revealed when he fought her. But still, this is the first time she actually invited him, and Roja couldn’t reject the invitation.

Roja directly went to the training field he faced her in the last time and found her.

“Did you ask me to come here because you want another go at my swordsmanship?”


Unohana smiled as her eyes narrowed at Roja.

She pulled out her sword as the environment changed.

The aura around her changed and soared, she was like a sharp sword that was unsheathed, and the area around them felt so sharp that it could make normal people feel pain just standing there.

This was shocking.

The sensation of her aura made Roja sigh.

She was worthy of the first Kenpachi’s title. He only showed her once the power of the Grand Master Realm, and in just three years, she already stepped into that realm.

Looking at her, Roja could see her thousand years ago challenging every Swordmaster and Dojo and sweeping them away. This was Unohana Yachiru, the one that overthrows the whole of soul society.

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