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G.O.S.S Chapter 652: After the fight!

After stepping into the realm of sword grandmaster, Unohana was completely different from before.

She comprehended the secret behind the Grandmaster realm, every gesture she made was filled with sword intent.

Unohana didn’t use her Zanpakuto’s ability even once, but her Spiritual pressure was concentrated and powerful. As she slashes toward Roja, the latter only raised his sword and resisted it. He would attack from time to time, but he was more focused on stopping Unohana’s attacks.

The last time they fought, Unohana utilized all the techniques she mastered, and this time was no different.

Although the moves were the same, the realm was different, the power and the influence were different as well. When Roja was suppressing his Spiritual pressure to match Unohana’s, he needed to actually fight seriously.

When someone steps into the sword grandmaster realm, all moves would become refined and lethal.

In this realm, although there are weak and strong grandmasters, the disparity between them isn’t that huge, the only difference would be the range of the sword domain.

When the range of the domain is bigger, that person had a stronger chance of winning.

On that aspect, Roja was already at the peak of the Grandmaster level, but Unohana Retsu was also close, after hundreds of years being stuck before the Grandmaster realm, just stepping into that realm, she was already close to the peak. With his spiritual power suppressed, Roja had only an 80% chance of success.

“Sleeve thorn!”

Unohana waved her sword. A small thorn launched directly toward Roja from her sleeve.

The sneak attack was maybe a sly method but a fight between grandmasters, even a slight distraction can be lethal.

Roja directly dodged to the side while thrusting his sword forward.

Unohana saw Sen Maboroshi moving toward her and how quick Roja reacted, her wrist shook once again as she attacked Roja again.

Roja shook his hand and blocked with Sen Maboroshi, but Unohana didn’t stop there and directly used Roja’s body to dodge and waved her sword at him.


Roja exclaimed, and his body rotated along with Sen Maboroshi and blocked Unohana’s sword.

Unohana drew back before attacking again. Moreover, her attacks were getting faster and faster.

If ordinary Shinigami were to approach Roja and Unohana’s battlefield, they would be left with a body full of scars as if they were swept by a full Sen Maboroshi attack.

Unohana forgot the joy of battle for about 800 years, only now did she feel that joy again.

With the power of grandmasters, every style she uses can display its might and power.

Even though Unohana grasped all the sword styles in soul society, but she didn’t know how to integrate them together, but now she was different. She controlled her sword in an unprecedented way and felt really good about it.

Roja was as happy as Retsu.

In one piece, when his swordsmanship reached grandmaster, he was unmatched and invincible. In Naruto’s world, there was no one as good in sword technique as One piece. But now, Unohana was a grandmaster, he was really enjoying this fight and felt extremely happy.

By suppressing his Spiritual ability to Unohana’s level, the fight was great.

Each swing of their swords seemed ordinary, but the power they held was enough to tear the sky and split the sea.

Unohana felt her entire soul merge with her Zanpakuto and become one before finally, she swung it toward Roja.

Roja didn’t need to enter that state, because he was always in that state. Facing Unohana’s ultimate attack, He also held the sword in both hands and swung it.

Silent airwaves spread all around them as their sword met finally with a clanking sound.

After some time, Unohana withdrew her sword slowly. She finally regained her vision after merging with her Zanpakuto and was full of joy.


“Don’t mention it.”

Roja smiled faintly as Sen Maboroshi in his hand vanished.

Unohana returned her sword back into the scabbard and looked up to Roja. After composing herself, she said: “You are really the most suited person to hold the title Kenpachi…”


That word means the strongest, and it belonged to Unohana, and if she wanted, she could still be the Kenpachi, her saying this was the same as saying he was the greatest swordsman in one piece.

This is why she said. He was the most suited to be the Kenpachi because only one person can hold the title of the strongest.

Compared to Zaraki, Roja was closer to Unohana’s heart, because even though Zaraki inherited the title with his strength, he doesn’t learn swordsmanship and relies only on pure strength. The only thing that can be said about his is a crazy general.

But Roja was skilled in swordsmanship, and his power was immeasurable as well. That’s the reason Unohana said that to him.

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